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Character Building Event: Arms & Artifacts

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    January 31, 2018


    The Deliverer, fatman, ripper, railway rifle, Tesla Rifle, Kremvh’s Tooth, laser musket, Spray n’ Pray, and even the humble pipe rifle. The Fallout series is filled with literally hundreds of weapons of all shapes, sizes, and calibers that can utilized in a plethora of builds and playstyles to put the waste in Wasteland. Many of these wonderful and powerful weapons can be found featured in a variety of builds across this community. However, all too often these weapons fit the builds they are attached to, and are rarely the focus, the whole point and purpose of the build.


    For this Tamriel Vault Fallout Character Building event we will be aiming to change that! For this build event, Mottyskills and I will challenge each of you to create a build that makes -one- weapon the focus of your build. This can be a legendary weapon, a unique weapon, melee, ranged, or otherwise. Whatever you would like, however your build should feature this weapon as the core around which the shell of your build should be crafted. I encourage you to think about this weapon beyond a simple list of perks that maximize its damage output. Think about the roleplay potential of your chosen weapon! A laser musket is often associated with the Minutemen, what does this mean for your build’s roleplay? Think about the process required to get this weapon. Said laser musket can be quickly and easily gotten in the first very level. What about Atom’s Judgement? That one takes a lot longer and what do you do in the meantime? What does it mean when you get it? Who might have wielded it before you? How do the rest of your perks support your chosen weapon?

    This event should hopefully challenge you to think critically about this very integral choice to your build. However, with a rather narrow focus you might have a hard time filling forty or fifty levels of perks on a weapon that is only affected by a handful of perks. As such, your build should be a micro-build! A micro-build is a build that caps at level 25 or 30. This will not only cap the very highest tiers of perk points but also impact how challenging your weapon acquisition might be. Level 30 really is a struggle for the Nuka-World DLC and if you are doing a build on the Throatslicer which costs a HUGE number of caps and is behind a higher level content barrier you will have to consider all these aspects and how they impact your build.

    With a lower level target for your Arms & Artifacts micro-build, I encourage everyone to submit multiple micro-builds for the contest. Perhaps you want to do all the special weapons gifted through the Railroad questline. Or you really are torn between two legendary weapons to do your build on….so why not do both!


    Rules and Organizing:

    - Your event build should choose and focus on a single weapon. You can use others before, but you are aiming to build for this single target weapon and theme. For most this will be a unique or other legendary weapon, but if you want you can pick something that doesn’t have a specific legendary effect.

    - We strongly encourage your build title to include some part of your weapon’s name in it for everyone else to understand and reference. It might be just the name, a play on words, etc. For example: The Pizza Deliverer or Jack the Ripper.

    - Completed event builds should be posted between February 1st and February 28th. You cannot post a build and continue to work on it in the Fallout Character Building group after this deadline. However, I do encourage you to post a WIP in the WORKSHOP during the event duration if you are looking for some feedback with the build, formatting, or general questions while you work on it.

    - Event builds can be created and made for Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, or Fallout 4.

    - Completed event builds should be posted with the title “Event Build: BUILD NAME (F03 / FNV / FO4)”

    - Completed event builds must have the tag "Event: Arms & Artifacts" in addition to the game and playstyle ones. You can find more information on the latter two in The Fallout Character Build Archives. Please ask myself or Mottyskills if you have any questions.

    - The author of every completed and posted event build will also receive a special “Arms & Artifacts” themed badge on their account related to the event.

    - Builds will be asked to cap at levels 25 to 30, with some leeway if you absolutely need a vital perk at levels 31 or 32 but please do not abuse this limit. The goal is to focus on creating a quality “micro-build”.

    - Mods are allowed and encouraged!

    So whether you are a veteran builder with lofty ambitions to challenge yourself to design multiple high gameplay, deep roleplay builds to add to our growing library. Or you are a first time builder looking to break into Fallout building with your own mini micro-build with a targeted focus for you to pick from. Hopefully, this event will satisfy all of these people and everyone in between!

    Please do not hesitate to ask any questions from us in the meantime. Good luck and I look forward to each of your builds!

    Arms & Artifacts Event Builds:


    Lissette Long-Chapper - Double-barrel Shotgun: Hobo with a Shotgun

    Ragin Cajun - .44 Magnum: The Sardonic

    Mottyskills - Incendiary Minigun: The Ashmaker

    Paul - The Fish Catcher: The Fisherman

    Amornar - Old Faithful: The Faithful Ranger

    Chris D - Laser Rifle: The Hard-Light Commando

    Chris D - Kremvh's Tooth: Krevhnah's Avatar

    Deltafox - Le Fusil Terribles: The Terrible Le Fusil

    Lissette Long-Chapper - Machete: Machete Kills......Fallout 4 Edition



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    January 31, 2018
    Oh sign me up for two, one with the humble pipe gun, the second with Krevhnah's Tooth
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    January 31, 2018

    Been tinkering with an Ashmaker centered build since about my third playthough, so yeah...hopefully I can make it finally work. 

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    January 31, 2018

    Sounds great guys, thanks!

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    January 31, 2018
    Also, perhaps something with a laster rifle, if you don't mind a third. Players of Destiny will like this one
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    January 31, 2018

    Haha I like your enthusiasm Chris but I would suggest working on the two and if you finish before the end of the event pick up another!

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    January 31, 2018
    It's not a problem Amor, I've done most of the play testing for the third one already, just need a look over, and then the writeup, and I'll be good
  • January 31, 2018

    Well if there's a badge then I guess I'll have to join :P I am joking there, but I am going to try and join in on this one Motty, Amornar, got some other builds that I'm playing for Skyrim at the moment but this seems pretty fun and I'll aim to fit it in.

    I'm going with the Tesla Rifle for my weapon of choice, mostly because it's fucking awesome, but also because I can max upgrade it by Level 17 (well...not max-max, but max in terms of needing Science 2). 

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    January 31, 2018

    Sound good guys! Updated!

  • February 1, 2018

    Hehe, I play too! Been jumping up and down for this for a while now. 

    If I can swing two, I will. 

    You know me, man, good ol' double barrel shotgun, inspired by the movie Hobo with a Shotgun, though I can't stand playing the guy in FO, so it may be Hobette with a shotgun. If I get a legendary one great, but if I don't, it's still a fun gun and with bashing bloody mess, even more fun. 

    And if I can, Big Jim because why not cripple limbs? This is what happens when you piss off your local mechanic.