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Discussion: Fallout 76's Multiplayer

  • November 22, 2018

    So, with Fallout: 76 being out for awhile now (well a week and a few days :P) I figured it's been enough time for most of us to get a bit of a grasp on the Multiplayer Aspect of the game. Depending on how you've been playing, you might have been a bit more like me and spent most of your time just wandering around by yourself, but I know that a few of ours members have been teaming up together.

    Basically I guess I have a few questions, some of them are even great for those that haven't picked it up..

    Q1 - How should we approach Multiplayer on the Vault? Should we try to create a sort of multi-platform, multi-server Faction or perhaps just creating discussions where peole can chat about teaming up? Really anything you think of to be honest

    Q2 - What do you think of the Multiplayer aspects of the game?

    Q3 - How much experience do you have with running Solo vs. Group play

    Q4 - Do you think even the passive Multiplayer improves the game? (So not just teaming up with people, but also running into people randomly).

    Q5 - How many bad experiences have you had with people (them attacking you/trying to start PvP or just dickheads trolling around).