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Is Breath of the Wild an RPG?

  • January 13, 2017

    We've just recieved more awesome footage and news about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and as more and more news has come out and we've gotten to see more content, one question keeps probing me. Would this game be considered an RPG, more along the lines of the Witcher series. I mean, the sheer scale is astounding and from what I've seen it's heavily customizible, there's no doubt that there are different ways to play the game. I have no doubt that there has to be some way to Roleplay in this game, even if it's mostly mental rather than through dialogue. 

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    So, what do you think. It isn't technically classified as an RPG, but would you say that it has a heavy amount of RPG qualities that could at least put it on the same level as other RPG's. If you don't think it is an RPG, how far do you think it has to go before it is one? Is it as simple as taking out Link or adding a few perks and we're set.