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Character Build: The Swatter (FO4)

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  • March 24, 2016

    This is my first build on this site so please point out and problems and feel free to try and help me improve the build by giving me constructive criticism, now to the build! This character build basicly revolves around dealing with enemies through the comedic use of Baseball Bats or as Moe Cronin would say "Swatters". The build will also be using Baseball Grenades and a little bit of Buffout. Think of it as a Melee mixed Grenadier type build that also uses chems.


    The Swatter was one of America's best baseball players, he could hit the ball like a true professional. One day, he met some Chem Dealers outside the Stadium who offered some Buffout to the Swatter but he passed as he has never took or liked the use of chems before. The next match the Swatter played was a complete fail and realised that he was getting too old for the job, he didn't know what to do, until he left the Stadium and found the same Chem Dealer as before, instead of turning him down this time, the Swatter agreed to the free sample of the Buffout. That was the decision he regretted for the rest of his life... The Buffout helped him win the matches, until he got to the Drug Test, which he failed. The Swatter's manager fired him after realising this and left him to be a poor addict for the rest of his life. He managed to fight his addiction to Buffout and decided to join the army so he could leave his past behind him...


    9 STRENGTH: Strength is an important (if not the most vital) stat for the Swatter, it will allow us to deal more damage with our Swatters and gain access to perks such as Big Leagues, Blacksmith and Rooted.

    4 PERCEPTION: Perception is only really important for the Demolition Expert perk (remember to get the Perception Bobblehead near the start of the game to increase this stat to 5), we have enough points for Locksmith but that is optional for this build.

    7 ENDURANCE: We need a decent amount of Endurance so we have a fair amount of HP and for perks like Toughness, Life Giver and Adamantium Skeleton. I also had points left over so I decided to dump a few more into here.

    1 CHARISMA: We didn't need anything in here, so I left it at 1.

    1 INTELLIGENCE: We didn't need any perks in here except from Medic, which is why we will be spending our S.P.E.C.I.A.L Book in here to make it 2. The slow leveling speed will be countered by the "Idiot Savant" Luck perk. Avoid the Intelligence Bobblehead if you want as Gun Nut isn't really necessary for a Melee Build.

    1 AGILITY We will be avoiding stealth so we will also be avoiding Agility. We also don't really need any perks here.

    5 LUCK Mostly to get to the Idiot Savant perk which is a must for any low Intelligence Build but most of the perks under Idiot Savant are well worth it, too.

    For endgame stats (this includes Bobbleheads, S.P.E.C.I.A.L Books and any level-ups), we will have:

    10 Strength 5 Perception, 10 Endurance, 2 Charisma, 3 Intelligence, 2 Agility and 6 Luck.


    1: Idiot Savant I.  2: Big Leagues I.   3: Demolition Expert I.   4: Toughness I.   5: Life Giver I.   6: Blacksmith I.   7: Big Leagues II.   8: Life Giver II.   9: Toughness II.   10: Demolition Expert II.   11: Idiot Savant II.   12: Rooted I.   13: Bloody Mess I.   14: Medic I.   15: Big Leagues III.   16: Blacksmith II.   17: Adamantium Skeleton I.   18: Toughness III.   19: Bloody Mess II.   20: Life Giver III.   21: Medic II.   22: Demolition Expert III.   23: Rooted II.   24: +1 Endurance.   25: +1 Endurance.   26: Adamantium Skeleton III.   27: Big Leagues IV.   28: Fortune Finder I.   29: Blacksmith III.   30: Medic III.   31: Toughness IV.   32: Bloody Mess III.   33: Fortune Finder II.   34: Idiot Savant III.   35: Demolition Expert IV.   36: Fortune Finder III.   37: Chem Resistant I.   38: Chem Resistant II.   39: Strong Back I.   40: Fortune Finder IV.   41: Strong Back II.   42: Big Leagues V.   43: Rooted III.   44: Strong Back III.  45: Strong Back IV.   46: Toughness V.   47: Bloody Mess V.   48: Mysterious Stranger I.   49: Mysterious Stranger II.   50: Medic IV.


    The Swatter is so depressed after his wife gets shot and his son gets took that he goes back to his old friend called Buffout to ease the pain. The Swatter will use chems in his playstyle. His favoured chem will be Buffout but Psycho and Med-X are also viable options. Mixing and matching chems will also be very helpful, my favorite combination is Psychobuff.


    You will want use any Baseball Bat (there is one in Concord) or Swatter you can find until you decide to search for the treasure of Jamaica Plain, which is the 2076 World Series Baseball Bat. You can sell this Baseball Bat for a few hundred caps but we will keep this and use it as our Melee weapon.

    You will want to fully mod this unique Baseball Bat with the "Bladed" upgrade mod and the "Aluminium" material mod.

    Grenades are also an important part of the Swatter's playstyle, use Frag Grenades and Molotovs until you get Demolition Expert I and can craft Baseball Grenades. Baseball Grenades will be the Swatter's favored grenade but you should still carry around a few Frags and Molotovs, just in case you run low on Baseball Grenades.

    The Swatter also keeps a Pipe Rifle in his inventory so he can fire at those targets that are out of range or even to shoot his own grenades. Because of the lack of Gun Nut, the only way you will max upgrade your Pipe Rifle is if you find it buy mods but I highly recommend againest doing this as the Pipe Rifle is only a minor part of the build and shouldn't be one of your main focuses.


    The Swatter will wear anything he can find until he comes across a Baseball Uniform and Cap, you will want to reinforce this with the MKV Ballistic Weave that you will get from completing a few Railroad Radiants. On top of the Ballistic Weaved Baseball Uniform, you may want to wear some pieces of armor, Metal would be a good choice.

    An alternative to the Baseball Uniform and Cap is the DC Security Armor, you can get this by walking outside Diamond City. Usually there will be a Super Mutant attack but instead of getting involved, hide behind some cover or a corner until a DC Guard dies, you can loot their armor without anyone getting hostile to you (they may also have a Baseball Bat so this would be a perfect opportunity to get one).


    A companion that the Swatter can relate to a lot is Cait, both addicts trying to get clean and both generally comfortable in close combat. It would be easy to max her affinity because of your similarities so I highly recommend doing that, you can even romance her if you have an outfit or chems that increase your Charisma. Another companion that would work well is Strong, he is a melee berserker just like the Swatter and could work well as a team, also, his perk could be used well with this build. Preston and Danse have pretty good perks too so make sure to max their affinity.


    After emerging from the Vault, the Swatter will lose all hope and will go back to doing chems to try and stop his inner-depresssion, until he finds the Minutemen and BoS. Both try and make a better world, like it was in the Pre-War times but they have very different means of doing this. If you are playing as a Good Swatter, join the Minutemen. If you playing a Neutral/Evil Swatter, join the BoS. The Swatter isn't that interested in Settlement Building but if you wish to build a Stadium Town like Diamond City, then go ahead.


    Thank you for reading my first of (hopefully) many Fallout 4 Builds, remember to comment on how I can improve the build and tell me what kind of build you will like to see next (might to a Child of Atom or Gunner/Mercanary builds).

    And remember, keeping swatting...

    EDIT: Fudgemuppet has featured a similar build on their channel which I highly recommend checking out: https: //m.youtube.com/watch?v=FQqzNrxSid  I'm currently working on a Child of Atom build and maybe a Skyrim build but I will try and update this as much as I can.

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    March 24, 2016
    I myself am also working on a Baseball build. According to moe there is a team called The Diamond City Demolishers which are a baseball team that wore full suits of power armor.
  • March 24, 2016

    A baseball build that uses power armor does sound quite interesting, I based my build off modern Baseball so I didn't use stuff like power armor. But like I said, it does sound quite interesting so I would like to see the build once it's finished.

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    March 26, 2016

    Hey nice work. The only feedback I would give is that the perk list detracts from, rather than adds to the presentation.

    If you can get a more artistic way to present that I think it would flow a lot better.

    I def had a lot of fun with my melee slugger - nice to see I'm not alone :)

  • March 26, 2016

    I think that perk list leaves a bit to be desired as well. If you want, I could find a cool image and make a simple perk spread. It wouldn't take too long and I would have it back within a couple days of you asking.

  • April 9, 2016

    Yeah I've had serveral comments saying that already, I will try to make my own in my spare time but thanks or the offer anyway

  • April 9, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback, I will try to add a perk chart with perk spread when I have enough free time.

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    December 26, 2016

    Pictures for this build have been restored! Welcome to Social Engine, Swatter!

  • January 12, 2017

    Mottyskills said:

    Pictures for this build have been restored! Welcome to Social Engine, Swatter!

    Thanks :D