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Event Build: Punish - Her (FNV)

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    February 25, 2017

    I spent some time thinking what build should I make for the comic event. And so, after the entire night spent playing New Vegas (8 hours), I have finaly found the right thing. The Punisher. A anti - hero who carries out justice in only way he knows, with guns and a lot of bullets. I have created the ultimate female badass.

    I tested the gameplay and it goes great. With the Claustrophobia perk increasing the SPECIAL stats and boosting it with Intense training to negate the side effects of being indoors, I have managed to mix together the run 'n gun builds with the stealth sniper builds. Everything you need to take out the criminals of the Mojave. And now I present to you:



    "I think that this world needs people that are willing to make the hard call."



    The Beggining:

    I was born in Shady Sands to a mother that was an army medic and a father that was a ranger. As was expected from me, I enlisted in the NCR military at the age of 18. I spent a year posted at the Hub and Vault City. I saw my first combat action in a ambush set by raiders while I was escorting a caravan to New Reno. For my actions at reppeling the attackers I was sent to the front lines of the NCR expansion. In 2276. , I was accepted into the 1st Recon and went on several missions to take out raider groups on the southern border of the Republic.

    I was posted in Boulder City when the Legion attacked Hoover Dam in 2277. The 1st Recon was sent to the nearby hill to take down Legion officers. As the Legion continued their advance, we moved back to Boulder City and rigged it with explosives. We barricaded ourselves at the bar and waited for the Legion to enter the city. As they did, we blew the charges and attacked. The Legion was defeated and pushed back across the river.

    After the battle I was sent back home to my family in the Hub. I barely held back my tears as I hugged my daughter and husband. When night fell, my daughter called me to read her a bed time story. I told her that I would read it to her tommorow as I was too tired. The next day we decided to travel to Shady Sands to see my parents. As we approached the town, we got caught in a cross fire between two raider gangs. I got hit and fell to the ground. As I was lying on the ground, I saw my husband and daughter getting ripped apart by the bullets. After I woke up, I crawled to their bodies. As I was holding the remains of my family I swore to them that I will avenge them. If the military won't deal with the raiders, I will.


    They say that I'm SPECIAL:

    Strenght: 6 - I need to be strong to hunt the raiders.

    Perception: 6 - I have to see far to get an advantage.

    Endurance: 7 - I will endure whatever I have to for revenge.

    Charisma: 2 - I don't talk, I shoot.

    Intelligence: 8 - I am smarter then the scum I'm hunting.

    Agility: 7 - I have trained to be faster then the enemy.

    Luck: 7 - My shots will land on target.


    "The people I kill need killing."


    I am a skillful soldier:


    Claustrophobia - Fighting in the open is better. I have the advantage of distance.

    Four Eyes - I need some sunglasses to protect my eyes.



    Explosives - I will baptise them in fire and shrapnel.

    Heavy Weapons - Sometimes, I have to take out the big guns.



    Medicine - I may win but I can get hit.

    Repair - After extensive use my weapons can break.


    "One shot... One kill."


    I know a lot of things:

    Black Widow/Cherchez La Femme - All I need is one shot.

    Intense Training 5/10 - Just because I don't like to be in a cave, it doesn't mean I can't pull the trigger inside.

    Rapid Reload - I can reload faster then a bandit.

    Run 'n Gun - I can hit a target while running.

    Demolition Expert - I like watching fireworks.

    Fortune Finder - If I want to buy more bullets, I need more caps.

    Gunslinger - A revolver is just as good as an assault rifle.

    Shotgun Surgeon - When I need to clear a room, nothing is better then a shotgun.

    Toughness 2/2 - When the going gets tough, I shoot it in the face.

    Commando - Nothing my assault rifle can't handle.

    Cowboy - I live in the west, don't  I.

    Life Giver - I feel good after a stimpack injection.

    Sniper - Kill up close or from a distance, whats the difference.

    Nerves of Steel - I know war. I can stay calm.


    I have a lot of gear:

    NCR Ranger Combat Armor




    Marksman Carbine


    Riot Shotgun







    Scout the enemy camp and look for bottlenecks. This is where you will attack from. Snipe the tougher enemies from a distance and then commence your assault with the marksman carbine and grenades. When you thin them out, let them chase you to the bottleneck. Remember to get to the other side before they enter it. Turn around and spray some lead their way. After that you can enjoy the spoils of your war.


    You live the solitary life. Find an isolated base from where you will wage your own personal war against the raiders and slavers.

    Visit towns and cities to help the people out and clear out raider camps.


    When it comes to quests, do any that benefit the people of the Wasteland. I recommend helping the NCR win as it's the only ending that brings some form of law to the Mojave.


    "I am the Punisher."


    I hope you liked this build as I spent quite some time in front of the screen to make it come to life and I think that my eyes want to kill me because of it. Anyways, enjoy playing the build and see 'ya next time. Bye bye!

  • February 25, 2017

    Finally, I get to start tearing my way through these FO event builds and I start with D3LTA. So happy to see a new builder do an event. Congratulations. 

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    February 26, 2017
    Holy shit, this is amazing! You're going to piss off a lot of feminazi with that name, but to hell with them, Frank has the same effect on criminals. I have some stuff to do right now, but later this afternoon when I resume work on photoshopping covers, out of respect I will for you pulling this off I will start with yours. Well done and seriously, don't stop posting builds. You're great at it! :D
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    February 26, 2017

    Awesome addition to not only the event but to our Fallout NV Builds! Please note, I added the game tag so it will show up in our Archives list! 


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    February 26, 2017

    Fixed your playstyle tags. :D

  • February 26, 2017

    Man, it's nice to see an old-school build. Really great work. Very creative use of Claustrophobia, as well. 

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    February 27, 2017

    I had to adjust my thinking a it has been a long old time since I played NV. This is a build that knows what it's about, though - a pissed of woman out for revenge. This is Kill Bill in the wasteland. Minus the swords, I guess. Easy to get into, a blast to play... nothing about it not to like :)