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Mass Effect 3 Build: Combat Adept

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    April 27, 2016

    Hello everyone and welcome to another Mass Effect 3 build! This one came from my desire to play as a biotic class who does not rely too much on biotic combos (which always ended up like this for me). So I came up with this idea of a heavy combat version of an Adept character with long cooldowns and heavy weaponry. I present to you...

    Combat Adept

    The destruction of the Normandy did not leave Lee Shepard unscathed. Exposure to eezo from Normandy's engine activated dormant biotic nodes in his body and Lazarus project did not leave those unattended. In the six months following the Alpha Relay explosion his newfound biotic potential was honed and increased. The Reapers didn't know what they were getting in to...


    Aggressiveness is the key with this build. Destroy enemies in quick and brutal outbursts. Highly damaging biotic combos with Warp, followed with a Cluster Grenade for tough enemies and suppressing fire from Mattock will keep enemies at bay. If they somehow manage to come close, Eviscerator lives up to its name.

    Warp is one of your two "casted" powers. With the equipment and skills you have it takes about 9-10 seconds to recharge but when it's cast it grants a large boost to your combat effectiveness. It can detonate fire, tech and biotic explosions which destroy large enemy groups. If used as a primer, it increases damage taken by the target and staggers weaker enemies.

    Cluster Grenades are for groups and boss encounters. The grenades do a tremendous amount of damage, especially when paired with Warp. They also don't suffer from slow power recharge speed this character has and are a great tool to have.

    Biotic Mastery - power damage for more damaging Warp and grenades, capacity to offset Adept's pathetic starting carry weight limit. 

    Fitness. Survivability. You need to be able to spend quite some time exposed while firing your weapon and the more you can do it, the faster you'll clear the area.

    Barrier again focuses on durability. Along with Fitness, equipment, Javik and Kaidan it allows to achieve the fastest possible shield recharge speed in the game.


    Here is the start of the playlist that covers the complete playthrough of vanilla game

    This guy did not have that tough missions to be worth mentioning. Even Priority Earth was quite easy, although the last part was tough.


    As in my Melee Infiltrator, Javik and Kaidan are an ideal team for this character. Not only both their class powers improve shield recharge but they also work well together. Dark Channel, Warp and Reave all specced for barrier damage clear Banshee barriers in no time. I leveled Javik's Pull instead of Lift Grenades this time and used it as a replacement for Liara's Singularity.

    Liara's Singularity is great early-on and is a decent way to stop Centurions in their tracks exposing them to your gunfire. Her second power was Warp Ammo, extra damage for Mattock never hurts.

    I did not use others much in this playthrough but a thing to remember is that Warp detonates all types of power combos (except Cryo) so squadmates with tech powers will work as well with yourself as biotics. 

    Weapons and Armor

    Two guns from Grissom Academy, Mattock with Eviscerator, were the two guns I used through the entire game. Mattock was modded with Thermal Scope to counteract Cerberus smoke bombs and Piercing mod to deal with shields. Eviscerator got Heavy Barrel and Shredder mods.

    For armor I used the following combination: head - Capacitor Helmet, chest - Kassa Fabrication, arms - Armax Arsenal, shoulders - Armax Arsenal, legs - Hahne-Kedar. Together they gave me +20% shield regeneration speed, +20% weapon and headshot damage.

    Closing Remarks

    It was quite fun to play as a tough version of a caster character, something I didn't try before. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed