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POLL: Vote on our site's new background!

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    February 10

    Mmm, this does look damned good!

    ShinJin said:

    Phil said:

    But there is a special little snowflake to the left! I think it needs a name :p

    Laugh all you want, but I've been calling him Nigel ;D

    Nigel works for me - headcannoned :D

  • Leader
    February 11

    Looks like we have our winner! Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! We'll be sticking with Whiterun Hold for a little while, so kick back and enjoy the view, folks! :D

  • February 11

    Now I've got meself a new desktop background. Nice.


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    February 11

    I could get used to this background. Kyne's clean breath of tundra air :)