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Character Build: The Predator (FO4)

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  • August 9, 2017

    I really enjoyed my Brotherhood build and now that it's finishing up I started looking at my next idea for a Fallout build.  Like many of my early Skyrim builds, this actually got it's genesis from one of the best...Mason.  Not so much his character but something I had not used before in a Fallout build and that was chem usage.  After going through the list of chems and their effects the one that popped was one that gave heat sensitive vision and that immediately got me thinking about the movie, Predator.  So then it was off to the races to research the Predator species, their abilities, their weaponry and armor and to see if I could incorporate that into the world of Fallout 4.  It's a beast of a build to be sure but I will use the Workshop to try and streamline it and give it tiers to grow through. 

    As the Predator you have ventured to the ruins of the Boston Commonwealth some 200 years after nuclear war has all but obliterated the planet.  Rogue bands of marauders have used fear and misery to control portions of the populace and gang violence is all to common.  You exit your ship, aptly named "The Vault" into the coarse air of The Commonwealth.  This planet was chosen due to the very nature of the planet; anger, hostility and violence.  As a Predator you are here to partake in the pasttime of your culture and that is "The Hunt".  You will need the Far Harbor DLC for this build.

    Records indicate that the local time stamp is 23 October in the year 2287. I have finally arrived for my Age Hunt. I chose this planet 10 years ago and began preparation for this at that time. Now is the time to bathe in the blood of all the creatures of this world. Upon entering the atmosphere I noted several likely locations to create my home base and Trophy House. I need to physically scout these locales and select one to make my base of operations and then the bloodshed can begin in earnest.                                                                                                                                                                                      ~Predator


    We go with a base SPECIAL of 4, 3, 1, 6, 1, 8 and 5 to start our Predator.  Add your bobblehead to PERC and the book to AGIL.  In Tier II of the build we will add points to STR, INT and LUCK to flesh out our build.


    Tier I

    In our development phase we want to take Blitz, Idiot Savant, Big Leagues, Blacksmith, Sneak, Action Boy and Locksmith.  After you have points there expand into Armorer, Local Leader, Lone Wanderer, Gunslinger, Ninja and Bloody Mess.  Keep Blitz, Big Leagues and Blacksmith maxed out as they come available.

    Tier II

    Continue to add points into the above perks which should take you to near Level 40. 

    Tier III

    As we continue to develop the build to it's full Predator potential, add points into STR, INT and LUCK as noted above.  In this section of the build you will add perks to Heavy Gunner, Science, Gun Nut, Better Criticals, Critical Banker and Grim Reaper's Sprint. 

    Tier IV

    To take the build to it's full potential, add Iron Fist and Strong Back to your perk count.  These just allow the last weapon segment but is certainly not needed for the build gameplay.


    In full Heavy Metal armor set with his trusty Combi-Stick (Fish Catcher)

    Armor is by far the easiest section of the build to discuss and explain.  Early in the game, use basic Raider or Leather armors as you find them.  As you progress into the later tiers of the build, and they begin to become available in the game, move into Combat armor and finally Metal armor.  As your final set of armor you will want to procure a full set of Heavy Metal Armor.  As this set does not come with a helmet, use the basic Gas Mask (with Goggles) that is available very early in the game.  This replicates the Predators "Bio-Helm" with the breathing apparatus to help breath in our noxious atmosphere.  Also, if you use the hair mod, it allows you to see the characters dreadlocks which help make the build.

    Also, do not use the Vault Suit.  In fact, remove that immediately upon starting the game.  The Predator is an alien from outer space, not a vault dweller.  Rather, go with the Minuteman Outfit for the bonuses.  Later, you can change to other gear once you gain the Ballistic Weave from the Railroad. 

    Early in the game I was looking for a piece of Chameleon gear.  However, I honestly hate the mechanics of that gear in the game (how it works with the Pip-Boy) so you can disregard that if you hate it too...or once you maximize your Sneak perk you have the ability to re-stealth and no longer need that ability anyway.

    Now for the most important part.  We use chems alot in this build so the BioComm Mesh is a vital mod that we will mandate use of.  This mod gives a 50% time bonus to every chem you use.  This makes it vital for us in this build.  You can grab the first piece of gear with this mod from Myrna in Diamond City, the Wastelander's Chestpiece.  Later, in Goodneighbor, you can snag the Devastator's Chest (Metal) that also has this mod already attached.  Once you get your Armorer perk up you can then remove this mod at your workbench and then install it on your Heavy Metal Armor set.

    Your end game armor will be the Heavy version of the Metal Armor set.  This does not start dropping until after Level 40 although it's not guaranteed.  I've decided to throw in a new twist that I haven't seen in a build before and that will be using the Armor Forge that comes with the Contraptions Workshop DLC.  It requires one rank in Armorer and Gun Nut to build.  Here's the Procedure to build the Armor Forge.  Then you need the Recipe to craft Heavy Metal armor pieces.  Specific armor pieces created will be random (there is a mod that helps with this found HERE).  With the mod, you can choose which specific piece to craft; without it and it may take you several attempts to get the arm piece that you are specifically looking for.  It appears that the crucial left arm is the rarest to craft in vanilla.  Of course you can just wait to see if it drops but that one arm piece is crucial to the look and appearance we are going for.  Also, Heavy Metal gear does not start to appear until after Level 40 so if you want it earlier then crafting will be the way to go.


    The Predator was all about his myriad collection of weapons that he used throughout the movie.  First let's address the obvious.  Fallout does not have anything remotely resembling some of the weaponry of the Predator.  So once we get past that then we look at what we CAN replicate in the game.  Naturally each weapon type will have it's own set of perks needed to utilize it appropriately.  These perks account for many of the additional levels in the build so you can adjust the build accordingly and I have used the Tier system to work that out.

    The Predator's main attack was melee combat.  Using melee weaponry and killing opponents up close showed their pride for the personal contact in taking a life up close.  So we'll start the build with melee combat.  Then we'll add on to that using the Predator's own weaponry for accentuation.

    Melee Weapon (Ceremonial Dagger): The Predator thrived on up close and personal combat.  For this weapon we look to find something similarly unique in appearance and Fallout offers up Kremvh's Tooth.  In the early going this will be any basic switchblade or combat knife. 

    Melee Weapon (Combi-Stick): Probably the most recognized weapon in the Predator's arsenal is his Combi-Stick; and the closest I could find to match it  was the Bloodletter/Fish Catcher found in the Far Harbor DLC.  I preferred the Fish Catcher for it's AP reduction bonus.  This will be our primary weapon for the entire gameplay once we attain it in Far Harbor.  This weapon set uses the Big Leagues perk which I take in Tier I.

    Melee Weapon (Wrist Blades): These are the most common weapon used by the Predator.  These were daggers mounted to the wrist, usually with two or sometime three tines.  These are replicated using Knuckles and/or the Boxing Glove in the early going.  Swan's Power Fist can also be used here once you get it.  Later in the game, again found in Far Harbor DLC, is the Butcher's Hook.  You can also, if you find it, go with the Deathclaw Gauntlet.  But I really liked trying to tie everything into Far Harbor.  Naturally this takes the Iron Fist perk which I suggest in Tier IV of the build which will be very late game.  However, if you prefer these weapon types, then swap these to Tier I and move Big Leagues to your Tier IV.  We also replicate these with the left arm piece from the Heavy Metal Armor set as it has a mounted dagger on the wrist section. 

    Ranged Weapon (Plasma Caster): To replicate the Plasma Caster, we will use Plasma Guns (or rifles if you prefer, which would change your perks from Gunslinger to Rifleman).  Energy weapons of any sort will fill the role in the early going until you attain plasma weaponry.  And yes, you can use ballistic guns as needed until you gain energy weapons.

    Ranged Weapon (Spear Gun): To match this we find the Harpoon Gun in the Far Harbor DLC.  There are also the two variants, the Admiral's Friend and the Defender's Harpoon Gun.  I think these are great matches for the spear gun from the movie.  I loved the Admiral's Friend for the double damage to an enemy at full health.  It's a one shot kill, or at the least a big damage dealer before you switch into melee combat.

    Chems: Berry Mentats: These give the Predator his unique heat sensitive vision to find his foes.  This honestly is the chem that set me thinking about this build in the first place so I would apply these liberally when in combat and setting up for attacks.

    Chems: Orange Mentats add VATs accuracy which may come into play.

    Chems: As a melee based character you will want to use Psycho, PsychoJet and Bufftats to boost your STR, give added health and added damage resistance as needed.

    Self Destruct Device: I'm sure we remember Predator blowing himself up at the end of the first movie.  Well, nothing like a Fat Man to shoot at close range to take out yourself and all your enemies if the need arises.  Still, I'd rather use it at range and stay alive for more hunting and killing but it fills the bill for the Predator's Self Destruct Device.

    The newly arrived Predator surveying the carnage of his first kills and hunting for trophies on the corpses.


    I used the Commonwealth Cuts mod to add dreadlocks into the game for appearances, although it is not mandatory.  You also need the Far Harbor DLC for this build, at a minimum.  Now, we try to break down the progression of the gameplay to give level breakouts.  As noted, to get the full build we will be looking at near Level 100 (which is doable with no level caps) but we still want the build to be viable and recognizable at lower levels.  We also know aliens exist in Fallout 4 so this isn't a stretch to be an alien yourself.

    I also used the Manufacturing Extended expanded mod for improvements to the Armor Forge crafting ability. 

    As the Predator kept trophies (usually skulls) to remind him of his successful kills, we will set up a trophy room of our own.  I recommend using one of the smaller settlements for your personal trophy room.  Red Rocket is one as is Covenent and Taffington Boat House.  Set up supply routes for building materials.  I put up a settlement beacon to attact about 10 settlers max for this location.  Basically they became my "personal guard" and servants for defense of my Trophy House.  For this location you will display your trophies such as legendary armor and weapons as well as gear/clothing from any "boss" type character such as Skinny Malone and Shinjin (see video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLc0VQ1qwyQ).

    Gameplay Basics

    At the start you are newly arrived to the commonwealth.  You are sent basically naked with nothing but your wits.  We will not tie in with any faction nor the main quest, this is simply a seek and destroy build where you kill pretty much anything and everything.  You don't really need caps as you won't be welcome in settlements although maybe you have something akin to advanced Synth Technology yourself and can infiltrate settlements when the need arises should you wish to roleplay it this way.  There won't be any settlement building in this build either outside of the Trophy Room (unless you want to do it).  We won't use followers, although Dogmeat could be the lone exception to that.  I leave that up to you.  The Lone Wanderer perk will boost damage, probably more than you need it too.  As for settlements that's also up to you.  Maybe have one settlement where you have "slaves" and robots (Codsworth, Ada, Curie) as "caretakers" to oversee them.  You can limit this to one settlement so you don't need supply routes.  So as always, much of how you twist the build to fit your needs and playstyle can work with some tweaks.

    Since we are just hunting this entails a thorough and detailed search of every block and every building you come across.  This should make for a slower paced game and actually finding more areas that you may not have seen before. 

    The main focus of this build, in the vein of the Predator, is a kill-spree and then limited settlement building/design to display your trophies.  Naturally go after the Groknak comic series to further boost your melee damage.

    Tier I (Arrival in the Commonwealth and Establishment of Hunting Protocols): Level 1-20

    Tier I this will last up until roughly level 20.  This gains us all of our basic perks to utilize and this is a fully viable build at this point and definitely playable during this tier. 

    Perks: Gunslinger (2), Big Leagues (3), Armorer (2), Blacksmith (2), Locksmith (3), Bloody Mess (1), Action Boy (2), Idiot Savant (2), Local Leader (1), Blitz (1).  The priority is Idiot Savant for leveling and then Blitz for your first two points.  Then start adding in damage with BL and BM and get AB for AP Regeneration.  Mix in the rest as you can. 

    Ditch the VaultSuit immediately upon starting gameplay as we are not part of Vault Tech and we're not a Vault Dweller.  I suggest taking the Drifter Outfit from the corpse just outside Sanctuary to get started.  Begin hunting the NorthWest section of the map from Vault 111 over to Outpost Zimonja and south to Sunshine Tiding Co-Op and Covenent.  The goal is the utter annihilation of the planet and all species found upon it.  Raiders, Gunners, Super Mutants...they all have a place in your trophy room.  As we are looking to build organically by finding gear we don't really need to loot much (unless you take the slave camp building option).  Your workbench in Sanctuary is available even without starting the Minutemen questline so this can be a base of operations and also a storage depot for yourself.  

    At this level I was using basic arms (baseball bat, combat knife, machete) with the max damage mods added from the Blacksmith perk.  For armor I had the Devastator Gear (Goodneighbor) and prior to buying the Devastator chest piece I was using the Wastelander's Chest (Myrna in Diamond City).  Both pieces offer the BioComm Mesh that adds 50% duration to chem usage.  This is good for Jet, our Berry Mentats and any other damage resist/damage enhance aids you want to use.

    When hunting outside use stealth.  Use a ranged weapon if needed, especially for enemies above or below your level that you can't reach with Blitz.  Then hotkey over to your primary melee weapon of choice to finish the job.  We enjoy killing up close and personal.  Inside buildings pop a Berry Mentat.  This fires up your Predator Vision and the ability to see in the infared spectrum.  This makes finding your targets easy. 

    Tier II (Expanding the Hunting Zone): Level 20-50

    Tier II will last up until around Level 50.  The primary thing to do at Level 20 is finish rescuing Nick Valentine and getting the Far Harbor chain to start.  Get to Far Harbor immediately just to attain your weapons.  They are all available in the main town where you first arrive.  At this point feel free to begin your seek and destroy around the island, or return to the Commonwealth. 

    Your primary boss to kill at this tier is Kellogg.  You hear rumors about him and you lie to get Nick to lead you to him.  His goodies will make a fine addition to your trophy room.  Use Nick if you wish for this level but then return to Dogmeat (or no follower) after Kellogg is killed.

    During this tier, I highly recommend doing the "Investigate the Salem Witches Museum" quest.  Then, return the egg to get the Deathclaw Gauntlet as a trophy item.  You can decide which quest option to take but definitely get the Gauntlet, upgrade it and put it on display.  I wanted so bad to keep the Egg and display it but that wasn't an option.  Remember, this is about the kills and the trophies that we can display.

    You may also want to start bumping your STR ability in this level as your inventory will begin to grow with your multiple weapons.  The Heavy Metal Armor is very heavy and you will need the added STR, and probably the Strong Back perk at some point, to offset this added weight that most builds won't have to deal with. 

    Tier III (Dominion over the Commonwealth)

    Tier III sees us adding points to our SPECIAL to build those out.  This is actually the biggest part of this phase in the character development.  There are a couple of extra perks to take at this time.  This should take you into the mid-80's range for levels.

    Perks: Heavy Gunner, Gun Nut, Science, Better Criticals, Critical Banker, Grim Reaper's Sprint.

    Tier IV (Optional Growth)

    These are strictly optional perks to fully flesh out the character.  And yes, this will push your build up near the Level 100 mark should you go all out.

    Perks: Strong Back, Iron Fist (or Big Leagues, whichever you did not take initially).  Strong Back will help without settlement building/supply lines, depending on how much you find yourself carrying.  With the number of weapons plus armor we'll need higher STR to allow for further carrying capacity.  We are already taking Lone Wanderer to boost that as well.  High STR will help with melee damage even if you don't take the perk.


    Look for all the Grognak Barbarian comics to enhance your melee combat ability.  Do the Railroad, until you get the Ballistic Weave pattern at least. 


    We are not aligned to any particular faction.  Feel free to tie in to do quests for them if you want.  This will help in leveling as well of course.  The end game is all about destruction so side with no one, or whatever faction you decide to spare...for the time being at least.

  • August 9, 2017

    I'm really, really glad to see this one out of the Workshop and complete John. I managed to watch a few of the various streams and videos that you'd posted for this character and I really enjoy the idea of a build going to such a high level. Anyway, congrats on finishing the build John :D

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    August 9, 2017
    Glad to see this build finished! Nice job RaginCajun!
  • Member
    August 9, 2017

    Yeah man - beast of a build. Love the Trophy collecting aspect. 

  • August 11, 2017
    Thank you guys. I am glad as well to have it done finally. I really like how the trophy room came out and the build really seem to be a little over powered with melee. Much more than I thought it would be. Very fun to play though.
  • August 11, 2018

    Hope this isn't classified as a bump...apologies in advance if it is.  I was at the movies last night and saw a preview for a remake of Predator that is coming out soon.  So I was revisiting my build here (and the agony of getting it done...lol) and realized that my video for the build was jacked up (it was one of my early YouTube efforts before I really knew what I was (sort of) doing).  So I remade the video, updated that in the build and fixed a couple of things I didn't like (minor grammar and inclusions).  Funny, one year to the day since the last post on the build and almost one year from posting.  All because I dropped the cash for a movie last night.

    Side note: The video isn't showing up in the build hence the big blank space.  I've added the text link as well.