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    January 6

    Gollum said:

    Not sure if this counts, but I wrote a poem using iambic pentameter.

    Iambic and pentameter? Says I:

    It counts, else in the face of poe'sy fly! ;D

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    February 2

    Thank you again to everyone who participated in Creativity Month! We appreciate your patience and we worked through voting in addition to tending to some other site matters, but rest assured, we haven't forgotten this!

    Today I'm pleased to annouce the winners of Creativity Month Holiday Giveaway as selected by our Hosts and Admins. Let me say first that the final tally was CLOSE, and I believe it's because of the exceptional content this community produces; not just during a special event, but year-round too. At the end of it though, we had our winners, and they are:


    1st place badge 
    ShinJin, Librarian's Daughter
    which beautifully married gameplay, roleplay, and storytelling


    2nd place badge 
    Molicha, Contemplative Fantasy
    for her artistic, time-lapsed video 


    3rd place badgeTeineeva, Streets of Boston, Arc 1
     completion of the first arc of his long-running series


    Congratulations to our winners! I will be in touch with you shortly to figure out how you'd like to collect your winnings. And thank you again to everyone who submitted entries! Your contributions have helped make this event a success, and make this community the hub of creative content that it is.

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    February 2

    Let me be the first to congratulate the winners, ShinJin well-done mate, never was a piece of work more deserving, Molicha congratulations my friend well deserved, and finally Teineeva well done mate, and well done to all who participated this event was a resounding success.

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    February 3

    Congrats everyone! Although I haven't said it, I really like all three pieces on content here, so they are very well deserved in my opinion.

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    February 3

    Totally agree with the sentiments expressed, all participants have done yourselves and us proud, thank you :)

    Congratulations to the winners!

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    February 3

    Wow! I really don't know what to say other than, considering all the fantastic work coming out of the story corner, this is an honor I dreamed not of... the highest praise I can think of. Thank you! :D