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Team Fortress Project

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    June 18, 2017





    Welcome, everyone, to the the Team Fortress Project. I have first conceived this idea a month ago when the Secret Origins building event started. Now, I'm ready to get this project underway. Bringing this idea to life will be my biggest challenge yet in the Vault. :D

    Let me explain what this project is all about. I believe that we all know about Team Fortress 2. It features a large ensamble of interesting characters and classes. My project will focus on bringing these classes to Fallout 4 and actually making them work without sacrificing their personalities or attributes. It will take some time in completeing this, so be patient. I will create the builds one by one, and post them in the Fallout Character Building page and then link them here with short descriptions about the character and the build overall, so you can know what to expect from the build. Of course, any help is welcomed. Wether it's giving me some advice or creating one of the builds yourself, I will be very greatfull to you.

    I will create the Engineer build first and work my way from there. I hope you enjoy this. :)