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Mass Effect 3 Build: Stasis Sentinel

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    April 27, 2016

    Hey everyone, Vazgen here with another Mass Effect 3 build! This one came from a crazy idea to implement a medic class that focuses on crowd control and squadmate support. The result was surprisingly very fun to play and I decided to share this character with you! I present to you...

    Stasis Sentinel

    Drake Shepard was always a team player. A career soldier, an exemplar of the best that Alliance has to offer, he singlehandedly protected the civilians during the Skylian Blitz. Fearless and loyal to the soldiers under his command, Drake commanded the Alliance forces to the victory!


    You are a support character, but that doesn't mean you can't do some damage. Tech Armor allows for extra survivability and Squad Incendiary Ammo from James helps to mitigate low damage of SMGs which are the only weapons this character has access to. Stasis bubble helps to control entire groups of enemies, including dangerous ones like Phantoms and Guardians.

    Tech Armor - your protection. With low damage of your weapon you'll be forced to stay out of cover for longer periods of time and extra protection is much needed, especially with armor bonuses geared towards weapon and power damage.

    Offensive Mastery - focus on supporting squadmates and power augmentations. More duration for Stasis and more power damage are always nice. 

    Fitness. Survivability. Similar reasons to Tech Armor. Your Shepard needs to be alive to heal others. Also unique to the Sentinel class Rank 5 evolution helps to boost squadmate survivability.

    Stasis - your crowd control tool. Cerberus is the most susceptible to its effects with only the Atlas mechs being able to resist it. Phantoms are frozen, Guardians drop their shields, Engineer turrets explode if frozen at the right time. A very power tool in Stasis Sentinel's arsenal.


    Here is the start of the playlist that covers the complete playthrough of vanilla game

    The most problems were early on, before getting Squad Incendiary Ammo with Explosive Burst evolution from James. After that, it all went smoothly. And, of course, finding my favorite SMG only near the end of the game was not great at all. I also learned not to hold onto my medi-gel reserves.


    I took James and Garrus wherever I could. James is pretty much mandatory for his ammo power and I took Garrus to Overload shields and barriers, coupled with James's Frag Grenades.

    Weapons and Armor

    I was forced to use Shuriken through almost the entire game since Locust is locked on Horizon. I used High Velocity Barrel and Power Magnifier mods on both (version II). Power damage helped to augment James's incendiary ammo and penetration helped to pierce Guardian shields and Cannibal plating.

    For armor I used the following combination: head - none, chest - Serrice Council, arms - Serrice Council, shoulders - Armax Arsenal, legs - Hahne-Kedar. Together they gave me +20% power damage, +20% weapon and headshot damage.


    Closing Remarks

    Playing as a medic was quite refreshing. Not every day you spend more time assisting your squadmates than killing enemies yourself.