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Character Build: The Pre-War Survivor (FO3)

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    August 19, 2015

    This build came out of a small idea that came to mind, based a bit on the Sole Survivor, protagonist of Fallout 4. What would happen if your average Joe or Jane, from a bit before the bombs dropped, with a 50’s style mindset in the late 21st century, woke up in the Capitol Wasteland. With that, welcome to....


    cooltext127187687025768 (1).png

    You had a fairly average childhood, your father was a part-time hunter and mechanic, while your mother was a respected doctor in the local hospital. You secured yourself a job in Vault-Tec, as an engineer. You helped maintain the quarantine cryostasis pods they kept in the closest Vault to your hometown. One afternoon, in 2075, you were patching up a leak in one of the pods, when it accidently switched on, trapping you within. You were in cryogenic stasis as the bombs fell. When you awoke, 200 years later, you had found your home had become Hell on Earth.....


    S-6 You did work out from time to time, though not much. It was mainly carrying heavy equipment around the Vault.

    P-6 You’re able to catch small things that most don’t, but other than that, you’re as perceptive as the next fellow

    E-6 Your daily workouts made you fit, but it's not like you can take five miniguns emptying themselves into your chest, you’re not Superman.

    C-6 While you don’t have the good looks and silver tongue of a politician,  you can haggle and talk your way out of sticky situations when possible.

    I-8 Years of reading for entertainment, as well as helping your mom in the hospital or your dad fix up a car have given you knowledge that few outside of those two professions would casually know off the top of their head.

    A-6 Tracking animals with your dad has given you plenty of training being agile and quick in catching game.

    L-2 Your friends and family are long gone, your hometown of Springfield is a bombed out ruin, mutants and raiders roam the land, and the United States has crumbled into an irradiated warzone where clean water is rare, but at least you’re alive, and you have some survival skills.




    Small Guns-Your main offense, due to ammo being more common for small guns than for Energy Weapons, plus, considering almost all small guns are Pre-War, then the Survivor would be used to these, and they would probably be cheaper than say, a Plasma Pistol.

    Speech-Even though you may not be cut out to be a politician or a lawyer, you do know how to negotiate and get others to see your way. It’s gotten you out of scraps before.

    Repair-Helping your dad and your older brother at the mechanic gave you valuable insight on engineering. When you later bought a small rifle for home defense, you learned how to maintain it.

    (With Tag!) Medicine-Often aiding his mother with patients in the hospital, he learned about medical procedure and about various medications and chemicals.



    Lockpicking-Your mother taught you how to open locks with just a bobby pin. This helped quite often when you worked for Vault-Tec as you often lost the small key needed to open the cryostasis pod maintenance hatches.

    Sneak-Having hunted with your father, you learned to stay quiet enough so as not to attract the attention of dangerous predators, and get the drop on deer and the like.


    Recommended Companions:

    Fawkes-While the prospect of traveling with a hulking mutant carrying a large gatling laser and sledgehammer is odd to the Survivor, this guy, as many of you may know, is tough to kill, and deals out some awesome damage. Needs good Karma.

    Dogmeat-You had a dog when you were younger, so having one accompany you in your adventures makes you feel a little less alone.


    Early Game Gear:


    .32 Pistol-
    A rather weak pistol, yes, but a common looking enough pistol that one would get for survival, plus, it uses a relatively common ammo type. Best used in combination with a sneak attack to boost damage.

    Hunting Rifle-
    A rather good rifle, especially if combined with VATS. Does very good damage, and uses the same ammo as the .32.


    Frag Grenade-A simple looking grenade. Lob it at the right time, in combination with a sneak attack, will cripple stronger enemies, and kill weaker ones.

    Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit-You were frozen in the pod with nothing but the clothes on your back. Even after all is said and done, you prefer wearing these in the comfort of your own home.

    Late Game Gear:



    Railway Rifle-While the ammo is a bit more random than other small guns type ammo, It has a 3x multiplier to damage limbs, makes a train whistle noise when firing, and does about 30-36.5 damage. Also, I like the makeshift weapon vibe.

    Sydney’s 10mm “Ultra” SMG-A gift from Sydney, you have to find a holotape in a hotel room in the Statesman Hotel, which you go to during Reily’s Rangers, and give it to her, where she will give it to you after the quest, or you can just allow her to be killed by the Securitrons and Mr. Gutsy’s in the Rotunda basement. It does 2 more damage and carries 20 more ammo than the standard 10mm SMG.

    Nuka-Grenade-Crude, yet powerful, this little baby does, at most, over 500 damage, and the only two explosives that beat it are a Mini-Nuke, and a Bottlecap Mine+Perks. Plus, the blue and orange explosion looks awesome.

    Regulator Duster-A look befitting a man who has become more accustomed to the terrors of the Wasteland. Not only do you get it for joining a law enforcement type group, but it also gives you an increase of 1 to Charisma, and 5 to Small Guns.



    Suggested Quests:

    Main Quest-Upon hearing word of a Vault Scientist leaving a nearby Vault, you trek off in search of him, hoping he may have answers to the world around you.

    Wasteland Survival Guide-With how new you are to the Capital Wasteland, both learning about the new world and helping others learn how to survive is a priority.

    Agatha’s Song-Upon finding an elderly violinist, you decide to help her find not only a priceless violin in one of the vaults, but also pick up some sheet music, to bring some culture back to the Wastes.

    Oasis-Meeting with a man turned tree via radiation and some sort of chemical, you volunteer to help spread his growth, hoping a rush of vegetation could help the Wastes return to some semblance of Pre-War days.

    The Replicated Man-After discovering holotapes about an android from the Boston Commonwealth, you vow to help this synthetic man escape slavery from the Institute.



    Thanks for reading, dear reader. Thank you Golden Fool, as usual for an awesome Perk Spread. After some testing, I’ll have a New Vegas version up eventually. Stay tuned!

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    August 19, 2015

    Solid looking build, Chris. I'd maybe look at the Fallout wiki to get some better pictures for those first few weapons, though.

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    August 19, 2015

    Thanks Boro, got better pictures

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    August 19, 2015


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    August 20, 2015
    Nice looking build! I enjoy the sort of "hint" towards FO4 with the backstory. Pretty cool and fun for this type of character. Well done.
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    August 20, 2015
    Thanks Henson, glad you liked it, always glad to see one of the big builders liked my build. The cryopod reveal actually prompted this build creation, and a what if a Pre-War man found themselves in the wastes, whatnwouldmthey think or do sort of thing running through my mind,