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Event Build: Faceless One (FO4)

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    May 29, 2017

    Hello everyone! This is my first character build on the site. That being out of the way I welcome you to my very own Secret Origins creation the...


    After years of searching, she had finally found the perfect job; the perfect life…


    Another Face…


    Not long after getting a law degree she found sanctuary in the arms of a noble military figure. He was a high ranking officer, a way to privileged society; a means to an end. She couldn’t settle for long though, he wasn’t enough; she needed more. She hid in the majesty of ‘high society’ during the day but at night she hunted the streets for sacrifices for the Many Faced God. After years of living in a city where an unknown killer stalked the streets and the wayward taverns her opportunity was lost.


    It was one such night when she was stalking an old gentleman who had too many glasses of wine. Little did she know that the net was closing in upon her. Shouts filled the street even while the old man’s blood dripped from her blade. This is what had lead to the newspaper's description of her... "Mysterious Stranger stalks Sanctuary Hills, killings intensify," was the local headlines.


    Soon enough the horrors of their society came to an abrupt end when the bombs dropped miles from Sanctuary Hills, and she was rushed into the Vault with her husband Nate; safe from the radioactive hellstorm that raged above them. Her brain overexhausted itself with a mass of thoughts; disgrace, failure, but most important a will to move forwards when the oppertunity would arise. Then the cryogenic chamber finally sealed and all was black...


    Two hundred years had passed and now it was time for her to prove herself. With nothing but a rusty knife she stepped outside and breathed deeply of the air. With nothing but a rusty knife an organization would grow. She would shortly find the lost temple of her master and his disciple Ug-Qualtoth leading her through this post apocalyptic world with their mighty presence' however ethereal it might be. With this she would lead the unworthy and teach them to discard their old beliefs. The traces of their old lives were gone; all that remained of their past lives were their drawn, pale faces. In time these faces would too be cleansed and they too would join her and then she would be accepted. She would be one with the Many Faced God. 

    *Credits to both Sotek and Noodles for some backstory assisstance*


    S   4 (8) HP +4

    P  1

    E  3

    C  10

    I  2

    A  7 (9) BH + SB

    L  1

    *HP - Hardpoint

    BH - Bobblehead

    SB - Sanctuary Special Book



    Early Game -

    Really no restriction on what you want to use in the early game but I suggest some Raider Leather, Assorted Leather/Metal Armor, and a military cap /w sunglasses (for badassery)

    As for weapons stick with whatever bladed melee weapon you can find until you pick up General Chao's Revenge from the Drumlin Diner vender...with the caps you collect it shouldn't be too expensive and a good early game damage dealer! .38 Pistol is good Utility.

    Late Game -

    1.) Adopt whatever face and armor your target is wearing

    2.) MK 4 Armored Courser Outfit w/ Airship Captain's Hat and Sunglasses (the hat can be found on Lancer Catain Kells - BoS) Weapons can include Pickman's Blade and General Chao's Revenge w/ Utility weapon as Deliverer


    So when playing the Faceless One we want to remember one thing in particular... We are NOT meant to be in head to head combat, however we can hold our own for a short time after initiating combat with a blitz strike. Disarming your foes of their weapons through use of Pickman's Blade is the easiest way to gain the upperhand (which we are all about) as well as sending debuffs into enemy lines through way of the Syringer Rifle (I suggest you abandon this weapon near level 15 as it becomes rather unviable). Pacifications of lower level enemies to distract a majority of the other higher level foes is recommended as we seemingly teleport from one end of the battlefield and back. Using General Chao's Revenge against any robotic targets will keep us alive as melee weapons often do minimal damage to robots of any target. The Faceless One will also not be using any ranged weaponry, except both the Deliverer and Syringer Rifle, which we will use ONLY for tatical purposes; such as destroying mines, liting oil, and disposing of flying enemies until getting Blitz... Assuming you got detected while sneaking up on said creature (Which you shouldn't :P). Utilizing a faction of your choosing you will "fit in" with the Commonwealth's citizens, and ultimately constructing supply lines and trading routes throughout the map to earn enough money for several of our outfits/weapons. Befriending NPCs and their factions before stabbing them in the back as a sacrifice for the Many Faced God is deemed a neccessity whenever possible. This being said the first thing we'll want to be doing as we reach around level 10 is heading to Dunwich Borers to find faith once again in our glorious immortal and his disciple Ug-Qualtoth. Here we can also pick up Kremvh's Tooth (You can take the sacrificial blade off and replace the blade on any legendary machete of your choosing, granted you find one good enough...Also if you have Nuka World i believe you gain access to the Disciples Blade ThroatCutter, this is a much better option than the latter)

    Faction Notes:

    BoS A group of strong knights, bound to eliminate abominations and control the Commonwealth's strongest technology. 

    1.) Masquerade as a fellow BoS member, achieve rank of Sentinel. Slowly make sacrifices every once in a while

    2.) Use to sacrifice Railroad after getting Ballistic Weave

    3.) Eliminate

    Minutemen - Seemingly noble group of "freedom fighters" intent on freeing settlements across the Commonwealth. Against any acts of terrorism, like our sacrifices.

    1.) Eliminate

    2.) Use as cover for your trade routes, you can kill off settlers whenever you want (think of it as them being your apostles and your letting them into their God's domain

    RailRoad - A sneaky group of people determined to free synths from the Institute's grasp. They believe that they are human... Ha! pathetic

    1.) Use to get Ballistic Weave then betray (through brotherhood or institute)

    2.) Cover faction, being sneaky is sort of your thing, but you don't agree with any viewpoints

    Institute - Secretive advanced faction that produces synthetic humans and animals. Believe the Commonwealth is beyond saving.

    1.) Eliminate through use of BoS or Cannot let evidence of your son live, he is a liability

    2.) Free with RailRoad

    DLC - Various beliefs and values among them.

    1.) Use Automatron as guardians for your settlements (If you want to) Sacrifice every other DLC faction, they are useless (or adopt into your group)


    Thank you for sticking through til the end... Any constructive criticism and feedback is much appreciated. Have a Great Day!

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    May 30, 2017

    Cool Build! got me wanting to play a stealth melee character! What difficulty was it set to in the gameplay out of curiousity? sorry if I missed it.. it's very early in the morning where I am :')

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    May 30, 2017

    I dont believe I put in a difficulty, but the level that I started out from the Vault was Hard.

    Thank you! Glad you like it :)

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    May 31, 2017

    A text book psycopath, I love it! This is a great start for someone new and I hope you continue to make character builds for either Fallout or Elder Scrolls. There's a new Skyrim event running just now whereas Motty and I already have a new Fallout event planned in July. Hope to see you there! :D

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    May 31, 2017

    Decent showcasing video, by the way!

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    May 31, 2017

    Noodles said:

    A text book psycopath, I love it! This is a great start for someone new and I hope you continue to make character builds for either Fallout or Elder Scrolls. There's a new Skyrim event running just now whereas Motty and I already have a new Fallout event planned in July. Hope to see you there! :D

    I might take you up on the Skyrim event, but i'll definitely be there for July!

    Thanks btw :)

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    June 1, 2017

    Great stuff Flamez! loving the armor combo and commitment to sneak melee. Kudos for putting a video - those really help me get the character.

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    June 1, 2017

    Thanks Motty! Figured it'd be much easier to visualize how to play rather than make something up how you read. Also as you saw in the video, with the moving target perks and a Mk4 Armored Courser uniform we can take a few open shots if we have to get out of sneak.

    (Actually almost died to that first Mk5 machine gun btw :o the level up saved me i think lol) You definitely have to watch any turrets during the playthrough as that is what i struggled with the most (they can detect a sneaking character fairly well!)