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Character Build: The Golden Dragon (FO4)

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    March 15, 2017
    F04 Build: Yang Xiao Long

    What’s up my fellow Nuka Scrollers (And Vault Dwellers once I get a good laptop), and welcome to my latest Fallout Build! What do you get when you combine chems, shotguns, and Power Fists? You get...



    Armed and Ready


    You were born to a well off family of martial artists and former Spec Ops operatives. From a young age, you always had a fire burning within you, applying them to your judo and boxing training, your tinkering, or your temper. Once you came of age, after a successful, but ultimately unsatisfying stint as a lawyer, you joined up with the military, where you met one Nate Belladonna. After some sparring practice, and help building your own version of the recently released Ballistic Fist, which to you meant strapping a shotgun to a power fist, you fell in love with Nate, and eventually had a child one romantic evening in the local park. You lived a peaceful life.


    That was when the alert came on, and the nukes began to rain Hell upon the world. You and your family, sans your faithful Mr. Handy, Cogsworth, managed to enter Vault 111. After awakening to find Shaun stolen, and Nate dead, you set off into the Commonwealth to get your son back, and fill the bastard kidnapper with lead.


    images (1).jpg

    Strength-Strength, as a melee focused build, will obviously be one of the key SPECIAL stats. We’ll want to get this baby up to 9 for the sweet, sweet Rooted perk, which enhances our melee and unarmed damage up to 50% while not moving.






    images (2).jpg

    Perception-Not the most important skill to the build, but the Locksmith perk is always handy for a chance at more loot, and for a little bit more XP. This will be capped at 6.








    download (11).jpg

    Endurance-The second most important stat. We’ll want to be able to dish out the hits, and take them as well. The Life Giver perk, while giving us more HP, at the third rank makes it so we slowly regain our HP.







    download (13).jpg

    Charisma-A fairly important stat for the build, not the most, but up there. As a hot blooded, smooth talking firecracker gal, we´ll want to be able to persuade people to do what we want, get more rewards, as well as a few choice perks, like Lone Wanderer for added Carry Weight and Damage.







    download (17).jpgIntelligence-Useful for leveling, as well as hacking terminals, as well as Science (For some gear upgrades), and Chemist, for longer lasting chems, and more chems are craftable.







    download (15).jpg

    Agility-Agility is mostly useful for having more Action Points, as well as perks like Action Girl, increasing our AP refresh rate, and Moving Target, increasing out resistances when sprinting.







    download (16).jpg

    Luck-Very low for this character. With the bobblehead, you´ll only have 3 Luck, which is just fine for the only thing we´re getting from this tree, Bloody Mess.








    Now unless you have a mod that adds the QASmoke developer room, you won't be able to grab a Power Fist until you get to the Diamond City area, specifically Swan´s Pond, and you won´t be able to get my personal clothing of choice until you confront Kellog. You can, however, find Knuckles on Raiders, alongside Road Leathers, Double Barrel Shotguns, Shotgun Shells, and Leather Armor. You'll also want to stockpile any Pyscho, Buffout, and, to an extent, Jet you come across. If you can find any, whether it be out in the world, in containers, or in general merchant inventories, pick up any and all Anti Freeze Bottles, Dirty Water and Bourbon as you can, for use in crafting Berserk Syringes, and with those and Buffout, Fury.

    Once you have a decent supply of Shotgun Shells, and preferably no less than four Frag Grenades, more might be needed depending on what difficulty setting one plays on, head down to the Diamond City area, specifically, Swan´s Pond, located near Andrews Station, where you rescue one Nick Valentine, and Hubris Comics. Where you'll be grabbing the Silver Shroud costume. After that, head over to Swan´s Pond, and once the titanic Super Mutant Behemoth rears up, toss some grenades at his feet, and keep on blasting. Hide within the structure of Andrews Station if you're in need of some semblance of cover. Now, it may be one of my mods affecting him, but for some reason Swan is ENORMOUS, even more so than a usual Behemoth.

    But, after Swan falls by your hand, then you can claim your prize of the Furious Power Fist, the only Power Fist you'll be seeing for quite awhile. Once you get Blacksmith and Science up a bit, then exchange that puncturing cinder block out for the Heater Coil. This is probably one of the best weapons for this build. If you don't instantly cave in the skull of any enemies you come across, then the more you attack with this beauty the more damage you'll dish out, boosted by chems like PsychoBuff, Overdrive, and Fury, further increasing your Strength, Endurance, health, and damage.

    After this, you´ll want to continue on with the main quest in order to grab Kellog´s Outfit, our character´s threads of choice for the rest of the game, alongside an optional pair of Sunglasses, preferably Patrolman, and then try and find a Combat Shotgun, whether from Vendors, or from random loot. The Shotgun I used was Le Fusil Terribles, the Legendary Combat Shotgun from Libertania. 

    Your main combat approach will be to pop some chems if you feel you´ll have a tough fight on your hands, then quickly charge in, and start punching any and all enemies you can see, whether via VATS, or just straight up combat. Use the shotgun to deal with pesky turrets and other enemies you can't easily fist to death. Follower wise, I really didn´t use any, aside from Dogmeat. However, if you decide to, I chose to romance Piper and have her tag along on occasion, giving her the Shishkebab I grabbed from Saugus Ironworks while helping out the Finches.

    I personally destroyed the Raiders of Nuka-World, and sided with the Minutemen, with some help from the Railroad, faction wise. The Brotherhood of Steel COULD work, but I saw them as being a bit too authoritarian and Imperium of Mankind for my tastes, and the Institute as a case of “The Ends justify The Means” got a tad bit too far and are, to an extent, mad scientists.





    Now, I touched on the weaponry in the gameplay section, but here, I wanted to go in depth, especially in regards to what mods you should pop onto your weapons.


    As stated earlier, this little beauty will be won from the named Super Mutant Behemoth known as Swan. As you can tell from the text, this baby will increase in damage the more you keep beating on the same target. Switch out the Puncturing mod for the Heating Coil, to add some fire damage to your blows, and because it personally looks better than this cement block with some rebar sticking out. Rename this beautiful Power Fist Ember Celica.  






    download (18).jpg

    Now, this was not a primary weapon. It was utilized for longer range targets, such as turrets, which you can’t easily hit with your Power Fist. Plus, unlike most Combat Shotguns you can find laying about as loot or from merchants, comes with most of the higher end modifications. You can find this on the aquatic raider fortress known as The Libertania, on the south-eastern portion of the Commonwealth. Be careful though, as one of the Raiders on the Libertania´s main, large boat almost always carries a Fat Man, with a fair few Mini Nukes to spare. 



    • While you love a good fight, you´re not stupid. If you face an enemy you know you won´t easily win against, try and persuade or threaten them.
    • Speaking of a good fight, if you run into someone you feel is being an ass, or someone like, say, Kellogg, then go with the most ¨fighting words¨ style dialogue, and then beat them down.


    Thank you for reading my latest build, and be sure to keep on the watch, as I´ve got more coming, for Fallout, and Skyrim. Also, check out RWBY, this build’s inspiration.


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    March 16, 2017
    Would you please copy the contents of the link in this discussion?
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    March 16, 2017
    I wouldn't want to delete it. :D If you don't have a PC, you can email me the contents and I'll update the discussion for you.
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    March 16, 2017
    I PMed you the contents Noodles
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    March 18, 2017

    Chris - I got you posted. I took some liberties with photo alignment...trying to get the spacing to work on here can be tricky. apologies if it's not quite right :)

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    March 19, 2017
    It's pretty good, thanks Motty
  • June 20, 2017

    Would you mind posting the SPECIAL stats you started with and all the perks you picked up. I really wanted to recreate Yang myself.

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    June 21, 2017

    Jesse Smith said:

    Would you mind posting the SPECIAL stats you started with and all the perks you picked up. I really wanted to recreate Yang myself.

    I actually don't have the saves anymore, but I recall some of the perks. Locksmith 3/4, Hacker 3/4, Rifleman 5/5,  the unarmed damage perk 5/5, Rooted 2/3, Gun Nut 4/4, and Black Widow 3/3

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    June 21, 2017

    Chris said:

    Jesse Smith said:

    Would you mind posting the SPECIAL stats you started with and all the perks you picked up. I really wanted to recreate Yang myself.

    I actually don't have the saves anymore, but I recall some of the perks. Locksmith 3/4, Hacker 3/4, Rifleman 5/5,  the unarmed damage perk 5/5, Rooted 2/3, Gun Nut 4/4, and Black Widow 3/3. More RWBY builds to come

  • June 21, 2017

    So you don't remember your beginning SPECIAL stats? I just want to get it right at the beginning.