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Character Build: MOTHER (FO4)

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  • February 21, 2018

    A doctor is a giver of life, trained to combat the Grim Reaper himself.  A doctor, due to training, also knows the ways to take life.  Sometimes the line is blurred.  Sometimes there is a motive to cross that line intentionally.  Where is your line?  Where does your oath stop and your heart start?  Mother... can you come out to play?


    Two Hundred Years...an eternity in a human life.  There is no way I should be alive were it not for the science behind the vault.  I guess I do owe that Vault Tec rep something after all.  What I don't understand is how humanity can still be so backwards two centuries after the War and not made any progress back towards the standard of living we had in 2077.  It's like science and education have become extinct in this new world.  It appears that he who wields the might, has the power.  Well I may not have the might, but as a physician and researcher I do have the intelligence and the knowledge.  I know how to save lives....and how to end them.  They can't teach that here in this...future.  I can, however, learn the might part.  The might can give me the power.  The knowledge and intellect give me the edge. 

    I was a surgeon of some reknown in my time.  I studied at CIT in Boston and did my residency at Medford Memorial and I was even published in the Massachussetts Surgical Journal.  I am a firm believer in the Hippocratic Oath; "First Do No Harm".  I can't understand why people in this new "Commonwealth" have not been trying to advance scientifically to improve their lives here and I want to help.  They seem, however, to be content to lives in this place they call the "Wasteland".  How horrible.  Most seem to be cowards and cower before these Raiders and mercenary gangs like the Gunners.  They certainly use science when they come across it in the form of energy weapons and the like.  They live in fear of knowledge and this secretive group you only hear about in whispers. 

    I've heard rumors of this "Institute" but nobody seems to really know anything about them.  They are obviously well hidden...and well funded somehow.  They seem to be scientifically advanced with these synths that they have created but yet nobody has ever seen an actual member of this group.  I am intrigued; especially when it's mentioned that this Institute might be the ones that kidnapped my son.  That gives me two reasons to find them. 

    As a doctor I love to give life...but I know how to bring death and that there is a razor thin line between the two sides of light and dark.  I shall endeavor to bring the knowledge of science back to the world to improve the lives of those that deserve it.  I shall simultaneously rain death on those that stole my son and bring pain and suffering to the innocent. 


    In this build I went for the perks that made up a doctor/surgeon/researcher...to me.  They aren't the best perks in all cases but they are what I envision a person with this background to have in reality.  Basically the build has the bedside manner of a doctor, the nimble fingers of a surgeon and real heavy into Intelligence.  There are other perks you can add if you want to expand on the character and still stay "in character".  Examples would be Chemist, Robotics Expert, Nuclear Physicist and Nerd Rage going up the INT tree.  You could even add in Cap Collector to mimic the "money earning" potential of a doctor.  I stayed completely away from the Agility tree as that's not a typical strength of a bookish student of medicine. 

    FACTIONS: We will side with the Institute and, if you desire, the Minutemen.  The goal is to take over the Institute from Father, and become Mother.  After all, you are/were the Backup from the beginning.  You will endeavor to bring the Institute out of the Darkness and into the Light of the Commonwealth and to use the knowledge of the Institute to repair and rebuild the Commonwealth to the world that you left behind over two centuries ago.  Make sure that you attain the Ballistic Weave skill from the Railroad before advancing to the terminal stages of the main quest.  This is mandatory for your armor end game.  You will also want to join the Brotherhood of Steel long enough to get aboard the Prydwen.  There are two pieces of gear you want on board the ship. 

    ARMOR: Once you attain Ballistic Weave, you will want to add it to your clothing.  I used a plain dress until I was able to procure a Lab Coat.  Other options are Father's Lab Coat or Cabot's Lab Coat.  Until you can get the Weave, stay with low end leather gear.  Anything medical looking (or sounding) would fit the profile.  I came across the Protector's Armor in Diamond City.  A doctor is a protector so that worked for me.  *Special Armor: While not armor specifically, you will want to acquire the Surgical Mask from the Prydwen armory.  There is a link at the end of the build to a glitch on how to get into/out of the armory to make this happen.  This is for sheer accessoritization and nothing else.  Being a doctor walking around in a surgical mask is pretty cool.  Also, try to acquire Medical Goggles; these are rare random drops off BOS members. 

    WEAPONS: Again I wanted "medical" related weapons if possible.  The Gauss Rifle can be acquired via the Prydwen "cheat" pretty early although you can't craft ammo for it until Level 40.  So buy an 2MM EC rounds that you find while travelling around.  Also, the Radium Rifle if it drops (also purchaseable in Far Harbor).  Lastly, once you reach the Institute, get Experiement 18-A to complete your medical ensemble of weaponry.  (Oh, the Syringer could be an accessory as well.)



    I tried to keep everything medically related in my play.  I build small clinics in every settlement.  I tried to do a bigger hospital in one of my large settlements.  Gear and Weapons are all medically related (X-rays, Surgury, Lab Coats, Radium, Nuclear, etc...).  As we don't utilize agility in this build for RP reasons, VATs is mostly off the table although it still works.  Pop on a pair of +PERC glasses to help with that and you can get 1-2 shots off on occasion.  Take your time.  Remember, a surgeon is slow and methodical in their approach to tasks.  Don't rush in, but be prepared to use any means at your disposal to excise any tumors in the Commonwealth you come across. 




    BOOKS & JOURNALS: Doctors are avid readers to stay up to date on their knowledge.  Try to gather up the collection of magazines that help you out.  Make sure to display these appropriately in your home or office! 

    1. Guns & Bullets (Improves damage from your rifles.)
    2. Massachussets Surgical Journal (maybe you'll find your article!)
    3. Tesla Science Magazine (Boosts up energy weapon damage.)
    4. U.S. Covert Operations Manuals (Every little bump to your stealth ability can't hurt.  This is part of you "learning the might part".)
    5. Unstoppables (Hey, avoiding damage isn't a bad thing.)
    6. Wasteland Survival Guide (Healing and more materials to cook healing meals with.  Good stuff.)
    7. Astoundingly Awesome Tales (Bonus damage.  Sweet!)

    As noted, the Gauss Rifle and the Surgical Mask are available in the Prydwen armory.  The mask is not noted as owned so it can be picked up.  The rifle, well, you'll have to steal it.  Check out this video that I used: VIDEO.  Jump to the 1:45 mark to get to the good stuff. 

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    February 21, 2018
    Awesome job Cajun, as always
  • February 22, 2018

    Chris said: Awesome job Cajun, as always
    Thank you Chris.  I just hope for the plus side of mediocre...lol.

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    August 5, 2018

    Holy crap! How the heck did I miss this one RC? I love this! One of my favorite playthroughs was a medical RP play through. Dude you crushed it!

  • August 5, 2018

    Mottyskills said:

    Holy crap! How the heck did I miss this one RC? I love this! One of my favorite playthroughs was a medical RP play through. Dude you crushed it!

    LOL, glad you stumbled across it.  Better late than never eh?  I had fun rereading it, had a lot of fun with this build and I think it turned out well.