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Character Build: The Cheat (FNV)

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    June 23, 2015

    The Cheat

    The Cheat is best played as a male character. The Cheat grew up in Freeside with no father as he was killed when the Cheat was just a young boy and his mother wasn't there for him so he found a friend in Old Ben and was taught how to win people over with words. The Cheat grew up to become a successful gambler in the Strip and almost Bankrupted the casinos until he was found out as a cheat by Big Sal in Gomorrah and he lost everything, his slick clothes, his house, his reputation and most importantly his caps! Forced to leave the Strip he ventured into Freeside where he was weak and would often get beaten up by thugs and sometimes even the King's men he decided to leave and found his way to Primm where he picked up a courier job to make some quick caps and get his life back when he saw the price on the Platinum Chip delivery he knew he had to get it and was amazed that the previous courier had gave it up so he set and you know what happens next...

    Strength - 1  The Cheat is a small and pretty fragile man meaning he is not the strongest wastelander out there, he relies more on his charm and wits for tough situations.

    Perception - 7  The Cheat is perceptive as he needs to know everything that is going on around him, he is the center of attention and needs to have everything under control.

    Endurance - 5  The Cheat is moderately fit and healthy, even after he has lost everything.

    Charisma - 9  The Cheat is known for his silver tongue he could even perhaps talk his way out of a fight with a Deathclaw.

    Intelligence - 6  The Cheat is smart and witty he knows the in and outs if most things and can work termianls pretty well.

    Agility - 5  The Cheat is not the best athlete but he he's not the worst.

    Luck - 7  The Cheat is lucky but he is more cunning than lucky.


    Small Frame: This trait adds 1 to your agility but comes at the cost of your limbs crippling easier but I feel this trait suits the character as he was beaten up several times following his exile from the Strip.

    Skilled: Adds 5 to each skill at the cost of 10% experience loss, use exploit I explained in my Patriot build for extra skill points.


    Speech (TAG): The Cheat's main weapon is his silver tongue and this skill is so that he can talk his way out of way fights, he can get better rewards and obtain information with ease.

    Barter (TAG): The Cheat uses his sweet talking to get better deals when trading and if he can't talk his way out he could also bribe his way out.

    Lockpick: The Cheat uses his knowledge of locks to his advantage as he can pick them and get to what he needs/get in to locked places. Can be chosen as a TAG skill.

    Science: The Cheat knows how to unlock terminals to get to whatever he wants. Can be chosen as TAG skill.

    (It is up to you which one you want to have as a TAG skill)

    Guns: The Cheat knows how to wield smaller arms with almost professional efficiency and he uses it for those that he can't talk to or if his sweet talking doesn't quite work.


    • Intense Training (END +1) (Gives you an extra endurance point for later perks)
    • Lady Killer (Used for Sweet talking the ladies/dealing extra damage to them)
    • Confirmed Bachelor (Additional dialogue choices/extra damage to men)
    • Educated (Best taken early to maximize effect and have more skill points)
    • Ferocious Loyalty (Your companions will be stronger while you are hurt)
    • Gunslinger (Good with small arms)
    • Fortune Finder (Find those all important caps)
    • Animal Friend (Even animals love him)
    • Mysterious Stranger (He's looking over you)
    • Fast Metabolism (Extra 20% health from Stimpacks)
    • Life Giver (Extra 30 hitpoints)
    • Spray 'n Pray (Protects your companions from yourself)
    • Long Haul (Fast Travel when over weight limit but if you have the Dead Money add-on you can use this to obtain all 37 gold bars from the Sierra Madre vault)


    Lucky - This is a unique .357 magnum revolver and it also packs more of punch than the normal .357 magnum. This gun suits The Cheat so well with its stylish decor and deadly capability. You will need 75 Lockpick to obtain the gun and it is in the Bison Steve Hotel in Primm.

    Silenced .22 Pistol - The Cheat uses this gun when he needs to enter casinos and various other places where you can only have holdout weapons this is his silent avenger for when someone cheats him. You can't cheat a cheater.

    Vance's 9mm Submachine Gun - A really good weapon for The Cheat to use when in a real fight as it has a good DPS. You can go straight to Wins Hideout or get a quest in Primm (55 Science skill needed) and you will find the gun in a safe with a very hard lock but you with a 55 speech skill (should not be hard for this character) you can convince the Wins to give you the gun.


    Viva Las Vegas - This outfit is worn by none other than The King and to get you are going to have to kill him which I will explain in the quests section. This outfit looks great and is very stylish for The Cheat to be seen wearing. You will need to be careful in combat because of the low DT but your objective is to stay out of combat

    Vance's Lucky Hat - Another item from the Wins Hideout it is worn by Sammy Wins so after you have got the gun kill both Wins as they can no longer help you and take the hat. Great for The Cheat as it makes him stand out more.


    Quests for The King: Make sure you do all his quests then once you have your passport for the Strip and Rex at your side kill him and his whole gang for the way they treated The Cheat following his exile from the Strip. It is all about getting others to help you then stabbing them in the back to 'tie up loose ends'.

    Main Questline: The Cheat will manipulate Benny and then kill him, after that you will work with Yes Man and take the Strip for yourself and Mr. House is old news so he will need to make way for you.

    The Strip: You should do all quests in the Strip as it is yours and you control it, you should the quest Bye Bye Love so that the quest How Little We Know has no issues and you can exact your revenge on Big Sal and Nero.

    You may be asking but they know who The Cheat is? well when he was shot be Benny he got a new face.

    If you are good at playing the gambling mini-games I would play them but personally I think that they aren't that good but it does help with the roleplay if you want


    You want to try and stay out of combat as much as possible or let your companions do most of the work. However the Khan Trick is a dirty move that can be used against foes. On the subject of companions I find there to be two routes the first being brute force (Lily and Rex) or more accurate (Boone and ED-E) of course it is up to you.

    I hope you like my second build as this is kind of an opposite to the my other build. Thank you my fellow Wastelanders!

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    June 23, 2015

    I might use Dean's tux or Vera's dress (on guys it makes a rather nice suit)

  • July 20, 2015

    I feel like the stats should be more balenced, as a Strength of 1 is WAAY too low (in my opinion, as I really like the sound of making a character like Han Solo and Austin Powers in New Vegas). I'd try to make it 3, with Endurance also being 3-to further boost his pacifistic nature. Luck should also be at 8 and trained to 9. Beyond that, I love the build and might give it a spin myself.

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    July 24, 2015
    That last pic is my phone wallpaper. Any way, I might just have to give this a spin because I always play a very Boone-like character, i.e. incredibly uncharismatic yet still highly effective in combat. This'll mix it up for me ;).