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Fallout Character Build Spotlights: Gunslinger

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    April 2, 2017

    Greeting Vault Wanderers! 

    We continue on with the regular segment here in Fallout Character Building. We now have 85 builds and counting between the 3 games! We've recently completed an amazing Building Event - Comic Books which brought interest from all over the site into our budding building community. Moving forward to pass the time until our next character building event,  Noodles and I will be posting weekly themed Fallout character build spotlights with the purpose of shedding light on awesome builds.

    Up next are highlighted builds from the Gunslinger Tag! Wielding pistols as a main means of damage can prove exhilirating and popular as evidenced by the three pages worth of builds here on the vault! Let's dive into just three of our favorites.


    The Whisper - John LeBlanc

    First up is The Whisper, a fem-fatale straight out of our Comic Books Event from John LeBlanc.

    This build based on Marvel's Black Widow features arguably the best gun in Fallout 4 - The Deliverer! This beast of a small arm synergizes perfectly with the stackable VATS, AP Regeneration, and sneak perks chosen by the author.

    With this combination, John has built an sexy infiltrator capable of massive damage, delivered with precision and in style.

    Check it out and leave a like and a comment! 



    The Cheat (FNV) - Puppet Man

    The Cheat from Puppet Man is a Fallout New Vegas build based on luck and making your own fate and I love it! It uses the unique .357 Magnum "Lucky," which obviously fits the theme perfectly. And while the author emphasizes trying to let your companions soak up a lot of damage for you, the Cheat has lots of tricks up his sleeve.

    The pervasive gambler roleplay set in the world of New Vegas just hits so many good notes. I really enjoyed reading this build way back on the Ning hosting days. 

    Give Puppet Man a like and a comment on this beauty!


    The Lawbringer - Albino

    Albino makes a second appearance in the spotlight with the aptly named, western themed gunslinger build. I was trying not to repeat a builder so soon, but dang it I love this build!

    As he notes in the write-up, firing a revolver in Fallout 4 is quite satifying. From Kellogg's .44 to Nuka World's Western Revolver, the epic thud is seriously addictive. 

    Take a stroll down America's old west, Lawbringer style and let Al know his work is appreciated! 


    What Pistol-based build is your favorite? Click on the Gunslinger tag to see them all!