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Mass Effect 3 Build: Prothean Soldier

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    April 27, 2016

    Prothean Soldier

    The Reapers thought the Prothean Empire was extinct... They were wrong! From the ashes of the dead rises a ghost of vengeance, a long forgotten soul seeking to reclaim the legacy of his kind... 


    The Prothean Soldier brings Warp Ammo to a whole new level by combining it with an artifact of the Prothean Empire - the Particle Rifle. Typically low damaging weapon, it is very impressive when augmented with the ammo power and biotic powers of Shepard and his squadmates. Warp Ammo gives a large bonus against lifted (primed for biotic explosions) targets which is taken care of by Javik's and Shepard's Dark Channel and/or Liara's Warp. Soldier's Adrenaline Rush power allows to easier concentrate the beam and Slow property of Dark Channel combined with Expose property of Warp synergize greatly to allow the Prothean Soldier to simply melt the targets away.

    Full vanilla playthrough starting from level 1

    The Build

    The combination of biotic power and gunplay with the focus on bringing vengeance upon the Reapers, wielding the weapon of a race they had thought long since destroyed - this is what the Prothean Soldier is all about.

    Adrenaline Rush: Damage, Duration, Bonus Power

    Adrenaline Rush takes the Particle Rifle to a new level. Time Dilation gives more time to line up a shot and allows to keep the beam on the enemy easier. Bonus power evolution allows to cast Dark Channel while under the effect of Adrenaline Rush and stagger enemies, making them an easy target for becoming a pile of goo.

    Combat Mastery: Damage, Headshots, Weapon Master

    The duration evolution here is taken primarily to increase the duration of the Adrenaline Rush and improve damage output that way. Headshots allow to deal extra damage with the extremely accurate Particle Rifle. Weapon Master evolution is one of the most useful ones here as it improves the damage done by ammo powers and Liara's Warp Ammo gets a noticeable increase in efficiency.

    Fitness: Durability, Shield Recharge, Fitness Expert

    The focus here is on durability as the Particle Rifle requires you to stay out of cover for long. The current setup allows for prolonged periods of concentrated fire which are devastating in combination with squadmate and Shepard's powers. A skill fitting to a race as resilient as the Protheans.

    Dark Channel: Duration, Slow, Pierce

    Liara's Warp Ammo gives 62.5% bonus to Shepard's damage against "lifted" targets which includes targets primed for biotic explosions, something Dark Channel does greatly. Cast it on an enemy and keep the beam of the Particle Rifle on them, stagger from Dark Channel allows you to decimate entire groups of enemies.



    Javik and Liara are an ideal team for this character. Javik fits with the roleplay but also his Pull provides quite useful crowd control functions and Dark Channel can serve as an extra priming power for when yours is on the cooldown. Liara is the Warp Ammo provider but also the detonator of biotic explosions which can be used against exceptionally tough enemies or groups.

    When I was forced to take either Tali or EDI, I've used Liara as the second squadmate in order to benefit from her Warp Ammo and Warp for all kinds of power combos - tech with EDI's Overload and/or Tali's Energy Drain, biotic with Shepard's Dark Channel and fire with EDI's Incinerate.


    Dark Channel: Damage, Recharge Speed, Pierce

    Pull: Radius, Expose, Double Pull

    Vengeful Ancient: Power Damage, Power Damage, Squad Bonus (power damage)


    Warp Ammo: Squad Bonus, Headshots, Enhanced Warp

    Warp: Detonate, Expose, Pierce

    Pure Biotic: Recharge Speed, Duration & Force, Squad Bonus


    The Cipher did not leave Garrett Shepard's mind unscarred. A seasoned soldier, he did not allow this to be visible for his subordinates but one name was constantly on his thoughts, haunting him - Tarrik, a Prothean soldier who has sacrificed his team to ensure that the last records of Ilos research facility were destroyed. 

    Deep inside Shepard's mind, a human fought an endless battle with a member of a long dead race with no visible catalyst to ensure the victory of the either side.

    Until Eden Prime...



    The only weapon you need here is the Particle Rifle. Endless ammo supply allows you not to worry about ammunition and its accuracy makes it a very precise instrument of destruction. For mods I use Magazine Upgrade (to have more time for the beam) and Piercing Mod (to decimate those pesky guardians and damage enemies without interrupting the beam).


    Helmet: Kuwashii Visor/Delumcore Overlay

    Chest: Kassa Fabrication

    Shoulders: Kassa Fabrication

    Arms: Kassa Fabrication

    Legs: Kassa Fabrication

    Together this armor set increases Shepard's shields by 30%, improves shield regeneration speed by 10%, weapon damage by 5 and headshot damage - by 10%. This allows to stay out of the cover for longer which is needed for the Particle Rifle to fully charge. Headshot damage adds over the ammo bonus and really melts through targets when you keep the beam on their heads!

    Closing Remarks

    This started as a roleplay experiment for me but turned out to be one of my most enjoyed ME3 builds! Not having to rely on thermal clips is refreshing and allows for more streamlined approach to combat. Plus the rifle's melting effect is very satisfying!