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Fallout 4 Character Building Template

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    August 11, 2016

    The goal of this post is to guide builders toward a measure of continuity on the Vault when presenting Fallout 4 Character Builds. Similar to our Elder Scrolls CB template, use this format as a guide. Feel free to stray where you character and presentation needs to. However, note some of the requirements are mandatory in order to create a build that's acceptable and up to the standards of the Tamriel Vault. Onward!

    The Template

    Character Build: The ______ (FO4)

    Give a reason why you made this build or who inspired it or what compelled you to make it.

    For example:

    Using the editor of your choice, import the above blank image and insert a screenshot of your character, the build name, a class description and (optional) a SPECIAL snapshot using green tabs for starting points, yellow for special and red for necessary bobbleheads and hard point investments.

    Or, list the Special starting stat numbers and note where investments should be made.

    As an alternate profile pic, check out this sweet Pip-Boy blank template from Relycs:

    Provide a brief backstory so we know the character’s motivation, specialties and general feel. As we know, FO4 doesn’t provide a lot of flexibility for Nate and Nora’s backstory, so feel free to keep it brief or omit entirely, if you choose.

    Perks: List perks with brief justifications and (optional: map the order in which perks were taken.) 

    Gear: Give Suggested Outfit Ideas

    Weapons: List preferred weaponry, screenshots of special weapons are nice (see Albino’s The Heavy and The Sentinel and Chris Diokno's The Shadow Operative as examples).

    Faction: Provide a suggested faction for your character to join, if applicable

    Followers: List options and justification for choices regarding who’s travelling with you, if applicable.

    Settlement: Where is your character setting up shop?

    Bobbleheads: Suggest necessary or helpful non-special bobbleheads (eg. Explosives Bobblehead for a demolitions expert).

    Getting Started: 
    Where can the character find some necessary early outfits, weapons, friends, and followers? Example: Your character will be featuring the Railway Rifle, the known location of this gun at any point in the game is Big John’s Salvage.

    Gameplay & Combat Notes: 
    How is your character navigating the wasteland? Any special rules? What is their combat style in different situations? Describe use of sneak, melee or how to handle solo tough opponents versus groups of ghouls. Provide a compelling case and a few examples of how to handle known situations including a suggestion for ending the main quest line (if applicable).

    Did you use any of the DLC content? Is it necessary? Are there work arounds for Vanilla players?

    Any special notes about the character's role in the Wasteland should go here. Is the character nice and helpful or malicious and aloof? How do they interact with the environment and the NPCs?

    Closing Notes:
    Anything else you think readers should know about this build including thanks for any help you received in creating it. Mention what you would do differently or anything that surprised you while playing this character. Let people know where they can find more of your builds by creating a tag. 

    Template Examples: Domino by Mason, The Supersoldier by Raidriar, The Technician by Ponty, The Gearhead by Motty

    Tags - Please consult the Fallout Character Build Archive to assign appropriate tags. Each build should have a game tag and at least one playstyle tag.

  • July 21, 2019
    What editor do you use, I'm new to this stuff
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    July 21, 2019

    DiabloSaint said: What editor do you use, I'm new to this stuff

    I use photoshop - but maybe others have other suggestions

  • March 13, 2020


    I use GIMP  https://www.gimp.org/. It's an open source and free manipulator