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Fallout Character Build Spotlights: Sharpshooter

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    April 9, 2017

    Greeting Vault Wanderers! 

    We continue on with the regular segment here in Fallout Character Building. We now have 85 builds and counting between the 3 games! We've recently completed an amazing Building Event - Comic Books which brought interest from all over the site into our budding building community. Moving forward to pass the time until our next character building event,  Noodles and I will be posting weekly themed Fallout character build spotlights with the purpose of shedding light on awesome builds.

    Up next are highlighted builds from the Sharpshooter Tag. Rifles are an exciting and versatile way to navigate the wasteland. From classic sniper play to VATs accuracy and roleplaying a western crack-shot, the options are many. Let's look at a few!



    Domino - Mason

    Our former Fallout Character Building Host, Mason left my jaw agape as I marveled at his "Domino effect." Mason's ability to pick the perfect set of skills and perks still amazes me.

    This sniper stacks VATs, Gun-fu and luck based critical perks to create almost endless devastating critical hits all packaged in a sleek and tidy character to roleplay.

    Subtleties like using idiot savant and orange mentats complete a truly amazing sniper playthrough. It's one of the few on the Vault that I've played myself (outside of my own).

    Give it like and a try!

    The Vagabond - MaddMannatee

    Relative newcomer to the vault, MaddMannatee made an instant impression and blew us all away with this wandering stalker. We all agreed it was one of the best builds of the year and absolutely just felt "right" in the wasteland.  

    Fallout 4 has a way of pushing you into questing, but the Vagabond will have you camping, lobbing grenades, stalking and sniping your way around all of that forced feeling. All I can say is this is a great build and I can't wait to get a few weeks of free time to run it myself. 

    Give Madd and shout and a like!



    The Stable Dweller (FO3) - Chris Diokno

    Ever wanted to roleplay in the Fallout world as a Pony? Well you're in luck, because everyone's favorite resident Brony-Builder Chris crafted one of our few Fallout 3 Character Builds after LittlePip, the fan-fiction crossover Fallout-Equestria

    The Stable Dweller isn't the most obvious sniper build but does take advantage of a Reservist's Rifle and plenty of scoped gameplay. 

    Check out all of Chris' builds and drop him a like!



    What are some of your favorite Sharphooter builds?

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    April 9, 2017

    Every time I switch to a baseball bat I remember Madd's Vagabond. It's one of my favorite builds on the site. :D

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    April 9, 2017

    :D Thanks so much for the feature! Building characters is fun in its own right but every like and word of support definitely adds to the enjoyment. Btw the Domino is in my top 5 favorite builds and one of the few builds I took time to play myself, excellent work Mason