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Event Build: Adaptability Test Unit 1 (FO4)

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    June 6, 2018


    I get that it might be a little confronting to have the mods section at the start of the build, but there's a good reason for this. The mods listed here have an effect on the the gameplay and I refer to at least three of them on multiple occasions, so I thought it would be best to explain what they are before you get into the build instead of forcing you to scroll down to find what something is in the middle of reading.

    Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul (PC only) - As the name gives away, this mod is an alternative start for the game which gives you three options after character creation. 1. Vanilla start. 2. A start where you are a vault dweller but shaun isn't your son. 3. You start outside the vault as just a wastelander. The second and third options come with editted dialogue so that you don't still encounter people talking about your son or that you're from a vault (for the most part). You also get to choose a number of things to customise your character such as starting equipment, location for the third option and traits similar to those you could pick in New Vegas. For those who want to use this mod I just went with option 2 and decided to take no traits just because I could.

    CROSS_Cryolance (Xbox Version) - This mod combines the Cryolator with the Gauss Rifle to create something that is really fun to use. To get it you can either craft it or find it at traders after level 25. I chose to craft which if you have the Cryolator in your inventory only requires 1 point into Science. As for how I got the Cryolator, Dogmeat.

    Wattz Laser Gun (Xbox Version) - This is a really nice laser gun which I am using as a pistol, but can just as easily be turned into any other type of gun.

    Cybernetic Implantation Laboratory (PC only) - The reason I started the playthrough over. This mod adds in the ability to craft a Cybernetic Implantation Laboratory where you can research and then implant augments for your character. These augments can range from increasing your armour to teleporting to creating holograms of yourself to fight with you. The downside of installing each of these implants is that they reduce your maximum health and in some cases your AP refresh rate. At the moment I'm using two implants: 1 - Subdermal Ceramic weave modified to provide +100 health so as to support the cost of 2 - Iris Mounted Holographic Projectors (aka Holograms). For those of you who are on the Xbox unfortunately you do not have access to this mod, however Furrion has pointed out another Cybernetic mod for the Xbox version of the game which you can find here: Sol's Six Thousand Implants, while it does not provide the same implants as the mod I am using for this build it is thematic and I'm sure if you tried hard enough you could incorporate it into a playthrough.



            Development on my latest project continues at an astounding rate, if things continue as they are then we should be ready to deploy the test subject in just over a month's time. At first the team wasn't sure it would be possible to develop a Synth with the capabilities I had in mind but after months of work we finally perfected the programming. Karl continues to question whether it's a good idea to give a Synth the ability to adapt and improve itself, but that's what the failsafes are for. I've told him countless times that just like any synth we'll be able to use the verbal commands to shut it down if anything goes wrong, but he just sits there in his fancy chair and gives me this look that implies I don't know what I'm doing.


            As I write this I am sitting beside our completed test subject (designated A0-01 for Adaptability Test Unit 1), only moments ago it succesfully completed its final cognitive tests with flying colours. All that needs to be done now is wipe its memories of the Institute and then transport it to the vault in which Father was found years ago. If all goes well our biggest and final test should start in a matter of days and I'll finally be able to shut Karl up. In the month since my last report his protests have become increasingly vocal, "What if it adapts to the point where we can't control it" "This could cause untold destruction to not just the surface but also the Institute itself". It's ludicrous to think that our failsafes would fail, especially after we spent several weeks testing them and even creating backup failsafes to appease Karl, but no insists that we stop this experiment before anything can go wrong. Well after all this time we've invested there's no way I will let this final test be stopped.

    Special + Perks 



            Karl is dead. To shut him up I decided to send him up to the surface to keep an eye on A0-01. As part of this he was supposed to leave our old blueprints for the cybernetics we tested on Kellogg in a place that the A0-01 would easily find. Upon finding the blueprints its pogramming would have kicked in driving it to improve itself when so as to better deal with anything the Surface can throw at it. Unfortunately while completing this task Karl and his Courser bodyguard were set upon by one of the beasts known as a Deathclaw. Suffice it to say the beast got the better of them. On the bright side I have a new chair.

            Despite Karl's failure to place the blueprints I was pleasantly surprised to find that A0-01 stumbled upon them anyway and immediately started studying them as its programming activated. With this the test can truly begin.

            Subdermal Ceramic Weave - By default this implant provides us with an additional 40 physical armour at the cost of 20 health, for this build I chose to augment it with the ability to provide an additional 120 health which cancels out the cost of the implant leaving us with 100 health to use as we see fit.

            Iris Mounted Holographic Projectors - This implant should only be taken only once you have the Ceramic Weave upgraded to provide the extra health as without that you will be running around with around 50 maximum health. This implant grants us the ability to create two holograms of our character to fight alongside us. I augmented this implant with the ability to automatically swap places with a hologram once I fell below 10% health and an augment which reduces the energy cost of the implant in exchange for some more health.

    Perk Based "Implants":


             A0-01's adaptibility continue to impress, not only has it taken full advantage of the cybernetic blueprints, it has also started to improve them and in some cases create implants of its own design. If things continue at the rate they have been we should be able to present our findings much sooner then we had initially anticipated.

             Eye Implants - Awareness , Demolitions Expert 

             Taking what it learned from the Iris Mounted Holographic Projectors A0-01 has created additional functions for its bionic eye. Based on the data that we are receiving from its transmitter, A0-01 now has the ability to quickly identify a foe's weaknesses at a glance . It also seems to have developed a fondness for using thrown explosives and so to improve its usage of these during combat it has developed an implant which accurately calculates and then displays the throwing arc for each projectile.

             Full Body Implants - Toughess , Life Giver , Adamantium Skeleton 

             A0-01 continues to impress as it has enhanced the Subdermal Ceramic Weave to the point that it now provides twice the amount of protection while also making almost impossible for its bones to be broken. It also seems to have created an implant which stimulates its body's natural ability to heal.



              After several months A0-01's fighting style appears to have settled into a predictable pattern, as such I feel that I can safely make a report without having to worry about any more major changes occurring.


     ○ Wattz Laser Gun - Modified to work as a pistol, this is our primary weapon for combat in enclosed spaces or when fighting fast moving targets such as feral ghouls.

     ○ Cryolance - This gun is a our trump card, it deals an incredible amount of damage with the added bonus of being able to slow or outright freeze our target. The one downside of this weapon is that it takes time to charge each shot and so it is best suited to long range fights or when facing large and/or slow moving foes.

     ○ Grenades - Sometimes you (or at least I) just want to blow something up. Grenades and similar explosives come in handy when facing a larger group of foes or when we really just want something dead.

    As our two main weapons share ammunition you may find it difficult to maintain a steady supply early on, to make this easier I used a Pipe Revolver Pistol for weaker enemies and saved my fusion cells for stronger foes. By around level 10 I found my way to Diamond City and by doing so I gained access to Arturo and Myrna who between them had about 100 fusion cells whenever their inventories reset.


              A0-01 seems to have developed an attachment to one of the many stray mutts that can be found roaming the surface. The mutt appears to be providing A0-01 with assistance during combat. I'm currently torn between removing the animal from the experimant or letting it continue as is, in the best case cenario the mutt will force A0-01 to develop the ability to work as part of a team and in the worst case it might hinder A0-01's development all together.

    For the most part combat consists of picking the right weapon for the job, as I mentioned above your Wattz Laser Pistol is best suited to fighting indoors or against fast moving targets and your Cryolance is suited to long range and slow moving foes. In combination these two weapons provide us with the versatility to face pretty much any fight in the game. And let's not forget that a truly good fight always includes a sprinkling of explosives.

    Other then our weapons we also have access to our Holographic Projectors which will at the press of a button summon two copies of our character to fight beside us. Something to remember is that the holograms will only be able to use the weapon you have equiped when you summon them. With the assistance of our holograms and Dogmeat you can form a nice attack squad that your foes will struggle to stop.

    Final Entrys:


              Sure it was unexpected and a little impressive when A0-01 managed to kill Kellogg and then procede to hunt down and kill a Courser; they were acceptable losses, but we seem to have encountered a problem with the experiment. A0-01 has joined a group called the Minutemen; a normally insignificant threat, and has built them up to a point that they now pose significant threat to the operations of the other Divisions. To make matters worse it is leading them in a fight against the "greatest threat to the Commonwealth", that being us the Institute. Normally this would not be a problem as we would simply activate one of our failsafes and deactivate A0-01 however despite multiple attempts to do so, we have had no success. My only guess is that through its tinkering with its own body, A0-01 has somehow either directly or indirectly interfered with its core programing. If it has done this directly then it is especially worrying as that could only mean that it has become aware of its own nature further jeopardising the results of this experiment.


              It's happened, Karl was right... I can picture him sitting across from me almost like a vision. I thought he'd be smug at the knews, but no he's panicing just like everyone else... odd... maybe it's because of the blood loss...

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    June 6, 2018

    Man I would love to have that alternate start/dialogue overhaul mod. but alas, ps4 has us by the ba....

    Anyway! Glad you were able to get it all together GF! Great looking modded build. Love the name and the concept. The minuteman twist is great and I love the dialogue throughout. good work.

  • June 6, 2018

    Mottyskills said:

    Man I would love to have that alternate start/dialogue overhaul mod. but alas, ps4 has us by the ba....

    Anyway! Glad you were able to get it all together GF! Great looking modded build. Love the name and the concept. The minuteman twist is great and I love the dialogue throughout. good work.

    I am also a fellow PS4er now, we mourn together, but I did find some decent stuff. You and I should chat some time, Motty and compare our mods. :P

    Back to the build. Nice job Goldie, I like the incorporation of a log as a basis of the build description. Very well done, Goldie. Creative. 

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    June 7, 2018

    Mottyskills said:

    Man I would love to have that alternate start/dialogue overhaul mod. but alas, ps4 has us by the ba....

    Anyway! Glad you were able to get it all together GF! Great looking modded build. Love the name and the concept. The minuteman twist is great and I love the dialogue throughout. good work.

    Thanks Motty. I've always liked the Minutemen but had never finished the game with them... well actually my save game was getting buggy so I still haven't but I was over level 30. Anyway, I thought I might as well attempt to finish it with them on this character and so I ended up becoming the General.

    Also, its unfortunate that you can't use Start Me UP since it's such a nice mod :(

    The Long-Chapper said:

    Back to the build. Nice job Goldie, I like the incorporation of a log as a basis of the build description. Very well done, Goldie. Creative. 

    It was honestly the only way I could right the build, if I tried to write it like I used to for my Skyrim builds it just didn't feel right. Which I guess is fitting since they are different games, plus it tied in nicely with the theme.