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Character Build: The Gear (F04)

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    January 28, 2016

    Hello everypony, now, after playing through several builds on the amazing F04, I’ve decided to post some. This first build was inspired by 2 things. The first, is Mason’s amazing Biomech, and the second is mech anime and games like Gundam, Xenogears, Big 0, which I’m sure many of us grew up watching or playing. For me, it was some Big 0, and Gundam SD, with one Gundam fighting game. Well, with that, I present to you....

    A Mech-tastic Theme Song





    In the months prior to the Great War, a joint task force composed of the best and brightest American and Japanese scientists worked to create weapons that would allow them to launch counter-invasions of China. Thus came about Project GEAR. These imposing , pilot controlled robotic suits  were more agile, and mobile than their smaller counterparts, with better firepower to boot. There were the slimmer M-Gears, which would be light infantry, carrying melee weapons or small arms. Then there were the G-Gears, these would be heavy infantry, the G-Gears, with heavy ordinance. Both would interface with the pilots nervous system and brain, augmented by a combat cocktail of chems. They were all buried in their vaults by the nukes, until a Pre-War survivor located one....

    Gear Systems Online.




    S-6 P-2 E-6 C-2 I-7 A-4 L-1


    S-10 P-7 E-7 C-4 I-9 A-8 L-8

    The Build

    What I wanted to do with this build was create a more mobile, melee and guns using Power Armored character, with some chems to help them in combat. I also wanted a build that spent a majority of its time exploring or in combat, in Power Armor. This character will be durable and fairly powerful at the start, but once you get chems pumping in you, and a full set of Power Armor, then things will start to go your way. I went for a while in the old T-51 you get from Concord, swapping out the helmet for a sweet X-01 I “borrowed” from Proctor Teagan’s armory.

    Using the Dogmeat Duplication Glitch, wherein you drop an item, and pick it up a second or two before Dogmeat does, I used it to duplicate the You’re SPECIAL book, as well as the Mysterious Serum, and used it to boost my SPECIAL levels. With this in mind, I only raised it to the level before the one I needed, then grabbed the corresponding Bobblehead. The main perks I took, aside from ones like Blacksmith, Armorer, Science, etc. were Critical Banker, Better Criticals, Steady Aim, Nuclear Physicist, Lone Wanderer,  and most of all, Pain Train!

    I bucking love Pain Train. I’m surprised this wasn’t a built in feature of Power Armor already. What this perk does is, when wearing PA, if you sprint into an enemy, not only will you do increased damage to them, but you’ll be able to knock them down or stagger them. This does not work on certain enemies, such as Behemoths or Deathclaws.

    When you can, head down to Sunshine Tidings Co-Op, and grab the copy of Wasteland Survival Guide, which will allow you to get more meat from certain enemies. Not only does cooking these meats give you XP, but they can also provide more than just boosted restoration of health. For instance, Grilled Ragstag also provides +25 Carrying Capacity, or Mirelurk Cakes that give you water breathing.

    When it comes to Chems, my favorites, aside from the basics like Buffout or Psycho, I used an assortment of Chems. These shall be detailed soon, but shooting these up during battle will make some fights either much more fun, or more survivable.

    Note: I do not condone or condemn the usage of medicinal drugs, though I would not recommend utilizing recreational drugs. You may get in trouble with the law, or seriously wreck your body. This Public Fallout Announcement has been brought to you by Vault-Tec representative Chris Diokno.

    Aside from Dogmeat, the only other followers I utilized were Cait (Since I wanted to do her quest, and because she gains approval from using Chems), and Paladin Danse (Because he’s one of my favorites, and he uses Power Armor from the get go!), and romanced both of them. I ended up doing Lost Patrol, and ended up killing [spoiler]Paladin Brandis[/spoiler], prior to meeting him, while traveling with Cait, JUST to get that sweet Brotherhood Officer Uniform. Though, I recommend, doing this quest after getting Danse, and getting [spoiler]Paladin Brandis[/spoiler] back into the Brotherhood, to get approval. Lone Wanderer activates when alone, or with Dogmeat, and not only boosts your damage, but also your Carry Weight.

    Once you hit, at minimum, level 28, and have some decent Luck, head to Court 35. Save before entering, and be careful. Once you get in, head on to the last area, where there should be two sealed doors on either side of you, and one infront, Head near one, and an alarm will sound. An Assaultron and a Sentry Bot will come out, Deal with them, press the buttons in the rooms they came from, and grab your armor, If its not an X-01, reload any autosaves.

    The synergy between the Repair Bobblehead, and Nuclear Physicist can allow one to remain in Power Armor for quite awhile. Plus, the ability to drop low fuel Power Cores as grenades is bucking awesome.

    Beneath my Power Armor, which I would exit for Speech Checks, was a Formal Hat, Fashionable Glasses, a Clean Black Suit, or Lorenzo’s Suit later on.  The only other time I was out of my Power Armor was when I (rarely) had no Fusion Cores, as being stuck walking slowly bucking sucks.

    Remember to keep plenty to Tatos, Mutfruit, Purified Water, and Corn handy to make Vegetable Starch for some easy, and fairly cheap, Adhesive. Or you could scrounge for Duct Tape (One of mankind’s greatest inventions), Wonderglue, Economy Wonderglue, or Rolls of Duct Tape.

    Try and keep moving during fights. Hip fire will make up most of your combat. I chose to swap between Emergency Protocols, which increase your speed and damage output when at or below 20% health, and Jetpack, which, combined with the vent upgrade, allows you to fly into the air, disengage the jetpack, and stomp on your foes, staggering them, which, if you have AP after this is over, you may Pain Train them back to the ground.

    Critical Banker, which allows you to save up Critical Hits, and Better Criticals, which increase the damage of Critical Hits, stack up really well. Alongside that, when possible, fuse it with a sneak attack and chems for even more damage!

    Speaking of Chems....


    Just a few of my choices

    (Sunlight Yellow) Overdrive-+25 Critical Chance, and damage output +25%, one of my favorites.

    Jet Fuel-Increased AP recovery rate, and +35 Max AP.

    Fury-Melee Damage boosted by 50%, Perception -5, Damage Resist +25%, awesome when we have a good melee weapon, like an Extended Blade Ripper, or Grognak’s Axe.

    Buffjet-Slowed time for 37 seconds, Strength +3, Endurance +3, Max HP +65, Max AP +35.

    Ultra Jet-Slow Time for 37 Seconds, Max AP +100

    Mysterious Serum-(Secret of Cabot House)-Damage Resist +50, Rads - 36000!, Strength +5



    Power Armor

    image (3).jpeg

    The creme de la creme of the build. Here are my personal preferences for the armor upgrades:

    X-01 Helmet-Mk. V, X-01 EMP shielding, VATS Matrix Overlay, Headlamp Bright/Red Tactical

    X-01 Chassis-Mk. V, X-01 EMP Shielding, Jet Pack

    X-01 Right Arm-Mk. II, Explosive Shielding, Rusty Knuckles

    X-01 Left Arm-Mk. V, Explosive Shielding, Tesla Bracers

    X-01 Right Leg-Mk V, Prism Shielding, Overdrive Servos

    X-01 Left Leg-Mk. V, Titanium Plating, Explosive Vent


    download (20).jpg

    This awesome Chicago Typewriter not only has an awesome fire rate, but every shot you do does a base 15 explosive damage, plus the base 35 non-explosive damage. The .45 ammo it utilisez is fairly common. Plus, the explosive damage is boosted by the Demolition Expert perk and subsequent ranks.



    The Damascus

    This renamed Shishkebab not only has an awesome look, but does not only a fair amount of melee damage, alongside flame damage. If you couple that with the Extra Flame Jet modification, then you get even more fire damage. If you also factor in the Blitz Perk, then the farther you are from an enemy when doing a melee attack, the more damage you do. Plus, if you’re lucky, when you skewer an enemy with this bad boy, their corpse will be crispier than Filipino street vended barbecue.

    download (28).jpg

    The Atomizer

    This nifty, renamed hunting rifle not only did its base ballistic damage, it also did some radiation damage to boot. Coupled with this, I switched between a .38 and a Powerful Receiver. While the PR would give me more fire power, the .38 allowed me to use it more, as .38 ammo is, personally, more common than .308, and cheaper. Plus, using this beauty has the chance to goopify your foes, like a plasma weapon.

    Various Grenades

    Whether they be your simple Fragmentation Grenades, all the way to the badass Nuka and Plasma Grenades, Demolition Expert will make these babies blow your enemies into Oblivion! 

    Well, that’s it folks. Thanks to Lee Friskilis for the Perk Spread. I hope you enjoy the build.

  • January 29, 2016

    Hmm, looking good for the most part, I like the mix of Melee and Ranged weapons used here, it definitely seems to work with the Power Armour. 

    Pain Train was definitely one of the most interesting perks I glanced at. It seems to be interesting enough and one of the more useful Strength Perks,

    Overall the biggest thing is that those pictures are just way too blurry, if your on PC or PS4 you can take Screenshots fairly easily and I'm sure they'd turn out better, I'd either take the screenshots or swap them out with some other images (The three after Perks, not Damascus Blade)

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    January 29, 2016

    Ah, thanks DB, I'll try to take screenshots with my PS4

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    January 29, 2016

    Looks like fun!

    What's going on with that perk spread chris? Looks a bit jumbled, guess it's to make room for the picture...

    How did taking Steady Aim play out? I've not used that perk yet. Also, no damage perks? Commando/Rifleman/Heavy Gunner? was that deliberate or did you just forget to include them?

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    January 29, 2016

    I actually didn't take them for the build, though if you go past level 50, feel free to take them.