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Mass Effect 3 Build: Primal Adept

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    May 9, 2016

    Primal Adept

    Going up close and personal with the enemy only to proceed with huge explosions launching the enemies sky-high better than Skyrim giants... that's what the Primal Adept is all about. The raw might of biotics unleashed!


    The Pimal Adept focuses on unleashing the raw might of biotics upon her enemies. Singularity allows to prime multiple targets for biotic explosions at once and the Shockwave can detonate up to two biotic explosions at once. Due to Shockwave's range limitation, most of the combat takes place from close to mid range and is spectacular to behold with biotic explosions and enemies flying around the battlefield!

    Full vanilla playthrough starting from level 1 (+ Eden Prime)

    The Build

    The Primal Adepts bring raw biotic power and crowd control to the war. Capable of controlling and destroying entire groups of enemies with their Singularities and Shockwaves, they are prized throughout the military and praised by their comrades in arms!.

    Shockwave: Force & Damage, Reach, Lifting Shockwave

    The detonator power that can also prime targets for extra punishment. In combination with Kaidan's Reave / Liara's Warp and Shepard's Singularity, this power can clear entire rooms of enemies executing double biotic explosions and passing through walls allowing to bypass Banshee power shields.

    Singularity: Duration, Lift Damage, Expand

    The main crowd control tool of Primal Adepts. Allows to immobilize/prime multiple targets for biotic explosions and squadmate fire. Used as an opener in fights and in choke points to prevent enemy approach. It staggers shielded targets exposing them to direct weapon fire and AoE biotic explosions.

    Biotic Mastery: Damage & Force, Damage & Capacity, Power Mastery

    The focus here is on power damage, which is then combined with bonuses from armor and intel, making Shockwave damage a deadly tool of mass destruction. While the power damage bonuses do not affect biotic explosions, large amount of power damage makes Shockwave capable of handling targets on its own.

    Fitness: Durability, Barrier Recharge, Fitness Expert

    Primal Adept is a survivor and her physique reflects that. Despite not being hit a lot due to the playstyle, she need that extra boost for the toughest combat encounters, like in the end of Priority: Earth. The playstyle requires to be close to the enemy due to the range limit of Shockwave and extra health is invaluable for that.



    Kaidan and Liara are used as primary squadmates, with EDI replacing Kaidan before the coup. Kaidan has both Overload and Reave which makes him very useful as a priming squadmate. EDI has Incinerate which is used against boss-type enemies and in combination with Kaidan's Reave make short work of armor. Liara can both prime and detonate explosions with her Warp and her Singularity is very useful for crowd control.


    Reave: Radius, Recharge Speed, Barriers and Armor

    Overload: Damage, Recharge Speed, Shield Damage

    Alliance Officer: Durability, Biotic Damage, Squad Bonus (power damage)


    Singularity: Duration, Recharge Speed, Detonate

    Warp: Detonate, Expose, Pierce

    Pure Biotic: Recharge Speed, Duration & Force, Singularity Recharge


    Incinerate: Damage, Recharge Speed, Armor Damage

    Overload: Damage, Recharge Speed, Shield Damage

    Unshackled AI: Power Damage, Tech Damage, Squad Bonus



    Halona Shepard was always an outcast. A colonist of Native American descent, brought up according to the traditions of her people but losing it all in a blink of an eye with the slaver attack on Mindoir. She did not allow that to break her, however. Finding a new home at the Alliance military she gradually managed to overcome the demons haunting her.

    6 years later, she found herself on Elysium, rallying civilians and showing the pirates that Mindoir's fate was not to be repeated.

    Little did she know that the toughest fight of her life was yet to come - the fight for survival of all organic civilizations!



    The only weapon used is the Talon pistol. This playstyle does not involve a lot of shooting but it does need a decent firearm for CQC and Talon covers that role perfectly. It's light, allowing 200% cooldown bonus and benefits from the Power Magnifier mod, giving even more damage to Shepard's powers. The second mod was the Piercing mod to deal with the occasional Guardians.


    Helmet: None (for looks only)

    Chest: Serrice Council

    Shoulders: Serrice Council

    Arms: Serrice Council

    Legs: Serrice Council

    Together this armor set increases Shepard's power damage by 40% which gives a much needed boost to Shockwave allowing it to outright kill weakened targets and even take a bar of armor on boss enemies like Brutes and Atlases, all by itself.

    Closing Remarks

    This build was a lot of fun to play and is definitely my favorite way of playing an Adept in ME3 now! I definitely encourage to give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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    May 10, 2016

    For a second I thought this was something else you were reposting from the Mass Effect group but then I realized I didn't see this one before. Nice work Vazgen!

    Just a small note, you spelled "Primal Adept" wrong in your tag. 

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    May 10, 2016

    This is so awesome!

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    May 10, 2016
    Thanks guys! I have plans for at least two other builds but I'm currently taking a break :) One is a melee sentinel which should look something like this in the end :D