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Project Zomboid Survivor Mini profiles

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    December 30, 2016

    So recently i have taken to playing a game called Project Zomboid. It is an isometric survival RPG set during a zombie apocalypse. It is also permadeath. Then i got an idea! Inspired by Henson's character snapshots i decided to create some sort of RP based thread where i and perhaps a few others can post brief profiles of my characters in the game. Hope to see some of your characters!


    Name: Robert Watson

    Occupation: Unemployed

    Brief history: Robert spent his life before the apocalypse as an unemployed and worthless couch potato. For most of the zombie outbreak he hid in his house hoping to wait it out. 6 months later he barely had any food left and was severely underweight. He had no choice but to look for supplys outside armed with only a hammer.

    Cause of Death: Succumbed to his injurys while a horde of zombies mauled him. He was lucky enough not to turn. 


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    January 2

    Name:  Selena Wright

    Occupation:  Chef

    Brief History:  Selena worked with a group of survivors and acted as their primary food provider through her cooking and gardening. Unfortunately, one night, someone decided to make a midnight snack and forgot to put out the fire. She was immolated in the resulting inferno.

    Cause of Death:  Third-Degree Burns