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Character Build: The Stable Dweller (FO3)

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    September 30, 2015

    Welcome, one and all, to my third Fallout Character Build. Let’s step into the well worn shoes of....

     Stable Dweller Theme

    image (6).png

    Vault 02, where the only entertainment, outside of an abundance of books or exercise equipment, was this beautiful singer, Anna Velvet. I had always had a crush on her, but how could someone as wonderful as her love a boring Pip-Boy technican like me? I’m glad I got out of the Stable. It was our nickname for ol’ 02, since most of us were worked like Old World horses, maybe even worse. Well, that, and our Overseers have always had an odd affiniation for Giddyup Buttercup. Now, off to find Anna, and, this 101 scientist our Overseer wanted me to find.  Off to the Capital Wasteland, it seems. I’ll get them back, or my name isn’t Lilith Piplan!



    S-6: Lilith is a tiny bit stronger than your average, though this isn’t just due to excersing to keep fit, which she rarely did, not, its because she often had to lug around boxes of spare parts and items in need of repair.

    P-8: Years of intimately repairing complex hardware, fixing items needing small parts and tight slots,  and a natural talent, have given Lilith a keen eyesight.

    E-7 Years of exercise and working long shifts on reparing machinery, alongside the time in the Wasteland, have made you a bit more sturdy than others,

    C-6: While not the most extrovertive person, Lilith was able to reason with her fellow Vault Dwellers when trouble arose.

    I-8: Years of reading for fun, working on the machinery of the Pip-Boys, and self-teaching herself some things has allowed Lilith a bit more knowledge than your average Vault Dweller.

    A-6: Her thinner frame and excersise has made Lilith faster than most, coupled with having to make quick repairs to Pip-Boys and other machinery in the Vault.

    L-7: While she left everything she ever knew behind, she still has her wits, and sheer luck on her side to keep her alive.

    Main Followers-Star Paladin Cross/Fawkes, and Dogmeat.



    Tagged Skills:

    Small Guns-In order to keep the Vault safe, all dwellers had to take at least an hour of mandatory firearms training. Her smaller build made her favor less larger guns, and due to them being easier to maintain.

    Lockpick-Lilith would often fiddle with old locks, trying to find out they worked. That, and helping some of her fellow Vault Dwellers get into their rooms if they lost their key helped.

    Repair-Her main job was maintaining Pip-Boys, and fixing up her regulation firearm, as well as the favored one she obtained in the Wastes, has kept her skills sharp.

    Untagged Skills:

    Science-Due to several requests, Littlepip learned how to work programming, mainly due to several of her friends asking her to add some extra programs to their Pip-Boys.

    Speech-Whenever an argument arose between her friends, or fellow Dwellers in general, Lilith was often able to resolve it with reasoning.




    The main way to approach combat, is to try and first find out what youŕe facing. If you haven’t been detected, drop into stealth, and find a good vantage point. Try and scope out what enemies you have, whether they be Raiders, Enclave, Super Mutants, etc. Try and pick off your enemies from range with your Rifle. If you need to take down a group of enemies, or a tough foe, like a Sentry Bot or Deathclaw, start chucking Plasma Grenades.

    If you have been detected, find cover to avoid enemy fire, and only return fire if you feel like you can survive it. Use anything, whether it be rocks, a downward slope, or even a shopping cart, as cover. Try and avoid fights if necessary, using Speech or your meager Sneaking skills to get pass. If a fight is going south, holster your weapon, and run as far as you can. Dogmeat is good for scouting ahead, and does some decent damage. Cross or Fawkes deal the main tank damage, and you, are somewhere in the middle. Use Blackhawk sparingly, for the .44 ammo for it is quite scarce.

    Collect any Mentats you find.

    Recommended Quests:

    Main Quest-Your Overseer tasked you with bringing this James to aid with the Vault, but, perhaps he, and you, have a bigger destiny to play in the Capital Wasteland.

    Rielys Rangers-Finding an injured woman in the clinic of Underworld, you help her back to health, and rescue her fellow Rangers from a mutant-infested hotel.

    Tenpenny Tower-Hearing how Ghouls aren’t allowed in this luxurious, fortified hotel, you try and mitigate a peaceful situation with the two groups.

    You Gotta Shoot them in the Head-Hearing of a reward from a wealthy Ghoul, you instead lie, persuading each of the individuals he tells you to target, and take back the keys for yourself. Don’t shoot any of the targets (Except Alistair Tenpenny, bigoted ass)

    Power of the Atom=Finding an unexploded nuke in the center of a town of mostly kind Wastelanders, you decide to lend a helping hand, and disarm it.

    The Synthetic Man-Finding holotapes of an escaped Android from the Commonwealth, you decide to try and help them keep their old lives, and despense some justice.

    Agatha’s Song-Finding an old muscisian in the Wastes, you help her recover a family violin, and a sheet book, and she gifts you with her radio station, and her husband’s old pistol.

    Andale-After finding the dark secret of this seemingly peaceful town, you slay each of these monsters, except the old man, who warns you, and takes care of the children.



    •  Give water to beggars if you can

    • Be polite to children (Except McCreedite)

    • Regularly talk to your Companions.

    • Try and return home after each mission, stay for atleast an ingame day.

    • You take Mentats often, mainly to stave off the people youve killed, and the horrors you see in the Wastes



    As always, thanks to Golden Fool for the perk and equipment spread, as well as you for reading.

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    September 30, 2015

    Great job Chris, looks great! Really representative of LittlePip! 

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    September 30, 2015

    Clerical note; I'm not sure what you were going for with your tags, but it looks like you used a few too many quotation marks.

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    March 11, 2017

    Whats up with the specials?

  • June 5, 2018

    The images disapppeared, and I was wondering what they were. 

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    June 5, 2018
    I can't recall
  • July 17, 2018

    which perks did you use? you didn't specify

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    July 17, 2018

    TheVampyreKing said:

    which perks did you use? you didn't specify

    Ah shit, I actually don't remember

  • July 17, 2018

    well you can double check your tree and post it. btw i altered the morality. my characters always sympathize with the raiders and enclave

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    July 17, 2018

    TheVampyreKing said:

    well you can double check your tree and post it. btw i altered the morality. my characters always sympathize with the raiders and enclave

    That really doesn't fit Littlepip's persona, but It could work in an AU