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Fallout 76: Long-Chapper Style!

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    February 14, 2019

    sooooo about taking breaks...

    I got to level 43 and sort of realized I am not strong enough for the end game without a team...and I have no regular squad...

    Nor am I all that interested in continuing to level up to get there...

    So I'm playing God of War. Which is pretty damn fun at the moment. 

    IDK. Maybe I'll be back. I had a good time but I feel like FO76 really needs a crew and I'm mostly a solo gamer. One annoyance I realised too late was I kept collecting the Nuclear codes from ghoul officers, only to have them disappear from session to session. I get it - when people launch a nuke those silos can't be used right away. But yeah. 

    As for the duped weapons and stuff...I never dive into that crap. Especially in an online game, you know it's going to get nerfed.