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Event Build: The War Pig (FO4)

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  • August 12, 2017

    This build was designed for the Radio Stars event for Fallout 4.  The goal of the event was to take a song and create a build around the song's lyrics.  My selection for this build was War Pigs by Black Sabbath.  Lyrics will be noted in (parenthesis) in the text where applicable. 

    Evil minds that plot destruction...Sorcerer of death's construction...

    Look around you.  Smart phone on the desk?  Mine.  Laptop off to the side?  Probably mine.  Robotics in your applicances?  Mine too.  That PC that you're playing games on?  Check the fine print you idiot, I'm sure you'll get the point eventually.  I am all around you, yet you probably have no idea who I am.  I am the braintrust, the mastermind behind all of your toys that make your life bearable.  Or at least...the toys that keep you from seeing the obvious right in front of you.

    My name is Steve Jobe.  Before the war I was one of the creative minds behind General Atomics.  Of course, as noted, you've likely never even heard my name.  The Mr. Handy and the Handy-Line of robots....my brainchild.  I know, I know.  You can thank me later.  Thanks to my efforts at GA, we got heavily involved with the goverment and the military with the military line of Mr. Handy adaptations.  To this day you can see my handiwork all around you in the Commonwealth.  But you still have no idea who I am and probably couldn't pick me out of a lineup.

    Needless to say, I'm big into robots.  I was the kid they called "nerd" back in school.  I was the guy that girls didn't have time for.  I couldn't throw a football so I channelled all my energy into my schoolwork.  And boy, did it pay off.  Now I'm one of the wealthiest men in the world and every one of you slobs puts a nice little "cha-ching" into my bank account almost every day.  Nerd on that, you scabber.  With all my focus on school I didn't have much time for women so I sent off to China for one of those mail order brides.  Easy on the eyes...and the wallet, if you know what I mean.  Those oriental gals sure know their place.  I lived in Sanctuary Hills, just outside of Boston.  From the outside it looked like any other Boston suburb but in reality it was a sweatshop production facility for General Atomics.  So you've likely had my handiwork all around you, yet never knew who I was.  Well, I can tell you it's nice to pull the strings of power from the shadows.  All great Kingmakers have held the reins of power from the shadows BEHIND the throne.  There are no term limits in the shadows.

    ....then came the day the bombs fell.  We had no warning which shows how screwed up the military was and how much they needed our robotics.  Luckily I had reserved a space in Vault 111.  When my wife was killed...well, would you be surprised that I didn't really care?  It saved me some alimony to be honest as I was on the verge of a trophy upgrade anyway.  My son, however, was another matter.  He was the heir to my fortune and my business.  Little did I know it would be nearly 200 years before I would exit the Vault. 

    So if you couldn't already tell, I can't stand people really.  Not my thing.  Robots on the other hand...my passion and my joy.  Now that I am back in the Commonwealth it's time to seize the reins of power once again.  From the shadows I will create an army of robots.  I will restart my factories in Sanctuary Hills.  All I need is a few gullible workers to get started and then I can turn my production lines on.  Robots will rule the world!  Rumors of another "robot specialist" calling himself the Mechanist have come to my attention.  Seems like just the competitor I need to crush beneath my feet.  And this "Institute", the Commonwealth boogeyman, messing around with AI?  Seems like my kind of place.  May have to look into that group.  My goal is to rule after all.  Everyone must bend to my will and serve me. 

    Death and Hatred to mankind...Poisoning their brainwashed minds...

    As we are a Shadowmaster grasping power from behind the scenes, the crux of this build is to parlay the Automatron DLC into our character and our settlement building in the build's gameplay.  We will only use robot followers.  Codsworth can help early on, then look for Ada as soon as you can as she opens the Robot Workbench.  As you develop your perks and robotic options then maybe create the ultimate sidekick robot! 

    Head into Concord and find your first five unwitting volunteers for free labor.  Then set up shop in Sanctuary Hills.  Feel free to do quests for all the factions (we'll discuss this more later in the build).  In doing quests for Garvey, do NOT set up any recruitment beacons (or if you have to build one for a quest to complete, take it down or turn it off immediately). 

    You will have two primary factions.  (Generals gathered in their masses...) First is the Minutemen.  They are your Personal Guard, your own SS if you will.  Use the flare gun as needed to call them to your aid during the game.  Extend settlements to expand your robotics empire (more on this shortly).  The second faction (Death and hatred to mankind...) will be the Institute.  Yes, you read that right, the Institute.  They are your Special Forces, to use their synth army to take out any of your competition.  They also have the brain power to elevate your ideas to new levels.  You certainly wish to emulate, or even take over that organization for your own gain and (Politicians hide themsevles away....they only started the war.  Whey should they go out to fight, they leave that role to the poor) send your creations out into the populace.

    Naturally this means that at some point you will take out the Brotherhood of Steel (how dare they try to monopolize technology) and the Railroad (free robots?  Seriously?  We can't have that.).  But feel free to join those factions to spy on them from the inside and get insight into how to bring them to their knees.  We also want to destroy, or at least subjugate the Mechanist (Sorcerer of death's construction...).  You decide based on your own wishes.  Either way is a win for Steve Jobe. 

    As the backstory shows, our guy is not the most socially inclined person out there; maybe not even the most mentally stable.  But he does have intelligence and knows his way around robots.  You should have two goals early on, get into the Institute as early as possible and begin the Caravan Distress quest to start the Automatron DLC and gain access to the Robot Workbench.  Once you are in possession of the workbench, you will begin creating robots in your Sanctuary Hills base.  Send them out to run your Supply Routes between settlements and also use them to populate your settlements.  Outside of the first five humans (Preston & Co.) we don't really need any humans so the entire Commonwealth will be populated by robots.  You can assign them to every duty in the settlement from Security to Farming to Scavenging and even running Stores.  There is one drawback that is apparent here, and may require you to bring in a few human settlers to spread around, and that is the ability to buy/sell at a settlement store.  While a robot can be assigned to the store you can't interact with them.  If you do bring in a few extra humans, I'd bring them all to one settlement (only one Recruitment beacon to build) and then send them out to where you need/want them. 

    One very important note for gameplay...there is a glitch that can occur in the naming of your created Automatons at the Robot Workbench.  The glitch occurs for any robots created AFTER you kill Kellogg.  There is a workaround however.  After killing Kellogg, immediately do the followup quest where you read his memories at the Memory Den (with Nick Valentine) in Goodneighbor.  After you complete that quest (Dangerous Minds) the bug disappears and you can begin naming robots again.  So, in short, after you kill Kellogg, do NOT create any new Automatons or change followers to a different automaton, until you complete the Dangerous Minds quest.  Then you can get back to populating your settlements. 

    Don't forget to take the Blacksmith and Armorer perks, plus Science, as you gain the Robot Workbench.  These allow you to do more modifications to your robots.

    Making war just for fun...treating people just like pawns...

    I picture Steve Jobe as an office guy, definitely CEO material.  As a nerdy type, go with glasses of some sort that suit your fancy and some type of generic hat.  Do not use helmets or military stuff, just a visor or a cap of some type that fits the image; after all, he can't have it messing up his manacured coif.

    Gain the Deliverer pistol from the Railroad before turning on them.  Also consider setting up some of the Automatron workshops in your settlements for various items.  A good one would be for 10mm ammo.  Let your imagination run wild here.  Maybe set each settlement up for a specific production line.  We really want to bring the mechanic and machinery look to our settlement building with this build, not for a specific reason but just to fit the vibe of the character.

    Beyond these specifics, feel free to utilize any other armaments and armor that allows you to upgrade.  We are not using power armor in this build. 


    As our character in this build is a manufacturing genius we want to use Robots as much as we can.  After you gain the Robot Workbench I highly recommend doing the entirety of the Mechanist questline before advancing the rest of the game (see above for the Robot Naming glitch however relating to Kellogg).  The reason for this is that you gain ALL the robot modifications immediately after finishing the Mechanist quest line.  This allows you to begin crafting any and all robot options in the game.

    Vary your robotic designs to your taste.  I tried to have one model for Provisioner duty (Supply Routes) and one for my Settlement Security Forces.  Make a different type for your farm workers and then design your own follower.  Give each robot type their own unique color paint.  This will give each settlement a different look and feel rather than having 20 robots that all look alike running around. 

    Speaking of follower robot, a suggestion that I came across in researching for the build was to use the opposite of your character.  Since we are a ranged weapon character, set your robot up as a melee based with a heavy armor setup. 


    As the song lyrics state, "People in Power start wars but never actually fight them".  Steve Jobe and manufacturer's like General Atomics were just like this; War Pigs that caused war for profit.  Now that he's back he is again looking to subjugate humanity to his will and using robots to do this.  And just like any warmonger, why fight when he can have his robots do it, and die, for him. 

    Check out all my builds at LeBlanc Builds


    For your listening pleasure...Black Sabbath's War Pigs

    I liked this version with the imagery.  I see the Prydwen flying overhead  early in the video and the sweatshops in Sanctuary Hills.  However, if you prefer real band footage then rock out...Paris 1970.


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    August 12, 2017

    I don't know if I love this build because of how great it is, the subtle messages between the lines, or both? Overall though this is a great build and one that will make me play Fallout 4 again. Great job.

  • August 12, 2017

    Amadeus said:

    I don't know if I love this build because of how great it is, the subtle messages between the lines, or both? Overall though this is a great build and one that will make me play Fallout 4 again. Great job.

    Thank you. 

    It actually motivated me to combine two of my builds to do a playthrough without trying to do a build or anything.  Going to combine this one (the robotics side) with my Farmer's Wife build...I'd been wanting to dig into that one again.

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    August 12, 2017

    Nice work RC! I like the sort of "Office Space" nerd goes breaking bad vibe. Always a fan of robot based builds. Even though Automatron's quest line was too short, the material in the dlc gave us a lot to play with.

  • August 12, 2017

    Good to see this one completed John, can't really say much else but it's a really good final product here :D

  • August 14, 2017

    Lets start of with the fact that this is one of my all time favorite songs. And while the song is supposed to be agianst the theme of the build, I love the fact that you twisted it, and embraced the dark side. Love the Steve Jobs reference as well.

    only one negative comment, I did catch a minor spelling mistake, "or at least subjugate the Mechanist (Sorcerer of dealth's construction...)." 

    other than that, I absolutely love the build.

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    August 14, 2017

    with the name War Pig I was thinking of CoD's M60 Machine Gun

  • August 31, 2017

    First an All Along the Watchtower theme, now War Pigs? I love these build references.

  • August 31, 2017

    Daryl Sawatzky said:

    Lets start of with the fact that this is one of my all time favorite songs. And while the song is supposed to be agianst the theme of the build, I love the fact that you twisted it, and embraced the dark side. Love the Steve Jobs reference as well.

    only one negative comment, I did catch a minor spelling mistake, "or at least subjugate the Mechanist (Sorcerer of dealth's construction...)." 

    other than that, I absolutely love the build.

    Got it fixed Daryl.  Fat finger flub I suppose.  Thanks for the catch.

  • September 4, 2017

    I would like to say I loved this build because it got me back into playing Fallout 4, and I have to say this maybe my favorite build though I did add some minor mods, nothing too major though. Great job on this. :)