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Titan Quest Build: The Magician

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  • February 10, 2019

    The Magician is a rather simple concept that forms the earlier parts of my latest Titan Quest playthrough (using the PS4 edition of the game). At the moment I've pushed it through the base game on normal difficulty before deciding that the build (or my decisions throughout the playthrough) created a character that wasn't at all viable. It may theoretically be good, and to be honest I sort of tore through all of Greece, Egypt and part of 'The Orient' before starting to have some issues in the end-game, once I started The Immortal Throne it just became a really, really difficult way to fight, but that may be more on my gear than anything else. It's difficult to tell but I focused more on Epic or Legendary loot when I think I might have been better off with focusing on relics. 

    Regardless, here's the build. It's not as detailed as some of my others or focused on a character because I'm just hopping into the game for the first time in awhile. That and it's part of a playthrough so there should be 25 (ish) hours of video to go along with the build...hopefully by May. 

    The Build

    Core Concept: DoT Stacking, Fire, Poison and Bleed Damage with Passive Abilities. 

    Class: Rogue + Earth (Magician)

    Primary Weapon: Sword (or really just any bladed weapon as your primary)

    Secondary Weapon: Bow

    Primary Skills: Earth Enhancement, Envenom Weapon, Nightshade, Toxin Distillation

    Secondary Skills: Brimstone, Stone Form, Calculated Strike and Lucky Hit

    So, as you can see my core skills are mostly based around Poison damage and Fire Damage, with Calculated Strike and Lucky Hit as an additional way to boost my physical, piercing and bleeding damage types. Stone Form is an interesting defensive option that I mostly use to dodge a stronger attack (or set of attacks), pop a potion and gain some insane healing for a short period of time. It's a simple combination but the only form of healing or defense that the build has. The primary use of the Sword is only important for me because of the higher attack rate (some swords have fast, others have very fast) which allows you to hit more opponents in a shorter period of time (duh) but you do lack a bit in direct damage with that set-up. I'd really argue that any bladed weapon works and you should just use whatever your best weapon is. 

    The build is almost definitely a fairly weak one and the combination of needing to focus on five different damage types (Poison, Fire, Burning, Bleeding, Piercing) to some extent really makes it a tough build. The other issue is of course that you don't really have any defensive skills of note, and our healing is pretty ineffective but interesting. Stone Form lets you fully avoid damage from all sources, heal faster and safely pop a potion (if you time it correctly you even get to ignore the cooldown) but it's situational at best. Earth Enhancement is the only other skill I want to talk about (the others are all great IMO) because I don't really know how useful it is for this build because it seems insanely good if you have a pure fire build. It provides a massive boost to fire and burning damage with no downsides, so if your using a few spells that might be useful. For us it just means we might get a few hundred burn damage off and as far as I can tell it doesn't stack (by this I mean you can't hit an enemy three times to have them burn three times. It just deals your normal damage). The final weakness of the build is that it absolutely sucks against anything that can heal, ignore fire or poison damage or a lot of the game really and there are builds that can deal with everything else a hell of a lot easier than The Magician can. \

    Closing Notes

    During the early game, this build is ridiculous. You can easily take out just about anything you want from Level 2 onwards due to massive poison damage, and then slowly upgrading it until you...well can't and your overall damage starts to become less and less noticeable. I'd say that it's fine until around Level 20-25 but after that it gets a hell of a lot worse. That's mostly why I ended up ditching it in favour of a Hunter, so far a Pure Hunter mostly focused on increasing his attack speed to crazy levels and either dishing out massive damage with a Spear or staying safe with a Bow. I'm also capable of regenerating around 20 Health per second (which isn't amazing but I get hit a lot less) but I'll talk about that in my next build (which might go further since I've got a much narrower focus). 

    Quick final note, I know this is a weird 'build' and some would aruge it might not be worth posting. It is basically me just saying "hey, this didn't work" but it is more of something I'm going to link to from my videos to provide a bit of commentary since I'm a silent man with...a lot to say I guess? Uploading this now because I'll probably forget to if I let any real time pass.

    Here's the Image Source, claim no credit for the art as always.