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A question for RPG "Master" people

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    August 20, 2017

    Hello!, I'm Medieval


    I have a question for RPG "Master" people, I meant "Master" refering to people who knows and love RPG stuff (not as RPG game Masters :P). My universe of fiction is Elder Scrolls, I'm posting here because I wish to know about any person who likes RPG stuff (not just TES). My question is about a class, on terms of a "custom" class.

    I'm developing a TES FAN story along with other projects related to TES. There is a main character I'm figuring it out what kind of rol he will do, according to his skills, family past and origins.


    First a brief abstract of the starting point and the final point of this character story:

    You must know about this main character, his family was a noble one (they were wealthy), they parents were murdered or kidnapped (or just dissapear), at the age of 17 years old, he is facing an entire assault of the place where he grew up, there is chaos and devastation everywhere on the city and the entire region, is too dangerous stay there, he must travel to a foreign region where its supposed he will be safe (where a close friend of the main character father will be waiting for him), he must travel due the assaulting seems will last long time.

    The only close familiar left what was also on the same region where the main character is was an uncle, who was the one contact him about the bad news of his parents and guide him shortly on abandoning the region. 


    Between the starting point and the final point where he reach the other region, the main character will face a lot of events will affect him in one way or another way.




    Thinking on RPG style, what classes came to your mind according to the following skills:

    (you can name whatever class from whatever universe of fiction, could be medieval, fantasy, sci-fy, etc)


    - A Merchant, he will have to learn by his own how to survive, buying and selling merchandise.

    - A Necromancer, he have a deep thinking and curiosity about "forgotten arts" as a philosphy and will discover interesting things allong his way about it.

    - One-Handed Sword, due his wealthy family, he took classes since child of sword combat.

    - Thief, without family he lost some of his personal moral and values, he usually steal from houses or public places, not people, then he sell the "merchandise" on different places or even regions.

    - Archery, he took classes sinc echild on how using a bow and crossbow, also have some skills of hunting.

    - A Wanderer, due the events happens to his life and his surrounding, he must travel from place to place, until reach the region he is supposed will be safe.

    - A Survival, from the starting point at the end, he must survival and make it for his own, to adapt and face the environment.


    Considering those skills (or even those can be consider as a class them selves), but also knowing he is just a beginner, he is not a Master Merchant or a Master Necromancer or a Master on One-Handed Sword combat or a Master Thief or a Master on Archery or even he is not a Master on traveling and being a wanderer.


    How would you call that kind of person, what role he is doing, considering a roleplay class what he looks like?, please I would appreciate some tips,

    in one word If its possible, what word reflect those skills?,


    Please explain your self, I will accept any comment, even If not accurate, It will make me think, I appreciate your participation



    Thanks :)



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    August 20, 2017

    Hello Medieval, what I will say here is what I personally would do if I had to work with this kind of character for a story just to give you some ideas and it's nothing of the sort what you do is bad mine is better lol :D .

    That being said when creating the main hero of the story you need to take it step by step. First of all what is his disposition, what is his character in the beginning and how are you going to develop him later on, for example is he strong willed? is he a wuss that will gradually become stronger? is he one that when he gets some power will become arrogant starting to kill anyone that even irritates a little bit or killing without reason?. That is the base that will affect many of the decisions you will make in the future development of the character and the story. Something that has to be avoided in stories is the bad character development and that goes not only for the main character of the story but also for the side characters.

    Coming onto the skills / class section. From what you mention his class I would say he is something like an Arcane Ranger. That being said I personally would drop the thief part. For some reason to me it doesn't sit well with the rest of these skills I would prefer to have him sell his loot which could be just some simple game or alchemy ingredients in the beginning and spoils of battle later on. What I would go is something like that:

    Main Skills: Archery, One-Handed, Necromancy

    Secondary Skills: Speechcraft merchant skills included here and you could put something like charm or fear skills and the like in this as well like in the illusion magic, Survival Skills. and I would like to add some Alchemy - it would be cool to have him using tricks like flamable potions as an ace in the hole from time to time during battles.

    So that would be the core of my class. Who needs to steal when you can go and kill a whole group of bandits after the character has gotten stronger and take their treasure and their bounty? :D .

    Also regarding Necromancy. Is he going to be a necromancer who disregards life and just kills anything in order to improve his skills in it or go the summoner necromancer route? I personally prefer the summoner necromancer magic but that is up to you.

    And one last thought is to have the character being hunted and after his life in the wilds just go on becoming stronger and adventuring and not even go to where he will be safe, that sounds more fun to me :P .

    Hope some of these might help and again what I said here is what I would do if I had to work with such a character.

    Good luck with the story.

  • August 20, 2017

    So rather thatn Duvain's more complex and interesting answer, my answer is more along the lines of what classical class this looks like. So really, you've got a bit of a Jack-of-All-Trades that uses Magic, Combat and Stealth based skills, and as a class, it really reminds me more of a Rogue or a Bard just with you know...Necromancy. I mean, the Rogue (to me) is more focused on using tricks and stealth to fight while the bard is more focused on supporting allies in close combat.

    So, I don't know...something along those lines is what I see here, I mean, yeah maybe an Arcane Rogue sort of deal, the Bard is a bit too focused on you know, music and performing normally for it to fit in well (and I don't know about many Necromatic Bards..until now, holy shit that'll be a build coming up soon) but yeah. 

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    August 20, 2017

    Thanks for reply Duvain, despite your prejudges about my story, I appreciate you take your time to think and answer the question, so I see you said an Arcane Ranger.

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    August 20, 2017

    Thanks for reply Dragonborn1921, interesting so you said a kind of Jack-of-all-Trades that uses magic, with tendencies of Rogue or Bard. I found Jack-of-all-Trades an interesting concept, thanks!

    By the way a Necromantic Bards hehehe, would be interesting to see such build, there are some cool mods about bard and necromancy on Skyrim game, imagine the never ending parties xDD

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    August 20, 2017

    No problem Medieval! Yes I think he is something along these lines Arcane Ranger, Arcane Rogue I said Arcane Ranger because survival in the wilds will play a big part since he will have to move around and travel.

    Just so you know I love that sort of stories and have read.. let's just say quite a few of them :P so my imagination runs wild whenever I talk about them :D that 's why I suggested some more things rather than just the class of the character. I hope the story will come along nicely and I hope I might have time to read it at some point, workload is hitting me hard till October :( .

    Edit: Forgot to mention that posting a prologue of the story in the Workshop might be good to give you some more feedback from the readers.

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    August 20, 2017

    I see, thanks again Duvain, I made this post to see what kind of class resemble those skills or features on that character. And yes I'm going to be here and there on TamrielVault, posting and doing stuff hehe.