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Character Build: The Saint (FNV)

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    September 26, 2015

    Let our Cleansing Fire burn the wasteland, and leave only the pure.

    Let our Holy Wrath demolish the weak, and leave only the deserving.

    Let our Untainted Anger eradicate the corrupted, and leave only the righteous.

    For the Enclave! For the Saints!



    The Saints are the Enclave's all-female military unit, formed after the latter’s defeat at Navarro 40 years ago. These fanatical soldiers’ mission is to purify the wasteland, eradicating anyone they deem impure with the help of their fire-based weaponry and explosive ordnance. They are proficient in the healing arts and are expert survivalists as well, able to brew heat-resistant poisons and coat their flaming swords with it. In addition to their repertoire of skills, they also possess a silver tongue, able to persuade people to the Saint’s advantage and to squeeze out every cap whenever they barter.


    Melee Weapons - Our primary source of damage. The Saint will make use of the powerful Shishkebab (and later its unique version Gehenna) to take down her foes.

    Survival - Aside from making Hardcore more bearable, Survival will be important in the creation of poisons to increase the damage of our Shishkebab.

    Medicine - For someone who's gonna be always in the thick of battle, a reliable source of healing is greatly needed and Medicine assures that the Saint will be the last woman standing in the battlefield.


    Unarmed - Since you will need to have 90 Unarmed to acquire the Slayer perk, we might as well capitalize on that and use fists on our playthrough. We will use the Saturnite super heated fist to keep up with the fire theme of this build.

    Explosives - Our most important perk, Pyromaniac, will need 60 Explosives to unlock. So not unlike Unarmed, we will again take advantage of it and utilize some fireworks to soften up targets before slashing them to pieces with our flaming sword.

    Barter - The Saint needs to have a steady income if she wants to have a continuous supply of medicinal items and payment for the maintenance of her weapons (to compensate for the lack of the Repair skill).

    Speech – The Saints are adept at manipulating people in advancing their agenda. Aside from the role-play perspective, Speech is also beneficial to accomplish quests more easily and bypassing difficult fights.


    SPECIAL distribution is the bare minimum needed to unlock all necessary perks without any implants with the exception of Agility. Before level 24, purchase the Reflex Booster implant from Dr. Usanagi to unlock the Slayer perk. Once you got enough caps, buy additional implants for better damage, carrying capacity, more health and higher critical hit chance.

    Majority of this build's perks increase the overall damage of our Shishkebab and Explosive weapons. We also took perks that fortify our protection, as this is primarily a melee build.

    Heavy Handed's penalty can easily be countered by Better Criticals and Elijah's Ramblings, the latter perk acquired at the end of the Dead Money DLC. Both perks will reduce the 60% decreased critical hit damage to just 10%.



    The build will have an optional ranking system thus this section will be divided into 3 parts, each representing a rank of the Saint. Each rank will also have different weapon and armor sets, for further immersion and progression.

    Our first rank, the Militant, represents the beginning of the Saint’s journey. She still doesn't have any access to the Shishkebab so she will use any melee weapon available to her, coating them with poisons for increased damage. She will also don light armor for this rank. Gameplay consists of hit and run tactics, taking advantage of her light armor to quickly close in on her enemies. Lobbing a grenade or two is also useful to cripple and slow her foes, preventing them from escaping her wrath.

    Weapons: Broad Machete (if you purchased the Courier Pack DLC), Baseball bat, Frag and incendiary grenades, dynamites

    Armor: Merc outfit (any variant), Leather armor

    Poisons: Silver sting

    The second rank, the Battle-Sister, will begin once she acquires her first Shishkebab. Now wearing medium armor, Battle-Sisters enjoy more protection in combat at the cost of slower running speed. Hard hitting enemies can still easily kill you so make use of any obstacles when charging towards them, such as boulders or walls. The Saturnite fist is a back up weapon in case your Shishkebab breaks in combat and will allow the use of Unarmed perks, notably the Ranger Takedown.

    Weapons: Shishkebab, Saturnite super heated fist, Grenade rifle

    Armor: Combat armor, Recon armor

    Poisons: Cloud Kiss (weak and potent), Bleak Venom

    The third and final rank, the Seraphim, represents the pinnacle of the Saint’s skills and abilities. Wielding an upgraded flaming sword coated with the deadliest poisons and suiting up the heaviest armors, Seraphims will straight up charge onto battle, shrugging off bullets and lasers to destroy anyone standing in her path. Our explosive power is also greatly increased, as we can quickly saturate an area with 6 to 8 grenades before closing in for the kill.

    Weapons: Gehenna, Saturnite super heated fist, 25mm grenade APW

    Armor: Armor of the 87th Tribe or any Power Armor

    Poisons: Cloud Kiss (lethal), Tremble, Bleak Venom


    If you want to use companions, my best choice for the Saint are Rex and Arcade. Rex's behavior of charging towards the enemy even in passive mode is a boon for the Saint, as the cyberdog will draw most of the enemy's fire to allow you to reach your target unscathed. The mutt also possesses a unique attack where he will tackle foes to the ground. For his companion quest, choose to implant Lupa's brain (the Legion mongrel) to give Rex a much needed DT boost.

    Arcade Gannon is the best humanoid companion for the Saint roleplay and gameplay wise. His Better Healing perk synergizes well with Fast Metabolism, healing a huge chunk of hit points with just a single Stimpak use. He also has a high Energy and Melee Weapons skill so you can equip him with his own Shishkebab and a Flamer. Lastly, both of you are Enclave members, so there's that.



    Main Quest (Yes Man) – A victory at Hoover Dam will reverse the Enclave’s devastating defeat at the hands of the Chosen One and will once again be a dominant force in the West Coast. With an army of murder-bots at your command, the Enclave can finally take the fight to the heart of the NCR.

    “The Bear and the Bull shall fall today.”

    Dead Money – Besides acquiring a reliable source of cloud residue and the Elijah’s Ramblings perk, this will be the Saints’ chance to neutralize a former Brotherhood of Steel Elder and claim the treasure of the Sierra Madre for themselves. This treasure in turn can be used to fund the Saints’ activities in the Mojave.

    “After I eradicate Elijah, his precious Brotherhood will be next.”

    Lonesome Road – What better way to destroy the NCR and the Legion than a tactical nuclear strike? The Armor of the 87th Tribe (best armor for the Seraphim rank in my opinion) is also available upon the end of this questline.

    “The Divide will rain fire upon the heretics.”

    That Lucky Old Sun – A very powerful orbital weapon at your disposal, what’s not to like? Before finishing this mission, activate the Archimedes I defense system to vaporize all NCR personnel in the immediate vicinity.

    “The loss of Bradley-Hercules four years ago was devastating to the Enclave. Hopefully this Archimedes orbital laser will turn our fortunes for the better.”

    This is my second build for Fallout New Vegas and I hope you enjoyed it! Credits to deviantart for the awesome images. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Cheers!

    Head on to MY PAGE for more Fallout builds!

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    September 30, 2015

    Awesome work Monyx, I didn't notice this was based off the Adept Sorritas until I read the tags. 

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    September 30, 2015

    The Sororitas pictures didn't tip you off?

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    September 30, 2015

    I only really noticed the first one, and only realized what it was after reading about them.

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    October 2, 2015
    Thank you Chris!
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    January 6, 2017

    so.... Dlc required?

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    January 6, 2017

    so.... Dlc required?

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    January 8, 2017

    I love the armor of the 87th tribe! one of my all time faves

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    August 8, 2018

    Ah, one of my all time favorite FNV builds on the site. We really need more of 'em