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Character Build: Bear of California (FNV)

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    February 23, 2017

    Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my second character build on the Tamriel Vault and my first Fallout character build. I love the Veteran Rangers from New Vegas, especially their ability to defeat enemies both at range and in face to face combat. But I prefer staying far away and engaging the enemy face to back.

    For that, I have created this build. A man or woman that excels at sniping and infiltrating but has a hard time surviving in open combat. And now, I present to you:



    "Shoot it. If it screams in Latin, shoot it again."


    A man in a duster walks into the bar at the Mojave Outpost. He approaches the bar and sits down on the chair and orders a beer. He takes of his duster, showing the NCR insignia all over his armor. The waitress puts a bottle of beer on the counter in front of him. "You look important. What's your name?" The man takes a sip from his bottle. "If I tell you, I'll have to kill you." he smiles. The waitress sits on the chair near him. "You have any stories?" The man takes his hat off. "It's a long one." The waitress smiles. "I have time."

    "Have you ever heard of the Bears of California? We are a special recon and espionage unit, handpicked from the ranks of the Veteran Rangers. After a brutal training taken from pre - War military records, we are stamped with the symbol of the NCR, the two-headed bear. We are then sent undercover into Legion territory as a initiation test. We have to come back with important intel without being compromised during the entire test. 3 out of 10 manage to survive the test and most of the time, only one passes. There are only 13 Bears in the NCR. We don't get missions like regular troops or rangers. We are sent into the world to help achive the goals of the NCR. People ask why we do this. We do this for family,for freedom and for the Republic."


    How SPECIAL are you?

    Strenght: 6 - As every Ranger, you have trained your body to its limits. Your body is strong and your punches knock people out.

    Perception: 6 - You can spot things from a long distance.

    Endurance: 3 - You fight from afar, not face to face.

    Charisma: 4 - You don't talk much to people.

    Intelligence: 7 - You are quite smart for a soldier.

    Agility: 7 - You move as gracefully as the wind.

    Luck: 7 - You are really lucky with that gun.


    Skills and Tags!


    Guns - Who needs laser weapons?

    Sneak - You can't see me, asshole.

    Medicine - Use a stimpack and get up.



    Lockpick - Hurry up and open the door!

    Repair - Put some duct tape on it.


    Pick your Perk!


    Black Widow/Confirmed Bachelor - I'm not gonna waste an entire mag on one guy.

    Rapid Reload - I'm loading the rounds so fast, its like a sniper MG.

    Travel Light - I have to move fast, the target might leave soon.

    Commando - If I keep the gun steady, my shot will land on target.

    Silent Running - You have to stay unheard. Light steps and you are good to go.

    Sniper - Aim for the melon. That will put them down.

    Action Boy/Girl - Get ready for some action! Stealthy action, of course.

    Infiltrator - Just because you didn't open the door on the first time, it doesn't mean you can't try again.

    Nerves of Steel - Stay cool, man. Exploding heads are completely normal.





    - Veteran ranger Armor

    - Glasses

    Head Gear of your choosing

    Anti - Material Rifle

    - Lucky Revolver

    - Use your favorite assault rifle or shotgun if you plan to include some run and gun action. Recommended at lower levels.




    Approach enemy camps carefully. Scout the place out from different positions if possible to create the best plan of attack. It would be best to infiltrate the camp at night and plant some mines at the strategic points in the camp and the paths leading to the position that you will be using during the attack. After you make sure that you have secured your position, start the attack by sniping the higher level enemies. That critical hit will take a good portion of his health with the Anti - Material Rifle. Switch to your handgun and take down the enemies that have passed through your traps and are close to you. I suggest taking out the NCR Correctional Facility after leaving Goodsprings to get some experience. If you are detected, you are doing it wrong.

    After that, all you can do is to enjoy in the rewards of your victory.

    If you are ambushed, I suggest throwing a grenade or two and cutting them down with the revolver. 



    Travel around the Mojave, helping any NCR troops you encounter and taking out the Khans, Powder Gangers and the Legion. Sleep at NCR camps and outposts and visit them regulary. Attack the Legion camps you come across. Wear NCR gear at all times and help the citizens of the Mojave so they will join the Republic peacefully.



    Ghost Town Gunfight - Help the citizens take out the Powder Gangers.

    NCRCF - Secure the NCR prison.

    New Sheriff for Primm - Establish NCR rule in The Other New Vegas.

    For The Republic! - Take out House and the Legion and annex the Mojave.

    Any other quests that benefit the NCR. To many to list here.



    I really hope you liked this build and that you enjoy it while playing it. Thank you for your support and remember, criticism is welcomed and encouraged. See you!





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    February 23, 2017
    Solid work man! Welcome to the Fallout group! Here's to many more character builds! :D
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    February 23, 2017

    First of all, your username is awesome, Noodles. Second, thank you for the compliment! I think that this build is a good step forward from my first build in the Skyrim group, and I really think that New Vegas deserves much more builds. I hope you like the next one as well! :)

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    March 5, 2017

    Another really tight FNV Build! Thanks for the addition!

  • November 16, 2017

    I am now going to make a New Vegas build called The Bull of the Legion. Good job, man.