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Mass Effect Andromeda - First Time Tips

  • April 27

    Well, I caved. I saw Mass Effect on sale (so I got $15 off, not great, but at this point it was just enough) and I was hoping for a few quick tips on how to start. Nothing detailed, I do like figuring out the game but just if there's anything that seems great but turns out to be shit, what types of combat are easier and maybe anything related to the controls that makes the game a bit easier to get into.

    I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for, but anything you can think of would be nice.

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    April 27
    If you play on pc, you can hotkey 4 sets of 3 abilities to favourites and switch through them by pressing F1-F4. You can board the Tempest straight from the Nomad by holding down T. If you're not into grinding for resources and crafting, just buy equipment. It's the same thing mostly only the crafted pieces offer the option apply a slight improvement. You'll find the rest out on your own.
  • April 30

    Thanks Noodles, I have to say that the whole Favourites menu thing would've totally fucked me over (it already did a little since I thought it might be a PC only thing), I've speced my character to focus so heavily on just a few powes that I feel like I've missed a fair amount, wish that would've been more obvious.

    I have to say, I'm really loving the game, the worlds aren't that great, and sadly half of the companions seem boring as hell to me (Liam, Cora and Vetra, I barely level them up, and only do it because I assume I'll have to take them along some times). But the gameplay more than makes up for all of that, just insanely fun especially as a Biotics user, being able to distort gravity in such cool ways is just really awesome and it creates a fairly fun style of play. 

    I have to ask, is it normal that I have about half as much health and shield as my followers? To be fair one of them is usually Jaal who I've tanked up fairly well, but even the more offensive/ones I haven't bothered perking defensively have more of those two stats than I do. I've focused pretty heavily on Barrier, with decent ranks in Combat Fitness too but I'm still really low on Health (500 and I've just passed 350 Shield).

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    May 1

    I don't know what to say about health honestly. :-?