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Event Build: The Samurai (FO4)

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    May 21, 2017

     The Samurai


    Class Type: Power Armor Samurai & Automatron Builder

    Inspiration: Samurai Jack, Full Metal B!tch (Edge of Tomorrow), Seven Samurai

    Description: After having spent a total of over two+ in game days on playing, building the ultimate warrior and combining perks with game mechanics that synergize well enough to result in not one but four special abilities, I am truly excited by the final result. The are three things that make the Samurai a force to be reckoned with:

    -heavy melee weapons with occasional use of „antique” big guns out of which the favored choice is a fire engulfed katana

    -power armor which without a doubt is what a Samurai would end up wearing in a post apocalyptic world

    -(and my personal favorite) six custom built automatron followers resembling a cross between samurai and mythological creatures from pop culture: Dragon, Naga, Demon Fox, Basilisk, Brewmaster and Monkey King. Six warrior bots’ (each having a particular deadly arsenal) + one Japanese fighter from ancient times = The Seven Samurai Gang.

    Combining these three ideas, the Samurai turns into a juggernaut capable of charging like a tank into a firefight, dropping from the sky like a nuke to crush hostiles and chain slashing raider meat into minced body parts at blinding speed. Watch out scum of the Commonwealth, there’s a new gang of trained warriors on a bloody path to cut you down, all because of a good looking 200 years old girl named Jackie and her Full Metal B!tch suit!


    Origin Story

    Long ago in a distant land, we, PCR, the People's Republic of China, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a power suit stepped forth to oppose us. Before the final nuke had struck, she tore open a portal in time, and flung herself into the future where all evil is law. Now the fool seeks to correct the mistakes of the past and undo the present that is the apocalypse.

    -Mad Scribbles of a Chinese Ghoul


    Born into the Unites States of America, but of Japanese descent from an ancient line of samurai warriors, Jackie was raised in the ways of Bushido and the Katana. Upon reaching adulthood, having an instilled sense of righteousness, duty and loyalty, she went to the Suffolk County School of Law and joined the JAG Corps (Judge Advocate General) a.k.a. military law. Military law, as opposed to civilian law, was a branch of the United States Armed Forces that dealt with prosecuting the actions of war criminals. By exercising the moral principles learned in childhood and attending regular physical training, Jackie felt right at home.

    When the Americans finally reclaimed Alaska from the Chinese invaders, Jackie was there, both in the courtroom as well as on the battlefield. She wasn’t present just as a practicing military lawyer, but as a soldier too. Before the final push towards victory was made, an all hands on deck order was issued. This meant that every man or woman associated to any military branch (including law) was to answer the call to arms. Blood poured like a heavy rain when Jackie charged into enemy fire fully clad in a power armor suit wielding what looked like an over sized Katana. Troops on either side of the barricade didn’t have much love for her though. The Chinese, it was obvious why, but the American soldiers... probably because she looked too alike with the enemy. That’s how Jackie earned the name Full Metal Bitch. Once Alaska was back in friendly territory, the rest became history. Jackie went back home, met Nate, married him, had a baby, finished law school, took shelter when the nukes dropped and woke up to the apocalypse.



    Power Armor, big melee weapons, even bigger heavy guns and merciless warrior  bots’ – let’s get right into the thick of it! In the picture below, the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points distrubution is found. For each stat, the first number represents the initial amount of points spent at character creation, the second number, always a one, represents a bobblehead investment and finally the third number represents the amount of hard points invested at level up. 

    Tanto, Polearms, Maces, Katana & Heavy Guns

    Perks: Big Leagues, Heavy Gunner, Rooted, Action Girl, Blitz, Bloody Mess, Better Criticals, Critical Banker

    Melee Weapons: Sharp Pool Cue (Polearm), Puncturing Board, Sledgehammer, Shiskebab (Katana), Ripper (Tanto), Assaultron Blade (Katana), Mr. Handy Buzzsaw (Polearm), Disciples Blade (Tanto)

    Heavy Guns: Broadsider, Harpoon Gun

    Description: Samurai are often shown in pop culture to also wield heavy melee weapons such as poleams and two handed maces in addition to the iconic Katana and Tanto. Exploiting the idea in Fallout, this Japanese warrior has three types of weapons hotkeyed at all times based on swinging speed and amount of damage output: a knife or a ripper for the Tanto, Shishkebab or the Assautron Sword for the Katana (surprisingly, the Assaultron Sword’s blade resembles that of a Katana) and, when circumstances demad a high amount of damage, a heavy weapon in the form of a sharp pool cue and later modded sledgehammer. But that’s not all! There are times when a raider scumbag is just out of melee reach and it’s then that the heavy guns make their entrance. The samurai doesn’t have much liking for these „cutting edge technology” flamethrower or gatling laser when it comes to the her personal weapons. Instead, she prefers something more „antique” that would be fitting of the era of Samurai: the Broadsider and the Harpoon Gun! Considering their high loading speed and ammunition rarity make, these two are the perfect choices for a couple guns that are used once in a while.


    Power Armor & Automatron Building

    Perks: Pain Train, Robotics Expert, Moving Target, Nuclear Physicist

    Mods: Jet Pack, Optimized Bracers, Optimized Servos / Explosive Vent

    Samurai Automatrons: Dragon, Naga, Demon Fox, Basilisk, Brewmaster, Monkey King

    Description: Power armor is for people who enjoy playing a relentless and resilient tank! It’s amusing to see raiders try and hit this character with their sticks only to break in half and flee while crying their mommy’s names. At least that’s how I saw it every freaking time. Seriously, with power armor and full strength, the only things the Samurai needs to worry about are nukes, Assaultron laser beams and those overpowered laser turrets. Deathclaws become just another hostile npc. Adding in a robot killing machine as a follower with a diverse melee and ranged arsenal just makes things harder for any poor soul dumb enough to try and hurt an innocent; full detailed description about the six custom built automatrons in The Seven Samurai section below.


    Modding & Maintenance

    Perks: Scrapper, Armorer, Blacksmith, Gun Nut, Science

    Tools: Materials (either scrapped or found)

    Description: A warrior needs to know how to maintain and improve her weapons, armor and robots in this case, especially in an unforgiving wasteland like the Commonwealth. Scrapper is an invaluable perk for the Samurai. Power armor often ends up damaged and having the necessary materials for repairing is a must. Since this character doesn’t use any of the miscelannous guns or armor pieces found on dead raiders, they can be looted and scrapped for their basics. Futhermore, crafting perks are absolutely worth it as progression into the game is being made.While perking them may sometimes feel like a chore, nobody can deny the effectiveness of a gatling laser mounted on a robot arm or the sprint cost reduction optimized servos on a power armor leg.


    The Seven Samurai

    How can I put this best? Nobody. Fucks With. The 7 Samurai Gang. Get it through your thick skull. Raiders know it. The Brotherhood of Steel knows it. The Institute knows it. Whenever a settlement is attacked by scumbags, at least one Samurai is there to protect it and see that justice is done. Despite the paralyzing terror they instil deep into the hearts of any poor soul stupid enough to even consider a life of crime, these guys are actually honorable warriors bound to protect the innocents. They’re tough, determined and often times merciless but they’re always there to lend a helping hand to those who desperately need it. Bottom line, keep your nose clean, do your best to help your fellow man, ghoul or synth then one day you might just share a beer with (or can of oil) and get to meet all seven of them.


    Head: T60 (Military / BOS Paint => Photovoltaic Coating)

    Torso: T60 (Military / BOS Paint => Titanium Plating + Core Assmebly => Reactive Plates / Jet Pack)

    Right Arm: T60 (Military / BOS Paint => Titanium Plating + Optimized Bracers)

    Left Arm: T60 (Military / BOS Paint => Titanium Plating + Optimized Bracers)

    Right Leg: T60 (Military / BOS Paint => Titanium Plating + Kinetic Servos => Optimized Servos / Explosive Vent)

    Left Leg: T60 (Military / BOS Paint => Titanium Plating + Kinetic Servos => Optimized Servos / Explosive Vent)

    Notes: Jackie’s Full Metal B!tch suit (a name chosen out of pure nostalgia) is optimized for charging headfirst into a fight, soaking huge amounts of damage and dealing heavy blows. Inside it, she’s an unstoppable war machine.



    Head: Assaultron Head Laser

    Torso: Assaultron Torso (Rear Barbaric Serrated Plate – Wings baby!)

    Right Arm: Assaultron Arm (Shishkebab)

    Left Arm: Any type (Heavy Flamer Gun)

    Legs: Assaultron Legs (the flamethrower doesn’t work with the thruster)

    Notes: This deadly pyrobot is the closest thing to a cross between a mecha samurai and a mythical dragon. Armed with a head laser equivalent of fire breath, wings to rip the flesh off its enemies, a flaiming katana and a mid range flamethrower, nothing in front of it stays alive for long.



    Head: One Eye

    Torso: Mr. Handy Torso

    Right Arm: Any (Cryojet)

    Left Arm: Any (Lightning Gun)

    Legs: Mr. Handy Thruster

    Thruster Arms: Buzz Saw. Buzz Saw. Buzz Saw. (I found it incredible how effective these little pizza slicers can be)

    Notes: Naga shares its name with an aquatic creature from Asian mythology hence why the automatron kind of resembles an octopus. As hinted by it, the bot' brings the wrath of the ocean to the fight: coldness from the bottom of the abyss and lightning as seen during the fiercest sea storms.


    Demon Fox

    Head: Sentry Head (Ahab’s Helm – Oni Mask)

    Torso: Assaultron Torso

    Right Arm: Assautron Arm (Stealth Blade)

    Left Arm: Any (Gatling Laser Gun)

    Legs: Assaultron Legs

    Notes: While still following the code of the samurai, Demon Fox’s fighting techniques resemble that of a ninja’s. Shrouded by its mask and armed with a stealth blade and a high velocity laser gun, this automatron aims to make quick work of any criminal before its presence is even noticed.



    Head: Robobrain Head (Mesmetron Attack)

    Torso: Any (Radiation Coils)

    Right Arm: Any (Gamma Gun)

    Left Arm: Any (Missile Launcher)

    Legs: Sentry Legs

    Notes: I can’t explain why but since I’ve started playing Fallout 4, I’ve associated the idea of petrification with radiation and sickness. Maybe I somehow see pretrification as a form of ghoulification. Basilisk’s radiation and mesmetron based arsenal is most effective against humans but the missile launcher works so well against anything.



    Head: Sentry Head (Carnage Helm)

    Torso: Sentry Torso (Radiation Coils + Unstable Gas Launcher)

    Right Arm: Assaultron Arm (Hammer Saw)

    Left Arm: Any (Scattered Laser)

    Legs: Assaultron Legs

    Notes: Brewmaster, like a drunken master, is unpredictable. It may pass out during a fight but no one will attempt to come near it due to the harmful surrounding alcohol vapors. When the bot' is awake, it often uses some kind of alcohol gas bomb to turn raiders against each other or just hammers them to death.


    Monkey King

    Head: Sentry Head (Monkey Space Helm)

    Torso: Assaultron Torso

    Right Arm: Assaultron Arm (Construction Claw)

    Left Arm: Any (Automatic Laser)

    Legs: Assaultron Legs

    Notes: Wearing a toy’s plushy head for a helmet, Monkey King might give the first impression of a serial killer. This automatron has a very mean grip, just like its primate counterpart, and a very fast yet deadly automatic laser. Speed is the bot’s fighting style.


    Special Abilities

    Rally The Seven

    Requires: Dismiss Follower

    Description: Just like in the movies, the seven warriors come together to defend a settlement attacked by raiders. This is a tough move to pull and it’s a thing destined for roleplayers. Once the Samurai receives a notification that one of the settlements under her protection is being attacked, she can fast travel to where all her automatrons are and then one by one enlist them as followers only to immediately dismiss them to the settlement in need of help. The catch is that the automatrons travel towards their destination at walking speed and fast travelling to the settlement does not make the robots appear there. This means that A) the Samurai needs to travel with the machines, vanquishing any attacker on the road and B) the settlement needs to be pretty close to the origin point of the automatrons for them to arrive before the raiders or supermutants are done attacking. For example, half the distance from the Red Rocket shop near Sanctuary to the Slog is too much. There is however a perfect opportunity for this ability to be used and that is at the start of the Minutemen quest where the Institute is attacking The Castle. There is no time limit there.



    Requires: Moving Target, Pain Train, Melee Attack

    Description: The Samurai effortlessly charges at her enemies, with maximum damage absorbtion, knocking them aside for massive damage, almost instantly killing the weakest. Once the pain train is over, a well placed Katana strike ensures many surviving raider scum don’t get back up.



    Requires: Jet Pack, Pain Train, Power Armor Legs modified with Explosive Vent

    Description: The Samurai shoots herself towards the sky and upon falling back builds enough momentum to crush any poor soul unlucky enough to be in the vicinity of the landing zone. With the Explosive Vent modification, things go Ka-Boom 360!


    Blitz Chain Strikes

    Requires: Blitz, Better Criticals, Critical Banker (at leasy two active pending critical strikes), Melee Weapon

    Description: The Samurai slashes her enemies in VATS at blinding speeds as she moves from one target to another dealing a massive critical strike with each blow.


    End Of The Line

    A Samurai is a warrior sworn to do the bidding of a master. Taking Jackie’s backstory, her teachings, her military years into account I chose to side with The Brotherhood Of Steel under the leadership of Elder Maxson and, keeping up the the Seven Samurai theme, often helped the Minutemen defend settlements. However, some time close to the end of the Brotherhood quest line, during Blind Betrayal, I had to make a hard choice: do the honorable thing - follow a direct order from Maxson and continue on the Samurai path or pick the moral choice – defy, then kill the master and become a Ronin. I took the Ronin path and Jackie became her own master. In the end, this became one of the best moments I experienced in Fallout 4.


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  • May 21, 2017

    That Monkey space helm sure is getting some love in this event. 

    Great to see you get this up, Noodles. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Here's to the Stomp, which made me chuckle. 

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    May 22, 2017

    Words cannot describe the AWESOMENESS of this build. You say that your inspiration was Samurai Jack? I used to watch the show everyday when I was a kid. Oh, and the Shishkebab! Haven't used that in, like, forever. Amazing work, man. All the hype payed off. :)

  • May 22, 2017

    This is an amazing build, great backstory, good presentation.


    But the high point for me is when someone takes something that i always thought of as useless, and turns it into a great idea. I have always thought od pool cues as pointless. Making them into polearms is genius.

    And again, another build that is making me consider re-installing Automatron.


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    May 22, 2017
    Yeeeeassss. Love it noodles - always a fresh take with plenty of themed inspiration. Well done.
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    May 23, 2017

    Lissette Long-Chapper said:

    That Monkey space helm sure is getting some love in this event. 

    Great to see you get this up, Noodles. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Here's to the Stomp, which made me chuckle. 

    Monkey King keeps giving me a psychotic vibe every time I take it with me in my journeys. :D

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    May 23, 2017

    D3LTAFOX said:

    Words cannot describe the AWESOMENESS of this build. You say that your inspiration was Samurai Jack? I used to watch the show everyday when I was a kid.

    Likewise! :D I'm trying to catch up with the series again so that I may watch season 5! :D The first paragrapgh in the Origin Story is the Fallout themed intro to the show.

  • May 25, 2017

    Awesome build and fantastic presentation!

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    May 26, 2017

    Daryl Sawatzky said:

    This is an amazing build, great backstory, good presentation.


    But the high point for me is when someone takes something that i always thought of as useless, and turns it into a great idea. I have always thought od pool cues as pointless. Making them into polearms is genius.

    And again, another build that is making me consider re-installing Automatron.


    That's exactly what I used to think about the Pool Cue but with this build I found it so fitting until I got my hands on Shishkebab. I now tend to think that any weapon can be considered unique if you can find the right perspective to look at it. Thanks for the appreciation and I recommend getting Automatron almost as much as Far Harbor. There's so many ways to customize your robots!!!

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    May 26, 2017

    Mottyskills said: Yeeeeassss. Love it noodles - always a fresh take with plenty of themed inspiration. Well done.
    You can't go wrong with the Seven Samurai! :D