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Event Build: The Iron Woman (FO4)

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  • February 19, 2017

    So, this is me trying my hands on my first Fallout build and the awesome Event: Comic Books made me dust off my long term character which is loosely based on the Iron Man - yes, the one and only. So here we have Anthonia "Tony" Stark-Tesla, daugther of Tony Stark and Pepper Pots, married to an offspring of Nikola Tesla, finally joining these two great families pushing the technology forward. So here were go!


    You might think that this is another Power Armor build, but that is only partially true. Yes, Power Armor and big guns, this build has it. But it's not the main selling point. This build aims to take the advantage of all crafting Perks, featuring the famous cleverness and quick wit of Tony Stark into play. It's not all about Power Armor, it's about that and about finding a way around that, being a real genius forced to rely on her wits and technological skills. The world is full of items that can serve as something more to those who know how to use it, modify it into materials necessary for building and constructing necessary means to survive in the radioactive wasteland. And what better use it has than making big armor and guns? 


    Intelligence - Medic 4/4, Gun Nut 4/4, Hacker 3/4, Scrapper 2/3, Science 4/4, Robotics Expert 3/3, Nuclear Physicist 2/3

    Anthonia is the daughter of Tony Stark so she picked up after her father and learned everything she could about engineering, robotics, mechanics and physics. Her cleverness is her ultimate weapon, not the armor or weapons. With Gun Nut and Science you'll have very powerful mods for your pistols early in the game and Scapper should get you some additional materials for crafting. Robotics Expert is very useful against robots, especially Sentry Bots allowing you to set them on self-destruct, destroying these bastards even at low levels. Nuclear Physicist is very important, more importantly it increases the damage of your "propulsion weapon" which is Zeta Gun or Lorenzo's Gun.


    Charisma - Local Leader 2/2

    While Anthonia don't have her father's talent for business she has her way around people, inspiring them, making them cooperate with each other. Many settlers and merchants head to Sanctuary Hills and newly built Stark Tower to help restore the world gone mad back to order.


    Strength - Armorer 4/4, Blacksmith 3/3, Heavy Gunner 5/5 

     Strength of one's arm is what allows us to shape the world around us, to modify it for our needs, in order to survive. The Stark's daughter certainly knows how to pull her own weight in tough situations, relying on weapons and armors specificaly modified to suit her needs. All the perks of genius are at her disposal, allowing her to turn hammers into tools of destruction, powered by rocket thruster or electrified swords. It also allows her to customize her armors and power armors specificaly for her, increasing the overall effectivity. Very cool mods, increased armor and the option to carry one big ass guns, to blast anything back into the hole where it came from. 


    Perception - Demolition Expert 4/4

     Where would be the fun without big explosives to freeze your enemies or blast them off the Earth's face? Yeah, the fun's right here. Anthonia is a clever woman and she knows her way around any possible explosive from baseball grenades to freeze or pulse grenades or even plasma mines. 


    Agility - Gunslinger 5/5, Sneak 3/5

    Without the power armor it's always better to be clever than brave, relying on stealth and clever tactics. While Anthonia never received a formal training with pistols she does know how to use them - she spent quite a lot of time building the top notch Laser and Plasma weapons back before the nukes fell. The Gunslinger increases the damage of the "propulsion weapon" even more. 


    Endurance and Luck 

    Not perked at all, Endurance has only few points for more health and luck has nothing, which means you have to rely on bought ammo, which actually quite balances all this crafting. When you run out of ammo, don't worry. That's ok. That's your cue to start being clever. 




    Early Game Weapons

    Laser Pistol: This is probably the best choice for the early game with Fusion Cells being quite common and Science Perk should provide the necessary damage boost. The mods are pretty much a personal choice, but for the early levels I went with straightforward singleshot damage boost while at the later levels I went for Beam Splitter, getting myself small laser shotgun when overwhelmed at melee range. Also, before you get your hands on Laser Pistol 10mm Pistol is pretty much the perfect choice. 

    Furious Power Fist: This thing drops from Swan, big ass supermutant making a Swan's Pond his home. It is one of the better backup melee weapons for the early game you can get and also goes very well with the Iron Man vibe. One could take a look at Anthonia and think she can't pull a proper punch. Well...just wait when she puts this on. 

    Super Sledge: Again this is backup weapon for melee encounters or when you run out of armor but this one is used only when in Power Armor. It is funny, but you don't really need any perks in Big Leagues for this thing, even in late game, when you use it with Blacksmith Perk and Power Armor. This thing packs some serious kick.

    Explosives: Nothing as good as big boom. Fragmentation Grenades and Mines come in useful at early game, as wells as Baseball Grenade. At later levels they should be replaced by Cryogenic and Plasma explosives - because Plasma is awesome!

    Late Game Weapons

    Plasma Pistol: Very powerful thing with all the perks in Gunslinger and Science, but used mostly for medium-close range encounters. Plasma Cartridge is quite easily obtainable from vendors who sell it as large packs, usually 120 round. I recommend either singleshot damage mods or Splitter for plasma shotgun awesomenes. You can toss the Laser Pistol once you get this baby.

    Propulsion Weapon (Lorenzo's Gun): This is a reason why Plasma Pistol is for medium-close range encounters. You don't want to shoot with this baby under your feet. It uses quite rare ammo, Gamma Rounds, but the thing is that I don't recommend using this until level 28, where you can perk Science 3 and mod this weapon to use charged shots, saving your ammo for more damage. So I recommend buying every Gamma Round and saving it until you get to level 28. I had over 400 Gamma Rounds by the time I reached level 28, which basicaly set me up for the rest of the playthrough.

    Gatling Laser: Only to be used in Power Armor, with Burning mods, this thing literally shreds everything to pieces but also eats through your Fussion Cores pretty fast. It's tempting to empty the whole clip into few baddies, I know, but don't do that. Be wise, safe your ammo. 


    Rescue Extraction and Strategic Combat Utility Exosuit

    This suit intented to be used by infantry was designed by Anthonia and her father as a means to give America a necessary edge over the Communists. It served as a response to Chinese Stealth Suit, giving the suit a propulsion weapons, ability to fly, increased strength and durability. Sadly, the components used to make these prototypes are no longer obtainable so Anthonia has to find another means how to recreat this combat exosuit. Wasteland is a dangerous place but also full of necessary materials to create a substitute. 

    - Mark I: Robot Armor + Assaulron Helmet

    Easily obtained from Rust Devils, slightly stronger than Metal Armor, this armor should get you easily through the earlier levels. 

    Mark II: Polymer Heavy Combat Armor + Synth Field Helmet

    Almost full set of Heavy Combat Armor can be found in Hub City Auto Wreckers, dropping from the Gunner boss, Bridget. She has all pieces except Right Arm, and it should be obtainable at any levels though I got my hands on it somewhere around level 25. For Mods I went with Polymer and Deep Pocketed. There's also one thing that absolutely turned this character around for me and that was CROSS Jetpack mod. Adds jetpacks to the game with the same mechanics as Power Armor jetpacks, using your AP for the flight so that's pretty balanced. With this Mod I decided to go with Ultra-Light modifications for the armor, to get more AP, plus Cushioned - once you'll try the mod you will see why. 




    Heavy Engagement Warfare Power Armor

    Bleeding edge technology went into this Power Armor right before the Great War with only one prototype being constructed. It was armor intented for heavy infantry, effectively replacing regular tanks with its capabilities of mass destruction. There are rumors that Enclave got their hands on the blueprints of this armor, leading them to the construction of X-01 Power Armor

    - Mark I: T-45 Power Armor

    The first armor you'll get your hands on. You actually won't use it that much because you want to save any Fusion Core you find for later. 

    - Mark II: T-51 Power Armor, Vault-Tec Paint

    Perfect for early game and tough encounters. I recommend mods like Calibrated Shocks for increased carrying capacity and bonus damage to hand-to-hand combat is also nice at early levels. 

    - Mark III: T-60 Power Armor, Winterized Coating

    This is where things are getting interesting with more Perks in Armor and Science. Targeting HUD for Helmet is my favourite one, and Motion-assist Servos for Torso. For Legs you can go with either Calibrated Shocks or Kinetic Servos

    - Mark IV: Tesla Power Armor + T-60 Power Armor, Flames Paint

    This baby will carry you for a very long time with its increased Energy Damage - all your weapons are Energy based, so the boost is really felt throught the playthrough. I like using Tesla Coils and Tesla Bracers with this armor because their damage is increased by the Tesla Armor itself. 

    - Mark V: X-01 Power Armor, Flames Paint

    The end game armor. Jet Pack, Calibrated Shocks, this is the best you can get.

    - Mark VI: Liberty Power Armor

    Optional. Very nice looking and unique power armor.


    During the early game, you won't be relying much on Power Armor until you get your hands on enough Fusion Cores, so early game is all about being careful and clever. Sneak has its role with this character, 10mm pistol being easily obtainable and supressor can get you a necessary edge at the start of the fight. The laser pistol with shotgun mod and Power Fist are for situations when things gets too close, too hot or when you run out of ammo. I highly recommend using Psycho Jet along with Power Fist.

    When you get your hands on Lorenzo's Gun you'll find out that's where the real fun begins. Your long range weapon capable of hurting enemies even through walls, stunning them, tossing them around like ragdolls - just don't shoot with that think in close querters or under your feet... This is where Plasma Scattergun comes into play, focusing on medium to close range, tearing the enemies to pieces. And as a bonus, it turns them into a goo which yields Nuclear Material. Perfect scavenging weapon I say. 

    This build can be played with follower or without him and with Automatron I really liked using Codsworth as my Jarvis, giving him two gatling lasers and he literally tore everything to pieces. But because this build uses Power Armor as often as it doesnt, there is something appealing about using a follower to follow you around in the Armor - this allows you to grab your armor anytime things get too rough withthout travelling to your settlement for it. 

    Speaking of Power Armor...there's not much to talk about it here. Tough locations like Glowing Sea, northeaster part and south parts of Commonwealth, that's where you will be glad you have that thing with your trusty gatling laser shredding things to pieces. 


    This might come as a surprise, but I decided not to delve on this section too hard, because Roleplay in Fallout 4 is slightly different for me. I can't ignore the main quest, there is always a baby I have to save, there is always a side I have to choose. And with this character even that isn't that simple.  

    First and foremost, Tony is all about technology, about making the world a better place, with responsible use of that technology. Building settlements for people of Commonwealth is a big thing, giving them a chance for better life in the wasteland. "There's another settlement that needs your help." Yeah, there's that. Beside that, any quest revolving around technology is basicaly a must, quests in Diamond City are perfect too, as well as buying a house in there goes nicely with the character's background. She likes to be famous and in the center of attention.

    And then there's the baby of course. It's just one big driving force urging you forward, mother looking for her son. When the decision came I was really torn between choosing Railroad or Institute because both work quite well for this character. Brotherhood of Steel not so much, too fanatic for this character's liking. So I believe that you can "karve" your own path through the Commonwealth, even without my advice. 

    I would like to thank Teineeva and Lis for the support throughout the build, to Noodles for the awesome Comic Book picture and also to the Fallout CB hosts for coming up with an Event that finally made me post this character I had in my store for a very long time. 

    So yeah, cheers everyone!


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    February 19, 2017

    Sold on the jetpack mod! This is like the Fallout version of Shin and Lozhar's Knights of Iron to me in a way - something which is in no way a bad thing, surely? The Nikola Tesla connection really brings your comic book concept into the Wasteland in a very clever way. The art is awesome, the skillspread is the nuts, and the gameplay no-nonsense: Power Armour and a BFG, who doesn't love a Gatling Laser?

  • February 19, 2017

    This looks really cool, and kind of in time for me wanting to play a Power Armor build that is as fun in the armour as out with a decent ability to roleplay however you want. Question for us lowly console plebs, particular us PS4 users, how crucial is some of the mods you listed?

  • February 19, 2017

    Boom2215 said:

    This looks really cool, and kind of in time for me wanting to play a Power Armor build that is as fun in the armour as out with a decent ability to roleplay however you want. Question for us lowly console plebs, particular us PS4 users, how crucial is some of the mods you listed?

    Not crucial at all. Consider them just optional options - though the jetpacks made me spend more time out of Armor than in it. 

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    February 19, 2017
    Awesome! Amazing use of the comic covers in presentation too. Welcome to Fallout CB Karver, we hope you stick around :D
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    February 19, 2017

    Excellent build, I love all the custom magazines you scattered throughout. Excellent use of the Power Armor, you made it all blend in a way that connects Iron Man to the Fallout Universe so well! I also really like your weapon selection, brilliant use of Lorenzo's Artifict. Hats off to you good sir!

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    February 20, 2017

    Karver the Lorc said:

    Boom2215 said:

    This looks really cool, and kind of in time for me wanting to play a Power Armor build that is as fun in the armour as out with a decent ability to roleplay however you want. Question for us lowly console plebs, particular us PS4 users, how crucial is some of the mods you listed?

    Not crucial at all. Consider them just optional options - though the jetpacks made me spend more time out of Armor than in it. 

    Karver the Lorc said:

    Boom2215 said:

    This looks really cool, and kind of in time for me wanting to play a Power Armor build that is as fun in the armour as out with a decent ability to roleplay however you want. Question for us lowly console plebs, particular us PS4 users, how crucial is some of the mods you listed?

    Not crucial at all. Consider them just optional options - though the jetpacks made me spend more time out of Armor than in it. 

    there are console mods for Jetpack rings

  • February 20, 2017

    I think the ones that I've found on PS4 just give the effects without the AP drain. Which feels a little broken to me.

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    February 20, 2017

    Great work Karver.

    I'm not a big power armor guy myself, but it obviously makes total sense for this build. Great presentation as well with the comic book covers

    And I loved the whole genetic set up with the offspring of Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Nikola Tesla lol

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    February 22, 2017
    I really like this setup a lot. It's a really nice balance between settlement building and power armor effectiveness, which is much more often than not a tough balancing act.