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Event Build (FO4): Whisper

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  • February 19, 2017

    Natasha Romanova, former Soviet spy and wet-works specialist, became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a member of the Avengers known by the code name "Black Widow".  Now, in the year 2077 the world in in the throes of the post apolcalypse.  People stuggle to survive against Gunners and Raiders and secret corporations.  In the midst of this, a young girl seeks to make a difference.  To this end she follows the path of her comic book heroine and looks to wipe the slate red with the blood of evildoers.  To be a silent killer, she takes the Wasteland code name of....WHISPER.


    The crux of this build is based upon Marvel's Black Widow character.  As there is already a build on the site for that name we've modified our comic book hero to "Whisper".  For my inspiration in this build I looked to both the comic books and the movie series featuring the Black Widow.  Her primary weapon of choice is her pistols and she is a deadly marksman.  In our Wasteland world, she takes advantage of the plethora of pistols, her enhanced Agility and the VATs system to whisper death to all enemies who cross her path.  She also hearkens back to the original Widow's Soviet days as a silent killer as silenced weapons will be her calling card.  She also shows her leadership skills in the way she can bring communities together in her attempt to help rebuild the Wastes.

    With points or books, boost Agility to 10 and Luck to 8 before looking to other abilities as these will help the build the most.  Once that's done then you can look to Strength (6) to get Strong Back for more carrying and then Perception if you wish to add to your VATs abilities.  Only add to these when you are waiting on levels to boost perks.  The build will top out around level 50 to get everything.




    Agility: Gunslinger (5/5); Sneak (5/5); Ms. Sandman (3/3); Action Girl (3/3); Ninja (3/3)  Romanova is whispering death.  Her ability to conceal in shadows is second to none.  She is a deadly shot with her pistols and is rumored to be able to kill any sleeping person with a single shot. 

    Intelligence: Medic (2/4); Gun Nut (2/4); Hacker (4/4); Scrapper (1/3); Science (1/4). The Widow was heavily involved in operations planning for S.H.I.E.L.D. and her namesake follows suit in educating herself in the Wastelands.  She has the ability to modify her weapons and armor to varying degrees.  She is able to access any online systems and pry their hidden information from their data vaults.

    Charisma: Cap Collector (1/3); Local Leader (2/2). This is to open up the Settlement Building options.  The Widow was very popular among her teammates and used her charms to disarm her foes.  Whisper looks to do the same in rebuilding her world.

    Perception: Locksmith(4/4).  As with her hacking ability, there has never been a lock that Whisper has met that she was not able to defeat.

    Luck: Bloody Mess(4/4). Taken for the damage boosts.  She's no idiot but you may want a point in Idiot Savant for the extra XP bonuses.  I did not use this in playthrough.

    Strength and Endurance: Work on getting to STR (3) to get the Armorer perk to buff up your gear.

    Take your first perk into Locksmith to gain access to ammo caches.  Your second point should open up Sneak and then Gun Nut needs an early point for gun mods; take that second point as soon as your level allows it to get access to suppressors (unless you find one via drop earlier).  Sneak, Action Girl and Ninja are your primary perks to take (after Locksmith and Sneak are started).  And if you just have to have automatic weapons, then sub out Commando in place of Gunslinger.



    Pistols is where this build begins and ends.  With the Gunslinger perk we, of course, want to stay away from automatic weapons.  The goal with guns is to get your Gun Nut perk up to where you can add suppressors to your weapons.  Becoming silent, when coupled with Sneak and Ninja, will make you a killing machine.  For armor you will want to look towards Muffled and Shadowed armor early on to add to your silent stalking ability.  While not a primary weapon I did want to get the Tesla Rifle for it's electrical discharge damage to mimic the throwing electrodes that Widow uses in the Avengers/Capt. America movies.  Another crucial weapon is The Deliverer, from the Railroad faction as it uses less AP giving you that many more shots per AP bar.  This will be your primary weapon for the duration of the game.  Continue to improve it as you can with Gun Nut and/or mods from the Railroad.  For a back up weapon, look for anything that increases VATs, accuracy or has AP related bonuses.  Remember to add suppessors to anything you get.  If you have the Far Harbor DLC, then you will want to get the Marine Wetsuit for your primary armor and improve this with the highest level of Ballistic Weave that you can (via the Railroad). 

    In the earlier levels I liked the Commando pieces available through the Brotherhood of Steel.  The Commando Helmet you a 10% reduction to VATs cost while the Commando Chest increases your AP refresh speed.  However, at later levels these don't provide anywhere near the defense you can get with the Marine Wetsuit enhanced with Ballistic Weave so we trade off the VATs/AP for protection and look.  Still, keep an eye peeled for any VATs Enhanced gear (each piece reduces AP cost in VATs by 10% but always factor the VATs/Protection tradeoff as looking good doesn't help if you're dead from a single shot. 


    The key to this build is VATs and AP regeneration.  With the perks set up this way you should see huge AP regeneration that allow you to constantly slow time and pick off your targets.  Silenced weapons are key to maintain distance and surprise.  Pace yourself to remain hidden, move away from combat if needed and then move back in.  When facing enemies, remember to target the closer ones first to allow more time for followup attacks or evasion as needed.  If facing multiple enemies consider targeting each one with one surprise attack each via VATs to cripple them and make them easier to finish off.  When attacking, consider going for limbs especially for melee opponents.  If you cripple a limb, immediately cancel VATs and move on to another enemy.  The slow and steady method will save your life in the early going but eventually this build will allow you to clear a room before anyone knows you are even there. 

    I recommend gaining maximum affiliation with Deacon (Railroad) for the perk he provides.  It gives you +20% stealth damage which is a huge buff.

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    February 19, 2017
    Sultry :) another nice one bud.
  • February 20, 2017

    Short, sexy and sweat. What more would you want from Nat? :)

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    February 20, 2017

    Great work John. It all hangs together and works well - I think this would be a very enjoyable character play through

  • February 20, 2017

    Paul said:

    Great work John. It all hangs together and works well - I think this would be a very enjoyable character play through

    Thanks Paul.  When I was reading your Shamrock build I thought they were very similar in Gameplay, the weapon, High Agil/Luck, heavy use of VATs.  Great minds and all that..lol.

  • February 25, 2017

    Dang, you did two? That's great! And I like that you gave two contrasting styles. 

  • March 2, 2017

    Lissette Long-Chapper said:

    Dang, you did two? That's great! And I like that you gave two contrasting styles. 

    Yeah, the fun thing about FO4 is it doesn't take long to level up for testing..lol.