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Far Cry Primal Build: Sabertooth

  • June 24, 2016

    Before I go any further I'm not 100% sure whether Far Cry is a game that I can post for. To me it has enough qqualities to count as an RPG but if Bonelord or Raidriar disagree I'll happily move it away from here. I hope you enjoy the build, it is pretty simple, but it was something that I had fun with. 


    Takkar protect Wenja, Without Takkar, they were weak, made dead by not-Wenja. Takkar is what make Wenja strong, Takkar is Beast-Master, and that make Wenja strong. When Takkar fight on Sabertooth, Takkar becomes strong. When Takkar become strong, Wenja become strong. 

    Takkar makes Wenja strong, Takkar is the strong Wenja. Fight, fight the not-Wenja, fight like Takkar.

    The Build:

    Main Weapon:

    I mainly used the Spear with this build. With the appropriate accuracy, it becomes more powerful than the bot at mid-range, and can work both as a melee weapon and very successfully at a decent range. It is however very easy to lose a Spear when thrown, so more foraging for equipment is needed, but the damage and versitality of the spear more than make up for that weakness.

    Secondary Weapon:

    The Bow is my favourite between the Bow and Club. It has a much larger range than the Spear or thrown Club and can be used from stealth to eliminate enemies with a single headshot. In that regards, it is by far the most effective stealth weapon, especially when you unlock either the Long or Double Bow. 


    Early on you won't really be using Mounts, but the Wolf or Sabertooth should be your first Beast. The former is rather stealthy but gives you access to a larger map early on, not to mention it is easily tameable. A Sabertooth Tiger on the other hand, is incredibly difficult to tame. They're ridiculously powerful and if your spotted first, you will most likely die. However, once you do tame them they make one of the strongest possible mount in the game (other than a Mammoth and possibly a Cave Bear) and can inflict massive damage while also being one of the fastest in the game. On top of that they're also relatively stealthy, not when compared to other smaller animals but their power combines quite well with surprise attacks.


    Early Game

    During the earlier parts of the game, combat is quite simple. You use whatever weapons you have to defeat enemies at all ranges. The Bow is generally the most effective early on, it has the best range which keeps you out of direct combat, has decent damage and can one-shot enemies with proper aim. So I'd generally try and rely on the Bow, combined with stealth (which is particularly effective against human enemies) Beasts during this stage are particularly easy to defeat, the only problem you may have is with Wolves which I'd recommend defeating with a Spear throw. 

    Notable Skills: Fighting, Crafting and Gathering Skills

    Mid Game

    The mid-game functions more or less the same, except by this point you'll most likely have access to Beast-Riding, which really does change how you fight.  General combat is particularly interesting, most of the time you'll be fighting on your Sabertooth Mount, which greatly increases your speed and mobility in combat, on top of that it gives you the ability to inflict damage through your mount, which is a fairly powerful, quick melee attack. I'd recommend focusing on Spears here, they're quicker and easier to aim than a bow, and can inflict decent damage no matter where you hit an enemy, not to mention they can also be used in melee combat. 

    But stealth is where it becomes much more interesting. At this point you'll have access to the basic abilities the Owl gives you (Owl Hutning Vision, Owl Attack, Owl Weapon Drop), and one of them is targeting enemies with your beast. This gives you access to a very interesting, bird's eye (literally) view of the surrounding area, allowing you to pick opponents off with ease. Essentially at this point you'll be able to attack groups from two different directions, one with your beast and the other with Takkar. 

    Notable Skills: Owl Skills, Beast-Master Skills and Hunting Skills

    Late Game:

    The late game pretty much does two things, which while not changing how you fight, make it easier. You can start to gain physical and fire resistance, allowing you to avoid damage from the two most common sources, which boosts your survival (along with increased health and basic healing helps make you much stronger). The other series of skills that benefit you at this point is the bonus to crafting, using the same amount of resources you can craft more of an item, arrows can be made upto 8 at a time or 2 spears. This makes combat much easier by simply giving you access to more ammunition. Combined with larger storage space for weapons, it can make combat much easier later on. 

    Notable Skills: Udam, Izilia and late-game Hunting, Crafting and Fighting 

    Boss Battles:

    There are two main bosses in the game. Batari, the Izilia leader is in my opinion the easier of the two, she fights from afar so you'll need to use either the Spear or Bow to defeat her, I'd recommend the Spear which takes away a good eighth of her skill with each headshot, the Bow is a little weaker but the benefit of having more ammunition might be worth it. She is fairly powerful, being able to take away a large portion fo your health, as well as burn you from a long distance, and she has as much cover to hide behind you as you will, keep throwing spears whenever she pops up and then duck down or move away to dodge her arrows. 

    Ull, the Udam boss is in my opinion much harder. He's basically a heavy enemy that's completely untouchable using your base weapons, and can only be harmed by knocking down massive icicles from the ceiling on top of him. His main attacks are powerful enough to nearly kill you with a single attack, and the addition of weaker, generic enemies doesn't help that. The strategy however is simple, run everywhere, keep out of his reach and then draw him over towards an icicle and knock it down. It's a pretty simple strategy yes, but it is a bit more difficult to actually complete when he can throw you around with a single blow. 

    Closing Notes: 

    Not much to the build I know but it is a very simple character. If you think I've missed anything then let me know but  Far Cry is one of those games that you can rather easily get every skill in the game. Anyway, thank you for reading, if you want to read any of my other builds just check out my tag below, I usually focus on KotOR and Dragon Age but hey, why not move out and try something new. 

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    June 25, 2016
    Love this DB
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    June 25, 2016
    It can stay, we're hardly going to discourage content which is well made.
  • June 25, 2016

    Thank you Chris. I have to ask, are you a Far Cry fan? I've played the latest 3 (I think...Played 3, 4 and Primal anyway) and could only really enjoy Primal, the others are just a tad boring. 

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    June 25, 2016
    Now we wait...soon there will be pokemon builds, and who knows what else XD this is the first step of evolution for the site into something much bigger, well done db!
  • June 25, 2016

    Huh? Well I'll certainly take the compliment and thank you for the like and comment. Sadly I doubt anything will be evolving mate, people have been strangely reluctant to just come out and post new games in the Gaming Corner...Ergh RPG Group ever since the beginning (to be fair, a lot of people have no idea the group exists). But hey, if it happens and I can claim to have helped I definitely will.

    Funny you should mention Pokemon though, I've been meaning to start a discussion where people can share sets for ages. I'm assuming you meant that as a joke, but hey if it works it works right :D

  • June 25, 2016

    While I don´t understand shit here, it looks interesting. 

    So tell me, DB. How good is the Primal? Comparing to...Skyrim, Witcher, Fallout, Thief? From 1 to 10. Still not sure if it´s worth buying. 

  • June 25, 2016

    Fair enough Karves :D I didn't end up explaining that much.

    Hmm, I actually really enjoyed the game. It isn't anywhere near as good as Skyrim or Witcher, the story is kind of lackluster (though I'll admit I didn't pay that much attention), the combat is a bit simple but fun overall  and definitely more fluid (I enjoyed actually needing to target different body parts on different enemies), the characters are pretty good, funny most of the time and a bit over the top but generally well written. Honestly I had more fun just running/riding around on my Tiger or the few times I hopped on a Mammoth, that part of the game is by far the most fun.

    Overall I'd give it a 6.5/10...I never would have bought it if it wasn't half price (so about $40 Australian) but it was worth that. And it does look really awesome, might see if I can't record a battle to go with the build. 

  • June 25, 2016

    I was watching the gameplay and the combat seemed really fluid and interesting. But how about the open world? Survival mechanics? 

  • June 25, 2016

    The world is pretty  much Skyrim's but smaller (It takes about, maybe 20-30 to cross from east to west or norht to south) and your basically either in a snowy region with a lot of mountains, or a forest region with less mountains. It isn't exciting, but it is pretty fun to go out and claim all the outposts (basically an area you need to clear out before taking it as a fast travel point), you can explore most of it from hour 1, there are a few places you'll need a grappling hook to access and a couple that are locked from the start, but they make up a small portion of the map. There's a lot of interesting caves and stuff to explore.

    Survival Mechanics...Eh, you need to keep crafting ammunition/weapons throughout the game but that's about it. There's a food crafting menu but that's purely for buffs not survival. Really there isn't much, it's pretty much fight, gather some stuff to upgrade your gear (you'll be doing this a lot) and then fight some more