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Horizon Zero Dawn: Machine Analysis Program

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  • June 20, 2017

    The Machine Analysis Program (or M.A.P.) is a collection of my notes on how to deal with the various machines encountered in Horizen: Zero Dawn. There really isn't just one way to defeat all machines (though not being seen and doing a lot of running away works pretty well), and even singular types of machines can vary massively depending on where you fight them, what other machines can be found and whether or not youv'e got 'help' defeating them.

    This is the main thread for M.A.P. The idea is that each machine will get it's own page where I can go into a fair amount of detail without worrying about how long the post will get (if you've read any of my work ever, know that it can get rather lenghty at times). Later on I might even look at how certain enemies can be paired together to form truly threatening forces. As a quick example the worst pairing I can think of at the moment is Glinthawk, Trampler and can't hide, you have to dodge melee and ranged attacks and fire + frost. I mean that doesn't take into consideration things like Thunderjaws and Deathbringers but you get the general idea (if you've played the game).

    1 - Avoid melee combat as much as possible

    Rather logically, machines are going to be stronger than you (they're large, made of metal and...well not a human), sturdier than you and faster than you. Because of this, fighting most machines at melee range is a really easy way to get killed and is never really suggested unless you've got no other choice. That being said, sometimes it is worth it to get a few hits off in melee combat if a machine charges you or they're stunned in some manner. 

    Exceptions - Naturaly there are a few enemies that defy these rules, or at least some of them. The Deathbringer for example isn't anywhere near as fast as you but it makes up for that by having more powerful weaponry, explosives and area of effect attacks. On the other side of things, the Glinthawk at times isn't much sturdier than you and isn't all that powerful but makes up for it by being one of the most agile enemies you'll fight in the game (and it has ranged, flying attacks). 

    But all machines fit into a category of being faster, stronger or more agile than Aloy and you have to remember that when creating a plan. 

    2 - Never. And I repeat, never rush into combat

    As I mentioned before, most machines are going to be better than you when it comes to direct combat. They're faster, stronger and won't die in a single hit like most humans will. Because of this, and the fact that machines travel in packs means that it is a terrible idea to go into combat without carefully scouting your opponent/s, the terrain and every weakness that the particular type/s of enemy has. Use your focus to carefully scan each part of a machine (and then check your notebook for a more complete list of their weaknesses). Move around the battlefield and figure out if the area has anything that might help you stay away from enemies or hide behind as shelter

    3 - Multiple Machines are a Menace

    Technicallly speaking about 75% of the machines in the game are rather easy to beat as long as you find out and abuse their main weakness. Easy to beat in this context does simply mean that you can beat them quicker than the machines that aren't 'easy' to beat but they'll still kill you if you aren't careful. Now, this all changes under two circumstances. First, you fight more than one machine at a time, when this happens even the weakest of machines (the Watcher) can be a deadly threat that you should absolutely not ignore. The second is when machines pair up and you fight more than one type of them at the same time. The best example of this is getting a stronger machine like a Strider and pairing them with anything that has a Scanner (which can find you even if your hidden in long grass or behind cover). Normally a Strider can be beaten rather easily as long as you get a few stealth attacks in or stay out of there way. However a scanner that reveals where you are will make them a bit more of a threat that can't simply be out manoeuvred. 


    The Watcher 

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    June 20, 2017

    really hoping to carve out some time to play this before the impending fall releases...thanks

  • June 21, 2017

    I really hope you do Motty, it's a rather brilliant game in my opinion (which I suppose is why I'm actually creating content for it), hell it might even make it to my number one spot (I have to say right now it depends on how hthe DLC/Expansion goes later this year, if that's anywhere near as good as the main game it'll dethrone everything).

    I'll be releasing the first 'guide' sometime tommorow (my time) which is rather fun to think about, just gotta try and make it all a bit more informative but still...well not boring to read...Bugger it, I'll post it tonight I think, it's looking pretty good in my opinion