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KOTOR Build: The Scoundrel

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  • August 2

    So I finally got around to making a mod that increases blaster damage to its proper amount from Star Wars RPG Revised, where KOTOR's ruleset came from.  In KOTOR, they only deal a single die (e.g. 1d6 blaster pistol and 1d8 blaster rifle), but in the original source material, it was three dice.  I also made a couple of minor tweaks here and there (all blaster rifles threat range 19-20, disruptor pistols and rifles to 18-20 to compensate for the ease of overpowering energy shields now).


    Since I needed lots of gunplay to test the balance of it, I went ahead and tried my 'Sith Sniper' idea I mentioned earlier.  I'm going a really similar route to you here (just with rifles), and I was always starved for medpacks.  But then, I did almost solo Taris...


    I'm really struggling on Dantooine.  Did you roll with a squad until upgrading Fear to Horror, or did you grab that power first even though the guide mentions force persuasion first?

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    August 3

    It's been a while since I've played the build, but I think I rolled with a party on Dantooine, at least most of the time. I'm pretty sure I was able to clear the Sandral estate without help though.

  • August 3

    Haha yeah, it's those dang kath hounds... one or two at a time's not so bad.  Big groups?  I ended up pulling out a lightsaber just to keep my high Defense viable, then just broke down and brought Candy + Big Z to help.