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Destiny Build: The Stormlord

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  • January 6

    Class - The Stormcaller Subclass for the Warlock is by far the most interesting to me, it's heavily into hitting multiple opponents and chaining together your various abilities to continue regenerating Grenade, Melee and Special Energy at a fairly rapid rate. For me it's easily been the most poweful of the three sub-classes, and the most suited for this particular build because of the regeneration. 

    DLC - The Taken King, The Dark Below and The House of Wolves are all requirements for this build. Rise of Iron might give more useful items but I haven't played it yet so I have no idea.

    Focus - PvE and Solo Play are what I mostly handle. I don't really like Strikes, Raids, any of the required multiplayer related quests, because I just prefer going at it myself. This build is powerful enough that I've been able to handle some of the earlier ones by myself with no real problem (Both my team-mates left within 10) but I wouldn't really recommend it for Strikes of PvP until I adjust it for either of the two.


    Special Weapon - Sidearm, Vestian Destiny

    So, I started off with Special Weapon even though technically it should be the secondary weapon because I used it more once I got a very specific weapon. Vestian Destiny is a fairly easy weapon to get, and let me tell you it's a pretty great weapon. It has an insane firing rate, and one of the largest clips for sidearms I've seen yet. That's not even mentioning the damage and near lack of recoil.

    Primary Weapon - Scout Rifle, Any

    I haven't really stumbled across a great Scout Rifle yet, I've had pretty horrid luck getting a Legendary one so far, but the important thing is that you grab one that can have at least a mid-range scope. The Scout Rifle is actually an interesting type of weapon, it's excellent at both mid-long range combat and close ranged combat, this is mostly because it's a more stable and accurate weapon than a Pulse or Auto Rifle, and generally is easier to get precision kills with. I've taken to using it either as a semi-sniper or a bit more like one would traditionally use a Shotgun and just getting in close and blasting away.

    Heavy Weapon - Rocket Launcher, Any

    Again I haven't found any really excellent, easy to get RL's but I recommend picking up one that can have a minimum of two rockets loaded. The reload time on any other is just too long to really justify in the type of scenarios I use it in. Ah, right I tend to use it whenever I'm fighting a larger opponent, usually this means bosses (Crota got his ass handed to him by by Rockets). It tends to do about as well as my specials if I get a good shot. I have used it occasionally on groups, but the other weapons are better usually. 

    Armour Focuses - Intelligence, Strength, Sidearms and Scout Rifles.

    So, I don't have any pieces that I've straight up had to have so far. So basically what I'm recommending is that you just pick whatever armour you think looks cool, gives you armour and focuses on the four bonuses that I mentioned. Intelligence and Strength are good for forming the basics of our combat style by reducing the regen of our Melee and Super abilities. 


    Grenade Type - I reccomend using the Storm Grenade from the three choices. Mostly this is because it seems to have the largest AoE of the three types and that's one area where this build can usually suffer. 

    Melee Modifier - Rising Storm is a must have here. Being able to regenerate our Super and Melee cooldowns is the exact type of thing we need, it creates a pretty awesome chain of regeneration that none of the other options really give you. 

    Super Modifier - Ah, for some reason I'm just not really set on any of the three options. Landfall is personally my favourite of the three, but Ionic Blink is technically a better option. It depends on whether you want an initial melee/staggering attack or better movement in Stormtrance. Both are good options though.

    Ability Bonus 1 - Feedback is honestly the best in regards to regeneration, being able to fully regen (and empower) our melee attack whenever we're about to be hit by an enemy's melee attack is just too good to pass up really. Transcendence is really good though, a fully regenerated health pool and longer lasting Stormtrance is really awesome but I don't see it being quite as useful because of the fact that you'd need full grenade and melee energy. 

    Attribute Bonus 1 - Arcane Wisdom

    Attribute Bonus 2 - Ancestral Order or Chaos Order

    Ability Bonus 2 - *sigh* I have to go with Perpetual Charge even if I really love the idea of using Electrostatic Mind. Perpetual Charge lets you chain together melee and grenade kills by regenerating your energy instantly after getting a kill with the opposite ability (Grenade regenerates Melee, Melee Regenerates Grenade). It's just a little too perfect for me to pass it up by Electrostatic Mind is pretty great. 


    Fallen - Holy crap are Fallen easy as pie with this build. The Vestian Dynasty is a weapon designed to make fighting Fallen easier. It has two bonus perks, Disciplinarian deals a small amount of bonus damage to all Fallen Enemies, but the second abilitiy, Mutineer is what is really awesome. It has a small chance to completely negate the abilities of Fallen Captains, which just makes fighting them easy as hell. Especially since your going to be firing a dozen shots in maybe three seconds. 

    Before you get it, I recommend just sniping them with a Scout Rifle. They take extra damage when you deliver a headshot, so just rack up continuous headshots and win that way. They aren't too hard for the early game and once they start getting harder you should have the Vestian Dynasty to make it easier. 

    Hive - Ughh. I hate the Hive, they're a fair bit harder to defeat than the Fallen and are tougher throughout the game. Knights have an annoying shielding ability that makes sniping them somewhat problamatic and Wizards are just a pain in the ass. Basically my strategy was to kill the thralls to at least get some ammo, and then either use my Rocket Launcher to take them out on masse, or just use my Super and murder them all. Honestly they're the toughest fight for me, and I'm still not 100% sure how I'm going to handle them.

    Vex - Vex are fun because the glow wherever their weak point is making it easy to find. I went with the snipe and kill method to fighting the Vex and I don't think I ever really used my sidearm to beat them...They're, yeah kind of easy because of the glowing thing.

    Cabal - So the Cabal are a fun one for a very different reason than the Vex. They're main two units (the Legionary and Phalnax) are really big so they're kind of hard to miss with just about anything, but they have jetpacks and shields respectively. Now one of their main selling points is that they're big, strong and do a fair bit more melee damage than other races. The Phalnax can one shot you pretty easily if you get hit wrong (I've been sent flying across half the map due to a good shield bash multiple times. So my way to beat them, was obviously to get in close and melee them to death.

    Yep, you read that right. Melee the melee-oriented race. Well let me explain why, the Cabal are strong, but they're also kind of slow and easy to dodge. The Warlock gets that really amazing Glide makes it easy to navigate the field. Because of this, I could quite easily get in close/to the side of the Phalanx's shield, give them a quick melee and then finish them off with the Vestian Dynasty. It was a strange but awesome way to fight the Cabal. 

    Taken - Boy...Um, the Taken are difficult because they're kind of a mash-up between the other four races. Some of them are corrupted Vex, others are corrupted Cabal and so on. It kind of makes it impossible to just say "here's a way to beat the Taken" because each type has a different weakness and strength. My main message is to use Vestian Dynasty as much as possible, clear the smaller guys and then empty a clip into anything still alive. There's nothing else to say, I never bothered to aim for weak points because you could sometimes get Taken from each Race in a single battle making it a lot harder to just aim for the same spot. 

    Closing Notes:

    Okay, I just want to finish up by mentioning that I am not a Destiny Master. I've quite literally only just reached level 40 with my first character and figured I'd share it. I haven't even reached the Light Level Cap yet, in fact I just barely hit half way. I know how I fought with this character, but not if it's the best way to do it, or if I got the best gear, etc. It isn't competitive, but it is fun to just play the game with (and the game has plenty of content these days). 

    Anyway, thanks for reading guys, it was fun to write a build for a new game that I'm playing. Been too long in my opinion since I posted here.