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Character Build: The Patriot (FNV)

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    June 23, 2015

    Character Build: The Patriot (FNV)

    The Patriot is the ultimate soldier who can wield a number of devastating weapons with extreme combat prowess. A masterful tactician and a hard hitter, The Patriot is a deadly killing machine who read about the Enclave and wanted to join them however The Chosen One destroyed The Enclave Oil Rig about 30 years before The Patriot was born, all through their childhood they trained to join them but then their family was murdered by Raiders and the young Patriot barely escaped with their life, they wandered from place to place for years until eventually they landed a courier job with the Mojave Express in Primm and was picked to carry the Platinum Chip after the first courier has dropped out, and you know what happens next...

    Strength - 6  The Patriot must quite strong to carry all their gear and deal some blows with melee weapons.

    Perception - 7  The Patriot must be well aware of his surroundings at all times as he knows that everything can be a threat.

    Endurance - 6  The Patriot has built themselves up to be a good soldier and their body is in good physical condition

    Charisma - 1  The Patriot is not known for his talking he much rather get the job done efficiently and is not afraid to kill anyone that gets in his way.

    Intelligence - 7  The Patriot is smart and knows his way round computer terminals and can easily fix up his weapons.

    Agility - 5  The Patriot has a decent knowledge of how to be sneaky but does prefer the all out approach, just gun them and get on with it.

    Luck - 8  The Patriot is a lucky person as they have already cheated death twice and that's even before you start playing.


    Guns (TAG): The Patriot most favorite skill as they can just pick up any gun and blow their opponent away in a hail of lead, they are also extremely proficient with their guns.

    Repair (TAG): The Patriot has an excellent understating of the mechanisms of weaponry and they can repair their weapons with ease. 

    Explosives (TAG): The Patriot loves watching their enemies go boom and they like to place mines and use C-4 plastic explosives to really mess with enemies.

    Science: The Patriot uses his knowledge of science to unlock terminals.

    Melee Weapons: The Patriot sometimes likes to get up close and personal with and enemy and show them the error of their ways.


    Skilled: Use this trait to gain 5 to every skill but suffer a loss of 10% experience gained. (When leaving the immediate area of Goodsprings and the game asks you if you want change anything select the Skilled trait again and you will receive and additional 5 points to every skill but the minus 10% experience will not be stacked)

    Wild Wasteland: Use this if you want to see a lot of Easter eggs and for the Holy hand grenades which are a really cool reference. (Not Necessary)



    • Swift Learner (Used to nullify the -10% experience of the Skilled trait)
    • Educated (Best taken as early as possible to maximize effectiveness)
    • Rapid Reload (Shows their quick hands for reloading)
    • Fortune Finder (To find extra caps, you'll need 'em!)
    • Commando (The Patriot is very accurate when he uses V.A.T.S.)
    • Scrounger (More ammo found, you'll need it!)
    • Strong Back (The Patriot needs to be able to carry all of his gear)
    • Fast Metabolism (Increased health given from Stimpacks, quite useful)
    • Sniper (The Patriot loves getting some sweet headshots in V.A.T.S.)
    • Adamantium Skeleton (The Patriot can't be crippled that easily)
    • Jury Rigging (Shows their understanding of weapon mechanics)
    • Sneering Imperialist (Hatred of Raiders for killing their family)
    • Grunt (Shows their prowess with a range of weaponry)

    Get all the implants as they are extremely helpful but you will need a lot of caps so beware. Also the Big Brained, Cardiac Arrest and Reinforced Spine perks from the Old World Blues add-on are great for The Patriot.


    That Gun - A really good pistol with good critical chance and it uses 5.56mm rounds (Requires Gun Runners Arsenal add-on, if you don't have it use the 5.56mm pistol) Sold by Cliff Briscoe in the Dino Bite gift shop or you can wait till night and break in the red door near where he stands and take the gun on the right.

    Bozar - This LMG is an absolute beast with a DPS of 474.8 with a 100 Guns skill and you will need the Guns Runners Arsenal for this weapon but t is definitely worth it, and it also comes with a scope and uses 5.56mm rounds. You can obtain this weapon for around about 18,000 caps depending on barter skill so you will have to get saving. Just use a regular LMG until you can afford it.

    Blood-Nap - This knife is a great up close and personal weapon because of its bonus critical damage and bonus critical chance, it also adds 10 points to sneak making this a good sneak weapon as well. You will need the Lonesome Road add-om to acquire this knife and you will need to nuke a part of the divide during the mission 'The Launch' after you have done this you will gain access to 'The Courier's Mile' where you will find Blood-Nap sticking out of a lamppost not far through 'The Courier's Mile'. If you do not have the Lonesome Road add-on I would suggest using Chance's Knife which can be found at his grave.

    All-American - The Patriot's favorite weapon it embodies his spirit and what he believes in. This weapon uses 5.56mm rounds (you will need lots of this ammo and try to get different variants as they can be a real help) The gun also comes with a scope and a pretty cool camo paint job. The weapon can be obtained in the Vault 34 armory, be sure to bring a lot of Rad-X and Rad-Away as the vault is constantly irradiated and full of ghouls.

    Christine's CoS Silencer Rifle - This is for when The Patriot needs to take a bit more silent and distance approach the gun is ideal for high damage from a long distance away. This gun requires the Old World Blues add-on and is located near 'Little Yangtze'. If you do not have the add-on an ordinary sniper rifle, anti-material rifle can be used or if you invest into lockpicking and have 100 lockpick you can get the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle which is also really good.

    Explosives - C-4 plastic explosives should be used to throw then detonate when the enemy nears them. Mines are also good for defending yourself when overwhelmed just don't hurt yourself. Grenades are also goo to use to take out enemies from a decent distance (If you picked the Wild Wasteland trait go and get the Holy Hand Grenades from Camp Searchlight because Monty Python is amazing).


    Elite Riot Gear - The Patriot not only looks cool in this armor but it does a brilliant job of keeping them safe from the dangerous wasteland. The outfit also comes with a +10 to guns, a +5 to critical chance and a +1 to charisma which will make your charisma 2. This set is located in the Divide at 'Third Street Municipal Building' on the top floor on a dead NCR Riot Control just take it from them as they won't be needing it anymore. If you do not have the Lonesome Road add-on use the NCR Ranger Combat Armor instead.

    Rebreather - This can be used for when The Patriot needs to go underwater and he will be able to breathe underwater. Obtained during the quest 'Volare' you will need 45 science or a Pressure Cooker.

    Hazmat Darklight Cowl - This can be used for night vision and is obtained in the 'Hazmat Testing Ground' in the Old World Blues add-on. A great tool for The Patriot to use at night or in low visibility areas also helps avoid pip-boy light usage so you will be harder to detect.


    Main Questline: Once you have exterminated Benny with extreme force (literally walk in a blow him to kingdom come along with his bodyguards) you should go to see Ambassador Crocker and begin down the path of the soldier as it was The Patriot's dream and since the Enclave are no more you are left with the NCR to join. You should also kill Mr. House as it is kind of his fault you were shot in the head. Also make sure you try and do every NCR side quest to make them a strong dominant force.

    Lonesome Road: The Patriot must also exact revenge on the courier who turned down the Platinum Chip so that you got shot, he must be made to pay for what he did and The Patriot must kill him.

    For Auld Lang Syne: The Patriot must help the heroes of his childhood, the Enclave, reunite and then The Patriot will ask them to fight at Hoover Dam with the NCR. (Once you have finished the quest part ways with Gannon because The Patriot does not need any human companions.)


    Tactical Takedown: Use the Ranger Takedown (learnt from Ranger Andy in Novac) then proceed to either slash at them with your knife our shoot them with your pistol.

    Obliteration: Use C-4 Plastic Explosives to deal massive damage to a group of enemies and if some of them are still alive get out the Bozar or LMG and mow down the remaining enemies with extreme force.

    I hope you enjoyed this build, this is my first build and I would appreciate any feedback, be it positive or negative, and I hope you have a really good time with this build, I know I am at the moment. Thank You my fellow Wastelanders.

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    June 23, 2015
    This truly embodies the strength of AMERICA! Now all you need to make this more American is shotguns and cheeseburgers
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    June 23, 2015
    Shouldn't this be tagged as a nv build not fallout 3
  • June 23, 2015

    Might just be me but a lot of the pictures don't seem to work.

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    June 23, 2015

    Really good presentation and seems like a fun character! (the pics work fine on my end)

    Sadly, I'm not able to dig deep into any of these builds due to not playing all of New Vegas.

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    June 23, 2015

    I will admit this... I had no idea the hazmat suit thing existed... Granted... It's cause it's from a DLC I abhor.

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    June 23, 2015

    I'm not currently going to seperate F3 and FNV in the group, especially at the moment when we only have 3 total builds here...

    If people want that to change they need to get posting builds to create enough diversity for two categories.

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    June 23, 2015

    Actually swift learner doesn't get rid of the penalty for skilled... But the penalty afterwards is barely noticible. You will only take a 1% overall experience loss on rewards of 100 or more (e.g.: 99 instead of 100, 792 instead of 800, etc.).

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    June 23, 2015

    I did not know that, thanks 

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    June 23, 2015

    Also Grunt doesn't affect DLC weapons outside of from honest hearts. So, I'd rather recommend a .45 pistol or a light in shining darkness.