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Character Build: The Anarchist (FO4)

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    February 14, 2016

    So, after playing through the Supersolder I was kind of at a loss for what to play. I too suffered from power armour withdrawal, and really struggled to actually create something that was both unique and non power armour oriented. But I think I've finally got it!

    The Anarchist

    Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn... -Michael Caine

    The Build

    So, for this build I wanted something completely different. The Anarchist is a stealth build with a twist - a focus on close ranged explosive weaponry and companions rather than monotonous sniping. We're creating a commando/guerilla style build here, with automatic weapons, explosives, misdirection, and the occasional missile launcher. It's a strange mix, I know, but a very effective one, which I'll get onto later...


    Strength 1 

    The only arguably useful perk here would be Heavy Gunner, but since our chosen heavy weapons (Fatman and Missile Launcher) also benefit from Demolitions Expert I saw little reason to invest in Strength, considering those guns already do massive amounts of damage.



    Perception 4 

    Demolitions Expert is a fantastic perk, and works exceptionally well with our weapon of choice. Garb the bobblehead for that. Nothing else useful here, the Anarchist isn't much for sitting back and sniping. 


    Endurance 3 

    Not much here, Chem Resistant is the objective once you grab the bobblehead since the Anarchist is a major 
    druggie. The extra health won't go amiss either, if you're ever spotted and need to take a couple hits.





    Charisma 7

    Charisma is necessary when you're needing to buy tones of ammo, grenade parts, and weapons/armour to take mods off. Put the You're Special! book here, and spend points whenever you can to up Charisma to 10 in order to get the best prices and high end perks like Wasteland Whisperer, Intimidation and Inspirational.


    Intelligence 6 

    Grab the bobblehead asap for Chemist - which is quickly becoming my favourite perk. If you're also a hater of shopping around for weapons to take mods off, you could take Science! and Gun Nut too, though that will push you past level 50.


    Agility 6

    The Anarchist is one sneaky bastard - get that bobblehead and shoot for all the stealthy perks, like Sneak, Ninja and Mister Sandman for maximum sneak attack damage and stealthiness. You'll also want to pick up ranks of Commando whenever you can to improve the damage of your weapon.


    Luck 1 

    This build isn't much for luck, but a later investment can be beneficial. Scrounger is taken over Fortune Finder since on high Charisma builds you can sell all that excess ammo for a tidy profit. You've also got Bloody Mess, both for shits and giggles and because it's thematic with the explosions.



    Commando, Demolitions Expert and Bloody Mess

    Our primary weapon will be the Spray n Pray, a sub-machine gun with the Explosive legendary effect, which benefits from both Commando and Demolitions Expert. This is an absolutely beastly weapon - it comes with some great mods to start with (including a suppressor), is easy to find mods for in shops (since this isn't a Gun Nut build), and once you factor in the Demolitions Expert perk (doubling the explosive damage and increasing the radius of the explosions) you're looking at an insane amount of damage. This gun can be bought from Cricket, a travelling merchant who can be encountered outside Vault 81, Diamond City and Warwick Homestead (these are the places I usually have the most luck finding her, she can be a bit of a pain to track). Make sure you've got a few thousand caps on you when you do go looking for her, in order to buy Spray n Pray. Thanks to Demolitions Expert the Anarchist can also make use of the Partystarter missile launcher and the Big Boy for insane burst damage, and Bloody Mess just completes the explosions theme with a nice 15% extra damage.

    Sneak, Mister Sandman and Ninja

    The Anarchist is a sneaky bastard too. Ranks of Sneak are taken in order to remain hidden more effectively, but the real treat here is Mister Sandman and Ninja. These two perks, in conjunction with Deacon's Cloak and Dagger perk, turn what was already a powerful weapon into arma-fucking-geddon. With these buffs the sneak attacks on Spray n Pray are through the roof, putting even the snipers to shame.

    Chemist and Chem Resistant

    Chems just add to the anarchy, and further increase the damage you'll be doing. My preferred Chems were tall variants of Psycho, Jet and Overdrive, to maximise damage. 

    Wasteland Whisperer, Intimidation and Black Widow

    The high level Charisma perks are awesome - Wasteland Whisperer and Intimidation let you bully the majority of Boston into doing your bidding, creating even more anarchy as you turn foes into friends and set them on their former allies! Misdirection is a key theme here. Black Widow can help with some extra damage too (I went female to make the most out of it), but I primarily used it to make Intimidation more successful. A clever use of Wasteland Whisperer and Intimidation is also to pacify an enemy then sneak attack them again - you'll still get the bonus if you're undetected.


    I thought this perk deserved a section of its own because it's so awesome. The second rank is the target - companions taking no damage?! What better way to synergise with an explosives heavy build than having a companion who is immune to missiles, grenades and nukes! What's more, companions are actually beneficial for the Anarchist, unlike most other stealth builds - just send your companion out ahead to pull enemies, bunching them up and making it much easier to rain fire and death from afar!

    Caps Collector and Scrounger

    The final pieces of the puzzle, these two perks work so well together - high Charisma along with any Tale of a Junktown Jerky Vendor mags and Caps Collector means you can buy and sell at far better prices. With Scrounger, you've also got an excess of ammo, meaning you can shed off a load of ammo at an increased selling price in exchange for all the weapons to de-mod and missiles you'll need!

    For final stats, we're looking at 2 Strength, 5 Perception, 4 Endurance, 10 Charisma, 7 Intelligence, 7 Agility, and 3 Luck. This includes bobbleheads, You're Special! and any other level ups you make to stats.

    Level 50 Perks

    The Anarchist is fairly simplistic in terms of progression. At first you'll be playing like a sniper, albeit one with an automatic weapon. Enemies at earlier levels aren't particularly damaging so you can get by with mediocre armour and minimal investment in stealth. Still, you'll want to pick up a companion as soon as possible to tank some damage and draw enemies off of you.

    Head down to Diamond City and join the Railroad once you feel strong enough - Deacon is our ideal companion since he's a capable sneaker and won't alert enemies as much as other followers. Try to max out his affinity for Cloak and Dagger, but be careful doing this - getting Cloak and Dagger before maxing Ninja and/or Mister Sandman will cause some strange bugs which actually result in less sneak attack damage. Basically, you want to either get Cloak and Dagger before getting any ranks of Ninja/Mister Sandman (not advisable, since you'll need those), after maxing one and not perking the other, or after maxing both. Personally, I maxed out Ninja, then got Cloak and Dagger, then started on Mister Sandman. That way you can land some impressive sneak attack multipliers, which when coupled with the insane damage output of Spray n Pray along with chems means you'll be tearing through foes from the shadows.

    Start amassing caps early - you'll want to pay a visit to Cricket ASAP in order to get Spray n Pray, but to buy the gun you'll need a few thousand caps. Sell off any ammo that isn't .45, missiles or mini nukes in order to save up for the former ammo types and buy the big guns like the Partystarter and the Big Boy - both provide excellent burst damage (though I'd advise only using the Big Boy outside).

    After getting some of the core skills down (sneak and damage related perks) I branched out into Chems and Charisma skills. Stuff like Wasteland Whisperer and Intimidation is never worth taking until the second rank, when you can actually start creating some dissension. But if you are struggling at earlier levels, feel free to take the first ranks and use successful pacification attempts to retreat and mount some more sneak attacks.



    The Anarchist's primary weapon is Spray n Pray. For secondaries I picked up the Partystarter missile launcher from KLEO in Goodneighbour, and the Big Boy from Aturo in Diamond City. Make use of Scrounger, Caps Collector and high Charisma to keep your desired ammo types high (.45, missles and mini-nukes) and sell the rest. With this method, I was able to purchase the Big Boy around level 30, just from roaming around and selling off ammo at exorbitant prices. You've also got grenades and mines (just frag variants, since the Anarchist lacks the Science! perk), to lay traps and offer some more support for your companions. You can even pick up the more hgh-tech explosives in shops if you want.

    Another gun I picked up later on was Good Intentions - acquired from a gunner by the name of Clint in Quincy Ruins, it comes with the enraging effect. A common problem with these enraging weapons is that they rely on critical hits to frenzy targets, which often means your target is either dead or close to death (especially if you're rocking Better Criticals) making the frenzy useless. Not for the Anarchist. Remove that automatic barrel mod pronto and replace it with some crap semi-auto barrel. Throw in some Overdrive and you'll be getting criticals roughly every fourth hit, and since Good Intentions is dealing awful damage due to your lack of Rifleman perks, frenzying enemies becomes a useful strategy for causing even more chaos, since the frenzied enemies will still have enough health to pose a problem to their former friends. 


    For armour I just went with plain old leather. Shop around for Shadowed mods to further increase your stealthiness, and pick up the Wastelander's chest piece from Myrna in Diamond City for that BioComm Mesh and the boost to Agility and Perception. For clothing, nothing's better than the Military Fatigues (+2 Agility), and for headware I stuck with a Gas Mask, for that masked madman vibe (plus the throwbacks to what was perhaps Doctor Who's creepiest episode).


    Closing Notes

    Had a lot of fun with this build - it lacks some of the intricate synergy of my Supersoldier, but it was a ton of fun nonetheless. Still got some ideas to get working on, so watch this space!

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    February 14, 2016

    Damn, I'm a sucker for explosives. Gonna give this a go 

  • February 14, 2016

    Cool, this seems like something I would enjoy playing.

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    February 14, 2016

    Like it dude! Wasn't what I was expecting, I like the charisma element and some of the combinations it can create with sneak attacks! 

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    February 14, 2016
    This looks like a lot of fun, definite like from me
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    February 14, 2016
    My favorite part of this is explosives + inspirational. The one time I went heavy explosives on a play through I kept maiming my companion. What a great find.
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    February 14, 2016
    Haha same here. I was much more friendly to Nick after my Surgeon took those perks.
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    February 14, 2016
    Man I was like...sorry Nick! Sorry dogmeat! Now, if it were Lydia...I wouldn't have cared.
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    February 14, 2016

    Great build and setup, but what about his backstory? Motives for being who he is?

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    February 14, 2016
    Yeah, there is some pretty awesome synergy there. I loved just spraying (n praying :D) explosive bullets willy-nilly while Deacon tanked through it all.