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    September 6, 2017

    Just wanted to let y'all know that Pillars of Eternity is now on console (at least the PS4). If I wasn't so stingy, I would definitely pick it up. Maybe one of you guys could try to sell it to me (though I doubt it. College ain't cheap).

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    September 17, 2017

    Definetely worth picking it up! It is amazing, AMAZING I say. Made by the same fine folks who made Fallout New Vegas, with the help of Tim Cain, the creator of Fallout. Superb writing, great companions, characters and story, beautiful world and fun party based gameplay. I'm hoping I'll bring some Pillars of Eternity content to the Vault soon, but right now I want to play, lol.

    Here's the launch trailer, back when it was only on PC. It's the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

    And here's a little insight on the production and history of Pillars of Eternity/Obsidian. Obsidian was dangerously close to bankruptcy at the time, so this documentary really makes you understand the struggles of the industry and game development, especially when it comes to small studios, and it just shows how actual passion going into a game looks like. It truly warms the heart.

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    September 17, 2017

    I've never really played a party-based RPG (besides Paper Mario), but this one seems pretty neat. That's cool that you want to create some content for this game, since the original creator of Fallout is involved. 

    I haven't played a single player game in what feels like forever, so I might consider picking this up on sale.

  • November 1, 2017

    Have you been playing the game all that often since release John? Been thinking about getting it for console ever since I saw your post here about it but haven't entirely decided yet. If you've played it much (or if anyone else has played the console version) let me know about what you think of it.

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    December 25, 2017

    I bought PoE on console. If it sucks I am going to start flaming Mr. Edd. Don't take it personally, though.

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    December 27, 2017
    Early impressions: this game is pretty badass. Almost as badass as Bloodborne. The character creation confused me, but I liked how many options there were. The main story isn't that intriguing right now, but the game has awesome atmosphere and art design, and the music is pretty good, too. The game is a lot darker than I envisioned, especially after coming from Divinity: Original Sin (which I didn't enjoy). I really like the text aspect of gameplay, and as a barbarian, the combat is fun, but it isn't amazing or anything.
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    January 14

    Funny thing, I did the opposite: moved from PoE to Divinity: Original Sin 2, and I must say I'm enjoying it way more. Granted, I've only played it for about 17 hours, but I can already tell that the combat is miles better and while the writing might not be as strong sometimes, it is still pretty solid to me (hell, Avellone helped it - I think he made at least one Origin story) and I love its companions so far. I still love Eder, Aloth, Sagani and especially Durance, but I'm enjoying the company of Beast, Lohse and Ifan quite the bit more, a much more merrier and uplifting party to hang around with.

    They're both very different games with very different strenghts, and they are thematically distinct - Divinity is bright and light, while Pillars is dark and heavy. Sometimes the latter is better to tell a memorable story, but in this case, I feel like the former sticked with me easier. There's just so many bad things in the world already that sometimes all I want to is to watch as my main character is turned into a chicken during a difficult, frustrating fight and argue with a bunch of grumbling heads resting on spikes around a chest. Divinity's happines is contagious, and yet it still goes to some dark places when it needs to, just to remember you that this still is a world that needs a hero.

     As for the main quest in Pillars of Eternity, it isn't its strongest point (the personal stories of your companions and "The White March" are, imo), but there are definitely some memorable moments in it: (Act II spoilers) Lady Webb and the Palace hearings gave me the push that I needed to get further into the game and provided me with the story investment I was waiting for.