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Rumor: Fallout New Vegas 2

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    January 31

    YUP. You heard right. Is it legit? Is it possibly the best thing to happen to Fallout in the entire history of the franchise? You tell me.

  • January 31

    Honestly, I can't really see Obsidian working on it. I mean they did just announce news for Pillars of Eternity 2 a couple days ago and I can't see them working on two large games at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I'd be pumped if we got it, but I don't see it happening while Obsidian is working on other games that are so early in production. 

    Article 1 and Article 2 both go into detail on why it probably won't be a thing, and kind of counter Fraghero's whole "we predicted RDD2 and Last of Us 2" pitch that is the only thing that really makes the article seem genuine. 

  • January 31

    Yeah I just read a Kotaku article (the one that DB posted) about the, well, lack of credibility coming from Fraghero. Apparently they edited their prediction articles to get rid of details they had gotten wrong. A shame though, I would never not want another New Vegas game. 

  • March 17

    It would be great if New Vegas 2 rolled out, but I'd rather see a New Vegas remastered and with a bigger map like opening up Arizona and california.