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Event Build (F04): The Bootlegging Trafficker

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    February 24, 2017

    Welcome, everypony, to my secondary Comic Books Event build! Inspired by one of the most philosophical, yet also the most wild GTA protaganist in the history of the franchise, welcome to the Falloutized Trevor Phillips, the... 


    It´s the End of the World as We Know It

    download (8).jpg

    From a young age, I knew the truth, the American Government sucks dick. We went from this bastion of freedom and this safe haven for the poor, the sick, to a fat, bloated sack that only serves to keep the wealthy and powerful safe, and let the poor get steamrolled over. Now I am a man of the people, when the Resource Wars came, I did a little smuggling and marketeering on the side, giving out food and whatnot to the common citizen, with the aid of my beautiful wife. When the Feds found I, got forcibly drafted. Now, I wake up to find America´s been bombed out to the Stone Age, and some asshole´s taken mah boy. Well, I won't stand for that, I´m gonna find this hombre, and pump him fulla lead!


    S-4 P-5 E-4 C-10 I-7 A-4 L-3


    If you haven't guessed, our Trafficker´s main things in life are A. Booze, B. Guns, and C. Drugs. We´ll want to hoard as many chems and alcohol as we can lug back to a workshop. Some of the best places to get these are the scattered hospitals around the Commonwealth, such as Medford Medical Center, or any Raider hotspots, like the Shamrock Taphouse. We'll also want to stockpile so much ammo, it would give Deadpool the mother and father of all gun-boners. 

    The main gun depends on whether or not you have any of the DLC. If you have Far Harbor, for instance, then pop on into Nucleus, the Children of Atom headquarters, and pick up the Kiloton Radium Rifle, which has the Explosive Legendary Effect. If you have Nuka-World, then consider picking up any of the Handmade Rifles, unique or not. If you have neither, then any Automatic Combat Rifle, such as the Overseer´s Guardian, which you can pick up from Vault 88, will do. This will be our primary firearm for the majority of the playthrough. Our sidearm, for use when either A. We run out of ammo for our main gun which is unlikely, or B. You wanna mix combat up a bit, will either be the Deliverer, minus the suppressor, or Kellog´s Pistol.

    Your main strategy of combat will not be subtle, at all. You´ll want to chug at least one booze of any types you have, whether it be Beer, or Vodka, you´ll want to save Bourbon and Whiskey for crafting Berserk Syringes/Fury and Smooth Operators, and then downing any and all chems, just one of whatever you have, mostly of the Pyscho variety. Walking up to any enemy encampments, if you can´t talk them out of a fight, you´ll want to open up combat via tossing a grenade or two where your enemies are, then quickly switching to your Handmade Rifle, preferably automatic, and then begin to mow down your enemies, watching as they burst into sweet, bloody chunks, while your health stays fairly topped off.

    For Nuka World gangs, I like usual, sided with the Operators, and the Disciple. The Operators were for caps, and the Disciples for a good old murder spree. For base game factions, I sided with the Railroad and the Minutemen, as the Institute and Brotherhood were assholes.

    How to Make Trevor in Character Customization


    • While I didn really use companions during my playthrough, I kept Cait and Dogmeat in my main home to resemble a nice home life
    • Make lots of chems, and sell a few for caps, you love selling drugs.



    Well, this it it folks, my second Fallout 4 Comics Build, but not my last F04 build, oh no. Thank you for reading.

    Author's original notes: https://docs.google.com/a/mysummitps.org/document/d/1jMe-RXpzGRYMWHUN6VDWacgqI6_s23dI7r98Fk4M8fE/mobilebasic So, from now until I get a new laptop, one where the site is not blocked, any and all builds I post shall be posted like this.

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    February 24, 2017

    Hey bud - for some reason I can't access your gdoc to upload it for you...I sent a permission request.

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    February 24, 2017

    Ok - gotcha posted Chris! Who's the inspiration...I'm not familiar...

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    February 24, 2017

    Oh Grand theft auto...got it

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    March 1, 2017

    Nice build Chris. I'm not quite sure that Trevor is a comic book character, but - hell - who cares? This a cool build and I think you've captured something of the spirit of the man (I played GTAV somewhat, so I know the dude)

    I like chems and drugs in Fallout 4 (not in real life, I hasten to add) so its interesting to see something very much based around them

    Great work and a 'like' from me 

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    March 3, 2017
    Thanks Paul