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Fallout Character Build Spotlights: Big Guns

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    June 7, 2017

    Greeting Vault Wanderers! 

    We continue on with the regular segment here in Fallout Character Building. We've recently completed an amazing Building Event Secret Origins, which brought our total number of Character Builds to 100! We have more events already in the works for this year, but to pass the time I will resume posting weekly Fallout character build spotlights with the purpose of shedding light on awesome builds. For a list of all past spotlights, check out my new post Fallout Character Build Spotlight Archives.

    Up next are highlighted builds from the Big Guns tag. With just 10 builds in the tag, I'll only be highlighting 2 this week.

    Big Guns


    Invictus - Mason

    Former Fallout CB Host and Master Builder showed off his unique talent by making the Basher Perk actually work. Like, really, really work. How? He added a Shredding Minigun. Who thinks of this stuff? He does. 

    Beyond that, Mason admits what started as a Brotherhood playthrough, became much, much more. 

    A Power Armor, bad attitude, energy weapons and huge gun build for the non-stealthy in-your-face sort of build that fits perfectly after a crappy day at the office :)

    In true style, he rounds out the build with a nice video compilation of total annhililation. Shredding ghouls without any ammo. Only Mason...


    The Stormblade - Amornar 

    This build reads like a cross between a build and a fallout wiki article. Amornar packs an impressive amount of information alongside this homage to our site. The Stormblade blends lore from the viking heritage and our Skyrim side of the site to produce a truly epic Radier-style smash and destroy build. 

    Power Armor? Check. Big Guns? Check. Complete list of raider outposts, clans and gangs? Check, check, check. 

    For our purposes in this Big Guns tag, Amornar shed light on a little known gun called the Aeternus - a neverending Gatling Laser that doesn't use fusion cores. Okay then! BIG CHECK! 

    Go give Stromblade a long read and Amor some love for his awesome work.

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    June 10, 2017

    Two of my favorites, easily. I got the pleasure of hearing little tid-bits from Amornar during the creation of his Stormblade, and when I saw the final product posted it absolutely blew me away. The use of the shreddeing minigun for the Invictus is one of the most genius ideas I've seen, and I definitely plan on using that monster for a small part in my next build. Both fantastic builds, congrats to both of these builders 

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    June 10, 2017
    Thanks Motty and Madd! I do love me some big armor and big guns. Mason's Invictus is still one of my favorite builds and one of the major early builds that inspired me to start making and posting FO4 builds! Awesome stuff and feels nice to come full circle in a way to be on a spotlight with it.
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    June 11, 2017

    Amornar said: Awesome stuff and feels nice to come full circle in a way to be on a spotlight with it.

    yup yup pretty cool :D