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Event Build: The Hard-Light Commando (FO4)

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    February 21, 2018


    Greetings and salutations, my fellow Vaulters, welcome to my first build for Arms and Artifacts. Inspired by one of my favorite weapons back when I actively played Destiny, and formerly a modded playthrough, I hope you guys like rapid-fire lasers drilling into your foes like a lightsaber cheese grater, alongside a bunch of Hi-Tech slaughter, cause that's the basis for….

    Born to German-American Bostonians, Dr. Nathan Hartlicht excelled in the fields of technological research, and once he came of age, was recruited into the Techmarines, a branch of the armed forces dedicated to using experimental tech of their own design. Dr. Hartlicht devised a prototype laser rifle, while less accurate than it's older brother, it had a faster fire rate, and the laser was hardened to the point it could ricochet and split, shredding through flesh and armor like a knife through butter. As many scientists often do, he named it after himself, or rather, the English translation of his surname: The Hard-Light. 

    After the Resource Wars ended, he settled down with his childhood crush, now a rookie lawyer. All was going well, until the dreaded date of October 23rd, 2077 bathed the world in nuclear flames…. 


    S-4 (3+1 from Bobblehead)

    P-9 (7+perk point+Bobblehead)

    E-3 (2+Bobblehead)

    C-5 (4+Bobblehead)

    I-9 (8+Bobblehead)

    A-6 (5+Bobblehead)

    L-3 (2+Bobblehead)


    Straight out of the Vault, and after doing the usual Sanctuary stuff like grabbing the You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L book, cooking all the Radroach and Bloatfly meats, and Lockpicking/hacking into every safe and terminal within, then schmooze on over to Concord.

    Grab the Energy Cells off the dead Minuteman (which thankfully respawn), but don't use the Laser Musket. Save your Energy Cells as energy weapon ammo is a tad harder to find until you can grab Scrounger.

    Perk wise, we’ll be grabbing Commando for extra damage with our fully automatic laser rifle, Scrounger allowing us to find more Energy Cells more often, Locksmith and Hacker to hack and pick locks at higher levels, Science to upgrade our laser rifle,Nerd Rage for boosted damage when low on Health, and Bloody Mess for added damage, and of course, the chance to turn your enemies into sweet, gorey bundles of fleshy bits.

    Equipment wise, I really used any laser rifle I found. Whether it he the bog standard one you can, for instance grab off of the dead BOS initiate at Cambridge, or a unique one like Old Faithful, sold by everyone's favorite Diamond City arms dealer Arturo, which having the Instigating Legendary Effect, makes you do double damage to an enemy if he/she/it is at full health, which combined with the perks like Commando and Lone Wanderer, and the rapie fire nature of our Hard-Light, you'll be cheese grating your foes in no time. 

    Combat wise, while this character was no stranger to landing a sneak attack or two on occasion, most of my fights began with me strolling up to my foes, pulling out my Hard-Light, going into VATS, the Penetrator perk being quite useful if an enemy is hiding behind cover, and once I was out of AP, just firing away at any adversaries until I, or they, were dead. The occasional Jet or Psycho tended to help.

    Faction wise, I sided with the Institute, after working with both the Railroad and the Brotherhood, but tried to run it with shedding as little blood during the Questline as possible, as I played this guy as a more altruistic scientist in comparison to Hallucinogen and Vault-Tec. He does agree with the Brotherhood and Railroad on some beliefs, like advanced technology should not be in the hands of those who would misuse it, and that, while he does feel Synths SHOULD have right, he wants to do it gradually, rather than force acceptance on both the Institute and Commonwealth swiftly.


    The Hard-Light

    The pièce de résistance of the whole build. This baby was quite the joy to handle, no matter what rifle I built it around.

    Modification wise, I took off whatever attachments any laser rifle I got my hands on, and replaced them with a Boosted Photon Agitator, Improved Automatic Barrel, Recoil Compensating Stock, Short Recon Scope, and Amplified Beam Splitter. Once you got these babies attached, you'll be holding the compact variant of a Gatling Laser in your grasp.

    Armor/Clothing wise, I really just wore whatever I felt like at the moment, though I did try for a Destiny Guardian-esque look with a pair of Science Scribe Robes, and a Synth Field Helmet/Sentry Bot helmet. If I ever needed to Speech check my way out of a situation or into getting better rewards, I swapped my outfit out for a Clean Black Suit, Newsboy/Press Cap, and Road Goggles.


    Simply put, this character is quite an altruistic character, really going out of his way to help someone though he doesn't have a problem getting his hands dirty. 

    Quest wise, you'll want to focus on preserving tech, like the tech recovery quests for Scribe Haylen, and preserving history, so even something like The Silver Shroud, who I played as this character's role model, would be up this character’s alley.


    In the words of Jesse Pinkman, “Yeah, Science bitch!”

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    February 21, 2018

    I got you imported Chris. I'll take a read now!

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    February 21, 2018

    I like the idea of a Laser Rifle build, especially in Auto/commando style. It's honestly not a way I've ever played FO4. I also like the Science - slant to the character. I feel like you've maybe left a little too much to the player to decide faction/rp wise...but I get it...leave us options to take it how we want. Even so it comes off a little generic having not really taken a stance on who to help. But that's a challenge too...be everyone's friend?! haha good work man

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    February 21, 2018
    Well, he will eventually work with the Institute, but does agree the BOS and Railroad mKe good points, even if they are misguided
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    February 21, 2018

    Chris said: Well, he will eventually work with the Institute, but does agree the BOS and Railroad mKe good points, even if they are misguided
    no I get it. I've had those dilemmas too bc each faction is pretty extreme. so playing an altruist you will see good points from each. 

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    February 21, 2018
    It's a shame you can't find a compromise, but the game at least gives a reason. Don't worry, my next build shall be more...sinister