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KOTOR Event Build: The Repentant Knight

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    February 27, 2016

    Welcome, everypony, to my second KOTOR build. Without further ado, let me begin the tale of....




    With death, comes remembrance. I remember training in the Enclave, I remember the bloodsoaked carnage of the Mandalorian Wars. I remember the Star Forge. I remember betrayal. But beyond that, I saw the monster I had become, I saw the love in Bastila´s eyes. I never lost my memories, I suppressed them. Malak is dead, true, but I am not far behind. My wounds are too severe, and the Star Forge shall fall into the star it orbits very soon. I regret not being able to see him grow. I was able to give him a name though. I am Revan, and I have sacrificed myself for a Republic I once served, and one I had pledged to destroy at one point.

    Bastila my love, Vaneer my son, farewell....




    While Scoundrel may not be the best starting class offensively, one boon they DO possess, is that Persuade is a class skill. Ergo, whenever we level up, we can put in more points than otherwise, so, instead of using 2 skill points per level, we only need 1.

    Jedi Class-Jedi Guardian.

    Due to the fact that Revan´s Lightsaber, according to Wookipedia, was originally blue bladed, then green after the events of KOTOR, and later on, though that was his Dark Side taking over his body, while his Light Side soul went to....The Force I guess, was violet, we can presume he was a Jedi Guardian, as blue is the blade color associated with the Guardians.

    Squadmates-Bastila and HK-47.

    The two closest to Revan, one being his lover, the other being his badass, wit-spewing, deathbot buddy HK-47. HK was our ranged weapons man, and I love his dialogue. Bastila was there for some double Jedi action.











    Two-Weapon Fighting


    Jedi Defense

    Armor Proficiency-Medium


    Force Lightning-The only real ¨Dark Side¨ The Repentant Knight uses. Pretty much used for some decent damage, and because I friggin love this power.

    Stun/Destroy Droid-Quite useful powers, as you advance up the trees, in keeping some enemies stunned, or destroyed if they are droids, while you focus on the main threats. Also quite useful during the end duel with Malak. 

    Force Persuade-While a more passive power, this skill is quite useful in certain situations.

    Throw Lightsaber-While not the most powerful skill, this will give you some ranged capability.

    Force Push-Another crowd control power. Simply use this to send an enemy hurling back, giving you a bit of time to deal with the big guns.

    Heal-If you find you´ve run out of Stimpak-er, Medpacks, then this will keep you alive.

    The Force Ghost of Revan

    The Climax .png

    Thank you for reading this everyone, I trust anypony who plays this will have as much fun as I did. It was really interesting dying during the final battle, so close to killing Malak. Though I RPed, without his doses of Jedi Corpse (Excellent sources of Vitamin C), his injuries would kill him soon enough.

  • February 28, 2016

    One thing you missed was the starting Attributes Chris, it's a little difficult to start up the character without them. Other then that, get rid of the white space at the end and it'll look good. The build itself is...a little vague, you should really go into a bit more detail about the Feats, Attributes and Equipment.

    What other feats did you pick? A Guardian of level 10-12 would have access to a lot more feats than the 4 you've listed.

    The actual idea and story behind the build are both really good Chris, I like the idea of a Revan that managed to make it to the end of the game, finish off Malak and then dies, though I think the stuff about Bastilla (well more the son stuff) is a little canonically off, but whatever. Good work, and a +1 from me if you fix up those errors. 

    EDIT: Oh and I fixed up your tags for you Chris, they should all be there now. 

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    February 28, 2016

    Thanks DB, and I looked up the Shan tree on Wookiepedia, from what I gather, Revan and Bastila had a kid, named Vaneer, granted, from canon they probably boned eachother shortly before Revan left. 

    And I shall do that in due time

  • February 28, 2016

    I know, I just meant that it would never fit within the events of the game.

    Alright, can't wait to see the edits.