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Event Build: Doc Fury (FO4)

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    February 18, 2017


    The idea for this supervillain build was a play on the classic Batman nemesis, Scarecrow with a little influence from the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde archetype. Where the evil genius Dr. Jonathon Crow primarily uses fear, Doc Fury will be using various enraging tactics alongside, psychotic mind control (pacification) and bleed damage. Doc Fury embodies the ultimate wasteland mastermind and manipulator, twisting others to do his dirty work, while using liquid and chemical concoctions to enhance his own deadly blade work when necessary. His alter ego is a charming gentlemen when in settlements and interacting with NPCs. 


    Nate’s work in the military was as a combat psychiatrist. That was the public cover story anyway. He was actually part of a secret task force, whose aim was mind control and psychological warfare. He ascended through the ranks, excelling in prisoner interrogation and chemically enhanced combat techniques. He earned special recognition for his work in manipulation, both psychic and pharmaceutical based.  Little did his colleagues know, he was constantly experimenting on himself throughout his time in the service. At the time of his discharge, a darkness had taken hold… 

    Nora didn’t know my dark truth. She fell for my charm, just like everyone else. She even believed me when I told her the Vault would be our new home. She couldn’t see through Vault-tec’s shiny showmanship anymore than she could see through my true intentions. This world…the wasteland doesn’t need a survivor. It doesn’t need a hero. It needs exactly what it breeds. Me. And now…now I’m free. 

    (Art Credit - Noodles! Thanks for the sick cover!)


    Starting: S – 2 P – 1 E – 1 C – 9 I – 1  A – 5 L – 9

    End:         S – 3 P – 1 E – 1 C – 10 I – 2  A – 9 L – 9

    Special notes: Place the Special book in CHR, then use Bobbleheads for STR, INT, AGI, and a +3 investment in AGI to reach end game stats.


    Big Leagues – when not manipulating others to do his bidding, Doc Fury  enjoys a nice, sharp blade

    Party boy – in tough situations, a swig of something with a STR boost is just what the doctor ordered (boosts melee damage). This also is a call back to the “Violent Dancing” style of melee damage that Scarecrow was known to employ. The martial art of Zui Quan, aka drunk boxing, can be seen on display in this Jackie Chan clip

    4 Leaf Clover & Critical Banker – The enraging effect of Good Intentions (or any other looted legendary with the enraging prefix) only triggers when a Critical VATs hit is used. So acquiring a lot of them and being able to store them is well, critical. Also of note, it’s important to make this gun as weak as possible and aim for limbs, as to not kill the target!

    Animal Friend, Wasteland Whisperer & Intimidation – representing mind control, Doc Fury can either pacify or incite others to do his violent bidding.

    Sneak – treading lightly allows for better use of syringes and sneak melee attacks when necessary. It also aids in triggering the enraging effect from Good Intentions and also helps the pacify/incite commands proc more often. 

    Ninja – Sneak attack melee multipliers for those oh so satisfying kill cams. Careful to only take 1 rank, otherwise you’ll accidentally one-shot kill most targets with Good Intentions.

    Bloody Mess – More or less RP to simulate more bleeding damage from blades

    Blitz – for later in game, sneak / blitz / critical tough opponents. You’ll have plenty of left over perk points to invest in Agility. 

    Medic – Sort of an “RP” perk for the mad doc style character, medic will also help offset the minimal armor protection of this character, especially if you skip Armorer.

    Armorer* - Depending on how tough you want your character, use MODS or run the Railroad opening quests to get Ballistic weave. Snag the STR Bobblehead and perk armorer to upgrade Reginald’s Suit.

    Character Customization:

    Gear: Sack Hood, Reginald’s Suit (+3 CHR) / Pompadour Wig, Black Rim Glasses

    Weapons: Syringer, Good Intentions, Hallucigen grenades (or Frenzy Grenade MOD), Fury Grenades (Nuka World DLC), Pickman’s Blade -> ThroatSlicer (or blade of choice).

    Weapon Notes: Scarecrow traditionally used a Scythe (makes sense) and Mr. Hyde used a walking cane. Doc Fury has the option of many blades. A few favorites are General Chao’s Sword, Krevmeh’s Tooth, Pickman’s Blade, and ThroatSlicer. The last two enhance the bleed-out ability. 

    Faction: RR (if taking the Ballistic Weave option), then betray in favor of the Institute. The Institute represents new life to Doc Fury’s experimentation. And, the opportunity to take over as the Director is too alluring to pass up. Disciples – if you favor them in the Nuka World DLC, you’ll guarantee yourself the best blade combo with their reward (an Instigating Cutlass) + the Throatslicer.

    Passive Perks: Chosen Disciple / Pack Alpha perks from Nuka World, Melee Bobblehead and Scav issue #2 (+25% knife damage!) 


    Like any good super villain, Doc Fury has a weakness. Much like Scarecrow’s addiction to fear (and thus, forcing himself to meet Batman, the only thing he fears) Doc Fury is addicted to rage. Rage in Fallout 4 comes in the form of Psychobuff (EFFING KILL!) and the compulsion to kill and watch others kill by enraging others. Now, it may seem sacrilegious to play a mad-doctor style build without perking chemist, but the more I looked at it, the less I realized needed it. Taking Party Boy to take advantage of strength boosts for tough melee situations offsets the dependency on most chems. Addiction isn’t really an issue (addictol, refreshing beverage, Doctors, etc). And since this build is built more on mind manipulation, getting to Wasteland whisperer and Intimidation became a priority at the expense of the RP friendly chemist perk. Doc Fury’s chem of choice, Psychobuff is powerful enough on it’s own for the occasions when you use it. Combine it with a Dirty Wastelander for truly terrifying melee effects. Lastly, Fury and Hallucigen grenades don’t require any perks in demolitions expert nor chemist to craft.

    The other half of the RP is as the charming side of the character. Switch off of the sack hood variant of your choice to the Pompadour wig and black-rimmed glasses as the charismatic, respectable professional when in towns and interacting with others.

    Getting started:

    I setup shop at the Red Rocket, though most any place is fine as long as it has a chem and cooking station. Make some Grape Mentats and don some looted CHR gear to grab General Chao’s sword for less than 800 caps from the Dremlin Diner. It’s powerful serrated blade offers early access to bleed damage and is good against robots, which is helpful since you won’t be able to intimidate them. As soon as you feel up for it, head SW to the Greater Mass Blood Clinic and snag the Syringer in the basement. (I was able to do this by level 5 on Normal). Start crafting syringer ammo and get used to the peculiarities of this weapon. One of the nice things about this gadget weapon is that you don’t need any perks in Gun Nut to mod it into a long-range sniper…which will come in handy for tormenting people from afar. Early on, having a secondary long range ballistic option is a good idea.. While you’re at the blood clinic, check the roof - there’s often a combat rifle next to one of the corpses there. Putting scopes on both of these adds to the ability to pacify enemies from afar. 

    Once you have these three items, start tracking down the noted bobbleheads, and other specialty items. At level 14, get started on “Special Delivery”. You want Lorenzo’s Coat (+2 CHR and access to the CHR Bobblehead for fun) ASAP. The suit can and should be upgraded with Ballistic Weave. Overpowering CHR allows for greater use of Intimidation in the Wasteland. Alternatively, there are numerous MODs that allow access to Ballistic Weave and improved upgrade options for clothing (noted below).  


    One of the things I noticed in this playthrough was a willingness to take on tough situations much earlier than I usually do, especially in light of the low damage resistance. I did this by stealth, use of alcohol and chems, trickery and the charisma perks. You’d be surprised at how powerful pacification/enraging techniques can be. I cleared old Vault 114 at level 6…about 6 levels earlier than I’d normally try. This doesn’t mean you’re OP either. In fact, I died a lot. Which was part of the fun. Re-trying different tactics in these challenging spots really tested the limits of the build. Can you pacify? Intimidate? Incite violence? Sneak, slash and bleed them out? You’ll never know until you try. One example was heading to the Mass Fusion building for the STR bobblehead (for a little more oomph) at level 12. These gunners can be a bit rough for early characters. But I managed to tag one of them using a missile launcher with a Pax syringe, injured the legendary gunner with a mine and popped a bunch of booze and pills to finish off the boss, saving my two critical hits for him and his power armor. 


    Tactics: Speaking of variety of tactics…

    Bloodletter – Inject a single foe with a long-range bleed out syringe and wait till sneak re-engages. Then close the distance and finish the job with a blood-letting blade. Add in Jet to stack damage over time with bleeding and watch them wilt in front of you. 

    Pacify and Punish – Inject with a Pax syringe or intimidate, and decide their fate.

    Furious foes – tag the toughest in a group with a Critical from Good Intentions or incite violence using intimidation, a Berserker Syringe (works on low level NPCs only) or a Hallucigen / Fury grenade. Watch the world burn. Mop up the mess…or don’t. 

    Super slash – swig a Dirty Wastelander, pop some fury or Psychobuff (or even a Mysterious Serum) and feel the rush of close quarters drunken sword play. 

    MOD suggestions:

    Craftable Frenzy Grenades – basically enables craft-able Hallucigen nades. 

    Open Ballistic Weave – There are MODs that allow access to Ballistic Weave without doing the RR questline. This could be helpful for RP and assist your damage  resistance as both the sack hood and Reginald’s suit can be lined. There’s being a Glass-cannon, and then there’s just being constantly killed in action.

    Syringer Ammo leveling - In my extensive review of the quirky Syringer Rifle, I came across some MODs that make the ammo more effective at later levels, should you find this a fun route to take. Try "Syringe Tweaks" as the least invasive. 

    Closing Notes:

    Thanks to Noodles for the superhero CB event idea. Thanks to Amornar for the naming help! Check the "Motty Build" Tag for all 9 of my Fallout 4 Builds.
    Art Credit: GorkeChaos for Batman Arkham Knight - Scarecrow


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    February 19, 2017

    Jekyll and Hyde/Scarecrow inspired - can't go wrong! Sinister af backstory and the RP implementation of the concept rocks, as does the thought put into what to perk. This is great. That gun, the Syringer... gonna have to try that out for myself!

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    February 19, 2017
    Motty what publisher do you want on your cover?
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    February 19, 2017
    Hmm idk - something DC meets unstoppables. ?
  • February 20, 2017

    Oh, Scarecrow. I like that. And revolving around Syringer? Nice! It´s funny, but I tried to use the weapon several times, like really focus on it, but never really came to appreciate it so much to focus on it. So kudos for that, Motty.

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    February 20, 2017

    Karver the Lorc said:

    Oh, Scarecrow. I like that. And revolving around Syringer? Nice! It´s funny, but I tried to use the weapon several times, like really focus on it, but never really came to appreciate it so much to focus on it. So kudos for that, Motty.

     Yeah, in the end the Syringer was really fun and very useful till about level 20. Then some strange built in mechanics make it, more or less an RP tool. You can read my full review of the weapon here.

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    February 20, 2017

    Phil said:

    Jekyll and Hyde/Scarecrow inspired - can't go wrong! Sinister af backstory and the RP implementation of the concept rocks, as does the thought put into what to perk. This is great. That gun, the Syringer... gonna have to try that out for myself!

    Thanks Phil!

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    February 20, 2017

    I knew there'd be a use for those Raider sackhoods you find everywhere!

    Cool build with a great underlaying evil 'vibe'

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    February 20, 2017

    Paul said:

    I knew there'd be a use for those Raider sackhoods you find everywhere!

    Cool build with a great underlaying evil 'vibe'

    HAHA yes indeed! Thanks Paul.

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    February 20, 2017

    Excellent work as usual Motty! The 4 combo picture is sweet, and I very much enjoyed your video. Very unique combat style as well. This build is, in a word, THRILLING!