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KOTOR Build: The Scoundrel

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    August 6, 2015

    This build is quite similar to my Skillmaster, to the point where I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post this or not. However, after thinking it over, I decided that there were enough differences between the two to warrant posting this. What are they? Well, the concept behind this build is that, with a couple of exceptions, you’re playing a Scoundrel as (my interpretation of how) it’s meant to be played, hence the name. Naturally, this means using a lot of skills like my Skillmaster, yes, but the Scoundrel relies more on sneak attacks, whereas the former is more likely to simply sneak by enemies. Also, the Scoundrel uses Sniper Shot quite a bit to take enemies down. Finally, the Scoundrel is considerably more mundane than the Skillmaster; no fancy robes or lightsaber for this guy! So, let’s get on with the build, shall we?

    The Scoundrel

    Class: Scoundrel -> Consular. I’d go all Scoundrel if I could without ever using a Jedi class, but unfortunately that’s not a feasible option. Thus, I chose Consular as my Jedi class since it gives a nice boost to force powers and is the most similar to Scoundrel amongst the Jedi classes. Also, Scoundrel -> Consular is the only class combo in the game that gets to have every skill as a class skill. Don’t bother “saving” levels with this build; get as many levelups in Scoundrel as you can before going Consular.

    Alignment: Dark Side. The Scoundrel uses some of the GenoHaradan equipment, which means you’ll be getting quite a few dark side points as is. Besides, the dark side offers a variety of offensive force powers that will be hard for enemies to resist given your abilities as a Consular.

    Teammates: None! No, I didn’t do this just to punish myself; I just didn’t want to bring party members along most of the time because they can’t accompany you while you’re in stealth mode. That being said, there are some situations where you may want to bring your party members along (such as Taris or the final level). In those cases, I recommend taking your two most powerful frontliners to keep the heat off of you.


    STR:8   DEX:12   CON:10   INT:18   WIS:14   CHA:10

    That’s what you’ll want your starting stats to look like. Put the first attribute point you get on a levelup into Dexterity and the rest into Wisdom. As this is a blaster build, Strength is useless. On the other hand, Dexterity is quite useful but I chose to keep it somewhat low, opting to boost it via equipment instead. You’ll want a little Constitution, but should primarily focus on other stats. Seeing as it’s the attribute that determines your skill points as well as your chance to stun with Sniper Shot, Intelligence will naturally be your most important stat. The remainder of your attribute points should go into Wisdom and Charisma so you can use your force powers effectively.


    Listed in order of priority. Repair and Computer Use won’t become class skills until you become a Consular, so hold off on putting skill points into them until that happens.

    Stealth: You’ll want to either sneak past enemies or ambush them with a sneak attack whenever possible. Definitely put lots of skill points into this.

    Demolitions: An effective and readily available strategy is to plant a ton of mines and then lure enemies over them. In fact, it’s one of the few feasible ways that this build can take out the final boss. Unless you plan on fiddling with mines in the midst of combat (I don’t recommend this), you don’t need your total skill amount (as in including equipment/feat/attribute bonuses) to go higher than 20.

    Awareness: The easiest way to get mines is to recover them and in order to do that you need to be able to spot planted mines.

    Security: Ordinarily, this is a pretty worthless skill since you can just break the lock with brute force, but since bashing locks brings you out of stealth mode, I recommend picking them instead.

    Computer Use: Most of the interior areas that you fight your way through have a computer available for slicing that you can use to disable defenses or take out whole groups of enemies. Ultimately though, since all this skill really does is let you slice computers using less computer spikes, it’s one of the lower priority skills.

    Repair: Similar to Computer Use, most of the interior areas that you fight your way through have a droid available for fixing that can help you in combat. Ultimately though, since all this skill really does is let you repair droids using less parts, it’s one of the lower priority skills. Well, that and let you repair HK-47, but even if you decide to bring along party members he’s (unfortunately) not a good choice for this build.

    Persuade: One of the two skills you shouldn’t bother investing in. While I would’ve loved to invest into it for the Scoundrel roleplay, ultimately I decided to put my skill points elsewhere and use Affect/Dominate Mind instead.

    Treat Injury: The other skill you shouldn’t bother investing in. Since you have a very limited amount of health, it doesn’t take many medpacs to heal you and ideally you won’t be getting hit in the first place.


    Listed in order of priority. All of them should be maxed out unless indicated otherwise.

    Sniper Shot: Like I said, a big part of this build is using this feat, so max it out ASAP.

    Dueling: I chose to go with a single blaster pistol for this build, making this a nice feat to use.

    Implants: Remember what I said earlier about using equipment to boost your Dexterity? This is one of the areas where that comes into play.

    Weapon Focus – Blaster Pistol: By level 20 you should have maxed out all of the above feats but still have one to spare; I recommend putting it here.

    Force Powers

    Listed in order of priority. The Scoundrel uses armor instead of robes, unfortunately limiting which force powers you can use. All powers should be maxed out unless indicated otherwise.

    Affect/Dominate Mind: Like I said in the Skills section, you’ll want to use this instead of Persuade to get your way with people.

    Fear/Horror/Insanity: A great defensive tactic, you can use this to shut down groups of enemies. On top of that, stunned enemies are vulnerable to sneak attacks!

    Force Choke: A great single-target force power. Kill disables the target and deals DoT equal to 50% of your target’s vitality, so if you use it twice in a row on the same target and they fail to resist it both times, then they’ll stay paralyzed until the DoT kills them. Well, that’s only if they have an even amount of Vitality. If they have an odd amount then they’ll survive with one point of Vitality left.

    Slow/Affliction: Probably the least useful of the dark side powers, but debuffing enemies can be a useful tactic. Note that Plague is restricted by armor, so you’ll only want to pick up Slow and Affliction.

    Energy Resistance: This is a weird one. Judging by its name, you’d think it would provide resistance against energy-based attacks, but according to its description, it doesn’t. However, if you actually use it, you’ll see that it does, thus making it a very useful power to grab.

    Force Push: Force Push is nice for keeping enemies away from you, while Force Whirlwind can more or less disable them. Lategame, Force Wave is a great power to use if you get surrounded. It’s also, if I recall correctly, one of the few powers that can be used effectively on the final boss.


    Weapon: The Sith Assassin Pistol (the one that Saul Karath uses, not the regular kind) is the absolute best weapon for this build, so go with that. Until you get it, the strongest blaster pistol in your arsenal will suffice.

    Head: There’s a lot of skill-boosting headgear out there, so initially you can go with whatever you find. The absolute best option for this build though is the Advanced Agent Interface. However, that requires access to Yavin Station, so if you don’t have that then you’ll have to settle for the Interface Visor instead.

    Body: For most of the game, you can simply go with whatever light armor you find. This build’s endgame armor of choice though is the GenoHaradan Mesh Armor.

    Implant: Simply go with whatever you find that gives the highest boost to Dexterity. For those with access to Yavin Station, that would be the Advanced Alacrity Implant. Otherwise, it’s the Gordulan Reaction System.

    Belt: You’ll want to go with whatever belt you can find that gives the highest boost to stealth. In that regard, the best belt is the Baragwin Stealth Unit, but that requires access to Yavin Station, so if you don’t have that then you’ll have to settle for the GenoHaradan Stealth Unit instead.

    Hands: The Infiltrator Gauntlets are this build’s endgame gloves of choice, but until you get them, the Stabilizer Gauntlets are a nice alternative.

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  • August 6, 2015

    Nice work Albino, I love stealth based characters in KotOR but never got around to actually making one (I occasionally used followers for it. This is fairly similar to the Skillmaster but it's also different enough to stand out. A +1 from me (At this rate I'm going to have Ranks by the end of the month...I'll need them just to keep up with your builds )

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    August 6, 2015

    Thanks DB! How about we go with a Rank:Albino and Rank:Other? 

  • August 7, 2015

    Alright, White One. I am really starting to have a grudge against you. First: Your builds made me dust off my KOTOR and start playing again. Second: I started Scoundrel with intentions to swap to Consular later and you post this build...but dark side. I wanted to play Light SIDE!!!! Make it right!

    But all jokes aside, this is pretty much what I started playing with the difference that I was planning to go Light Side or Neutral - little bit Light. Your recommendation for Blaster if I´m more or less nice guy?

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    August 7, 2015

    Truthfully, posting all of these builds makes me want to replay them all, so I know the feeling. 

    You'll get Saul Karath's Sith Assassin Pistol regardless of alignment (only way you won't get it is if you don't loot him); it's the GenoHaradan equipment you can't get unless you're willing to get some dark side points for it. That being said, if you don't want to use the Sith Assassin Pistol for roleplay reasons, I recommend Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol or even consider using rifles instead.

  • August 7, 2015

    Isn´t Fett´s blaster the strongest blaster in game? If you fully upgrade it I think. I´m not sure if I remember it right.

    I think it´s totally worth it playing through again. Although I have few objections like: Why in the Sith´s arse is that game playing in so small window? I want my 1920x1080 resolution!

    I literally stopped my second playthrough of Witcher 3 because I wanted to enjoy those cool stories of KOTORs. It has been so many years. These are the games why I really used to love Bioware games. Baldur´s Gate, Icewind Dale, KOTORs, Dragon Age, Mass Effect. Still my top RPGs and Stories.

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    August 7, 2015

    Saul's pistol actually does slightly more damage than Fett's fully upgraded blaster since the bonus ion damage works on all enemies (with a regular Sith Assassin Pistol it's only applied to droids).

    Bioware's track record with RPGs is fantastic. I need to play some of the older ones myself (my oldest Bioware game is this one).

  • August 7, 2015

    Baldur´s Gate games are totally worth it. There are even Enhanced versions on Steam now. Which means it has slightly enhanced graphics and BG1 now runs on 3rd Edition (I think?) rules as did BG2 when it came out. Really, if you enjoy DaD, Baldur´s Gate is game for you.

    BG is a game if you want a story. When you beat both games and you still want to play the same engine, Icewind Dale is where to go. And don´t forget on Neverwinter Nights 1. That has some really cool story too.

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    August 7, 2015

    Gotcha. So I should get the enhanced versions then? And yeah, I plan on playing NWN too at some point.

  • August 7, 2015

    Definitely get the Enhanced versions. Totally worth it. There aren´t many changes in BG2 and Throne of Bhaal, but for BG1 it is an awesome boost. BG1 had just simple classes like Fighter, Thief, Ranger and stuff like that. BG2 is running on 3rd Edition and that means Sub-Classes (Great Addition).

    There actually was a mod that converted BG1 into BG2 engine, but then they made Enhanced versions and world was just fine. They are actually few years old those Enhanced versions.