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Site News: Legion Joins the Admin Team

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    October 20, 2016



    Greetings Community,

    As you all know, the site has undergone some changes during the move to Social Engine. A lot of hard work went into setting up the site and a lot of care has been taken to shepherd it along. It's been so wonderful to see so many people pitch in to help, but one of our Hosts, Legion, has been instrumental with some of the more technical aspects of running the site and helping us break the back of this move by creating and supplying us with graphics, assisting us with testing backend configurations, and has been helping to keep our front page features steadily humming along while the other admins have had their hands full with plugins and troubleshooting.
    So it's with great pleasure that we announce that Legion will be officially joining the admin team to help us out during these next few phases of rolling out new site features. He'll be able to help answer questions anyone might have about new features or current site issues, assist us with testing and troubleshooting, and generally just being the helping hand he has always been.
    We hope you'll help us congratulate and thank him for all the work he's already poured in to help us make this place feel more like home.
    Welcome to the team, Legion!
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    October 20, 2016


  • October 20, 2016

    Steezy said:


    Also thank you. 

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    October 21, 2016

    Well done Liege! The new avatar is the bollocks, btw.

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    October 23, 2016

    Accidentally missed this, well done Legion!

  • October 24, 2016

    Congratulations Legion!